Call to Arms 2015

The weekend of the 15-16 August 2015 was the appointed time for the Wellington Warlords to host their annual convention this year entitled Call to Arms 2015. von Peter himself used to be a regular attendee on a demo table of one sort or another but the convention has been sadly bereft of von Peter himself for several years now. 2015 was the year of the return of von Peter himselfGarage gaming Terry was organising a game of Quatre Bras for the 200th anniversary year thing. Black Powder were the rules, the scenario came for one of the Black Powder supplements and four players aside it was to be.

Quatre Bras 2 The view from the east

Above: the view across the Quatre Bras battlefield from the east a turn or two in. The British and Hanoverians are desperately trying to form a defensible line. The French – under the dastardly Rhys – have not read their history books and have almost got a brigade around the allied left. Sacré bleu! von Peter himself is feeling quite pleased with himself as his two brigades have managed to form up as directed immediately to the side of Quatre Bras. Of course he had less distance to cover than Daniel’s (arms folded at the far end of the table) troops who are stacked up behind each other as they march to their assigned positions. Old Gumboot (Wellington played by Paul) in his favourite uniform check shirt surveys the scene in the west with some disquiet.

Participation could not have been simpler for von Peter himself. None of his Prussians, Russian, Austrians, Bavarians or Saxons were required and what French were available – a single battalion! – was not required either. Some trees and hedges were taken along but they were not utilised on the day either. Absolutely brilliant!  😀

Quatre Bras 1 The view from the west

Above: the view across the Quatre Bras battlefield from the west a turn or two in. On the left Nassauers, Dutch-Belgians and Brunswickers hold the line up to Quatre Bras which sits on the raised ground. von Peter himself is staunchly defending some ground on the far side of Quate Bras.

Quatre Bras 3 The view from the east

Above: the view from the east a turn after the first picture. Potential disaster has been averted on the allied left but not without some alarm. Thankfully the flanking French brigade – bottom right of the picture – having raced across the table chose now to advance at a rather more sedate pace. von Peter himself fancies that he spied their commander jumping up and down on his bicorne in a highly frustrated and agitated manner … or it could just have been a bug wandering across the lens of his telescope!  😀 British battalions have managed to form lines to the French front sealing off the previously open flank. Just as Allied commanders were calming down a Royal artillery battery comes racing around the end of the line but fails to unlimber as planned leaving it limbered and open to the French. The allies don’t have many batteries and to loose one without it firing a shot just too much. Luckily Picton (one of von Peter’s personas for the day) sees the danger and taking control of a Hanoverian Militia (red flag bottom right of the picture) battalion screams “Follow me” and leads them to a position between the French and the battery.

To be continued.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

7 thoughts on “Call to Arms 2015

    • Hello Jason

      You are quite right. At the beginning of the day I bored 4 or 5 people with my outstanding wit by explaining how the whole battle lacked for class due to the absence of the Prussians. Most laughed … or at least smiled … with and not at me I’m sure! 😀

      von Peter himself

  1. Looks good and fun.

    You will recall when we met that the usual suspects in Brussels had thought to do a little waterlooing 200th ourselves. I am pleased to announce that Stefan, Stephen Robert and I managed to book a conference room at Le 1815 on the Crossroads at Mont St Jean on 17 June 15. We watched Charles and Camilla pass to launch the revamped Hougemont and all the re enactors milling around. We had a damned good dinner and set about playing our version of Waterloo, in the old style with 28mm figures and Charge! rules. Many photos were taken and I shall see Stefan in a couple of weeks time when I go to Brussels to go through the final selection before we actually put out a battle report. I do not suppose there were more than 600 figures on the table but it convinced me that one can have a game in the old manner with all of the decisions and elements to make it challenging and fun. Thus were 200.years of Waterloo and 50 years of Charge! celebrated upon the same day.

    All the best

    • Why hello Graham

      It’s good to hear from you again.

      I thought we did well with our Waterloo 200 game in the Wellesley Club in the city of Wellington. But you have hum-bugged us Sir with your game at Le 1815 on the Crossroads at Mont St Jean. And with a traditional set of rules too! 😃

      Much of the enjoyment of a game is the the spirit in which it is played and the camaraderie of the players irrespective of rules. At least that’s my thinking. Having said that the hunt for that elusive ultimate set of Napoleonic rules is alive and well!

      Where would one go if one wished to see the battle report of your game?

      von Peter himself

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