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Many of The dear readers are no doubt aware of The Miniatures Page which provides a Hobby News section as part of its offering. While far from being an all encompassing source for what is newly available in the hobby it still provides a quick overview.

Another site which provides such an overview and may be new to some of The dear readers is Tabletop Gaming News. While much of what they publicise may not suit the tastes of all one can use the “categories” functionality to zoom in on one’s area(s) of interest, e.g Historical; Napoleonics.

From their FAQ …

Where does TGN find its news?
The main source of news to the site is from you, the readers. We’re always getting news submission and are happy for them! We want to post the news you want to read and the best way to make sure of that is to be attentive to news as it’s submitted. We do have other sources of news, such as searching through websites manually for updates, but we wouldn’t be anywhere without your help!

How do I submit news?
The most efficient way to submit news to TGN is by using the News Submission form on the site. You can use this to send in news stories as well as URLs to any images that you want to include in the story. The information in the form is sent to all of the writers at TGN which helps to ensure that it will be posted as soon as possible.

Do I need to pay or be a site sponsor to post news?
Not at all. Any company or manufacturer that produces products related to tabletop gaming should feel free to send any news releases or PR they have about their products.
We’re happy to post up news from the smallest manufacturer to the biggest game companies out there.




For those that want something a little different in their WWII gaming but don’t want the mythical 1946 route or zombie’ised weird WWII route then perhaps Panzerfäuste is the answer.

First there was/are a skirmish set of rules from the Wessex Games website …

Panzerfäuste is a fun set of fantasy WW2 skirmish rules where standard fantasy races such as Orcs, Dwarves and Elves fight out battles with 20th century weaponry. The core system revolves around a system called Guts which helps simulate all the vagaries of modern warfare including morale and fatigue in one simple mechanism. The rules can be used to fight historical WW2 actions is so desired.

But now there is to be more from Wessex Games Facebook page

Panzerfäuste Reborn
I love Panzerfäuste, it is a great game with a great background. It is also a game that has huge potential but sadly a potential that I have not been able to realise through Wessex Games.
Last last year Rob Alderman, a long time fan of the game, approached me about producing a new edition. As you may know Rob has a full-time job working for Prodos Games and has a level of experience in the industry and a portfolio of contacts that I can only dream of. He knows the figure designers, artists, manufacturers and printers that could make Panzerfäuste the game I first dreamed of and the one we both dream of playing!
So we are going to do it!
We have set up Hysterical Games, a jointly owned company to produce a new version of Panzerfäuste.
We have a plan, Rob has a team of artists and sculptors working on some beautiful colour art and brand new miniatures. Rob is working on new rules and I’m having a whale of a time fleshing out the background,
I suppose I should clarify what I mean when I say a new version of Panzerfäuste,..
The new version will be a completely different game. As you know the original game was a section level skirmish game, the new version will be a reinforced platoon level mass battle game. This means that not only will the basic infantry be produced for the game, but (at long last) there will be support weapons produced along with the armoured war-beasts that take on the role of tanks in the world of Panzerfäuste.
The skirmish game will not die and will continue to be available, so in effect there will be two Panzerfäuste games available for you to play, a squad level skirmish one and a platoon level battle one depending on what takes your fancy.

So now there is a company Hysterical Games who will be bringing out a reinforced platoon level game and some of the preview images look to be rather well done. So if a fantasy WWII game is for you perhaps it will be worth checking out their Kickstarter which appears to be timed for the Northern Hemisphere autumn.

Panzerfauste Dwarves

panzerfauste Helga

Panzerfauste Gnomes

Panzerfauste Orc

All Panzerfäuste images above kindly – if unknowingly! – supplied by Hysterical Games.

Now there’s more time I’ll waste each night …


After a hiatus Der Feldmarschall  is posting again on his blog. And even better his 1813 project and blog Immer Vorwärts! has restarted. With another Prussian army headed for the tabletop the German fatherland must soon be free of the Bonapartist scourge!  😀

Immer Vorwärts!


Speaking of Prussian armies …

As with the recently resurrected and completed Napoleonic Prussian 12 pounder battery another long l-o-n-g running project has been dragged back into the land of the living. This one is the 3rd battalion of the 4th East Prussian Landwehr Regiment of 1813 modelled as a shot up firing line. The image below shows the current state of play with seven figures left to paint. These seven have now started the colouring in process and hopefully the whole “shooting match” will be complete in a week or two – you just can’t hurry a perpetually distracted  von Peter himself! More on the whys and wherefores of this unit when it is unveiled in it’s completed glory.

3-4th East Prussian Landwehr Regiment 2015-08-24

Enough! To the presses!!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

8 thoughts on “Diversions

  1. I don’t know what to make of those WWII fantasy minis, but I do appreciate you wasting time at my blog sites. 😉 Thanks for pimping my blogs (once again). I’m excited to get the ball really rolling this time. Unfortunately there’s not much support locally and many more distractions in painting up what everyone else is playing.

    I really believe once I get a “critical mass’ of minis and terrain done, local interest will follow. Until then there’s a handful of bloggers I use for inspiration and support. Especially the interest and support given by you, Paul Alba, and Kawe Weissi-Zadeh. It really means a lot and definitely adds some (positive) pressure to show you guys my (Napoleonic) stuff. Thanks again.

    I may need some advice sorting out a Russian force in the future. Our would be Ruskie has fallen off the face of the Earth. In Black Powder games with about a division a side, I was hoping to have at least a brigade command (plus some cavalry?) of Russians represented on the table top. Since the project is (very) loosely based on Mockern (during Leipzig), perhaps something under Sacken.

    That’s enough from me. Until next time, looking forward to those Landwehr getting done!

    • All power to your projects Jason … especially the Napoleonic one.

      I think that bloggers everywhere help to inspire one another. It’s some kind of twisted brotherhood. 😃

      Your not looking forward to seeing my Landwehr as much as I am. They really have been a long time coming. 😀

      von Peter himself

  2. So much in this post to comment upon:

    TGN: I think it is strange… until about two years ago I would always go to TMP once in the mornings to check the news and it always was worth it. Them it started getting political (even more political than before) and all the good people left. And suddenly the number of God news articles dropped. So these days I pay them a visit every few days, go back over the articles and fail to see much of interest. Unfortunately, so far I have failed to find a new “one stop shop” that matches the old TMP. I hope TGN will become that one day.

    Panzerfäuste: Knowing Rob personally, I have been exposed to this a bit earlier than some and while I usually do not like any fantasy & WWII crossovers, mystical WWII or 1946 games this is somewhat tempting. Let’s see how this turns out. Oh and BTW… I am sure they will not mind the use of the photos!

    Der Feldmarschall / Immer Vorwärts: I always enjoy Jason’s posts and am glad his blogs are back. I really hope, that Der Feldmarschall will post something in late November… I am really looking forward to see if he found something of historical importance for my birthday (previous years this was always left out), for the most significant thing I found was that the Japanese fleet set sail for Pearl Harbour. :-/

    Your Prussians: They really look ace so far and if the rest will match those already finished (which I know they will), it will be one unit to behold. But allow me one question… Why are the minis based in groups of threes? I have never seen that before (except for single stands in units that have an odd number of figures)!

    • Hello Burkhard

      Well met.

      The Panzerfäuste figures look well done, at least from the pictures. The image of the female dwarf(?) swinging the stein and sausages in a pan around has a scarey resemblance to Fraulien von Peter herself. Just plain disturbing!!! 😃

      Yes Jason’s posts are usually of great interest. Here’s hoping he digs up something impressive for your birthday.

      As for the landwehr basing: I wanted them to look like they’ve been in a prolonged firefight so the formation has gotten a little loose. Also to retain my usual 4 figures* to a base would’ve proved problematic with some of the figure mixes, especially some of the casualties. For the record if the unit retains the current configuration then …

      3 bases hold 3 figures
      1 other base has 3 figures but 1 of them is mounted
      2 bases hold 4 figures.

      I don’t tend to use figure counting rules and if I do then each base is considered to count as 4 figures irrespective of the physical reality.

      * although I usually put 4 figures on a base this is not a hard and fast rule and it is not unusual for me to use less.

      von Peter himself

      • You guys realize that I don’t do Military History postd anymore right? Of course I could still do something special for November 26th. Let’s see…

        The National Hockey League was formed on that date in 1917. That’s pretty cool, huh? 🙂

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