Silvery French and dastardly muttlies

In his previous missive – Opening the Goodies bag – von Peter himself showed images of the latest six packs of later Napoleonic Saxons from Calpe Miniatures. This time it’s the turn of the French with the latest four packs of 1813-15 French.

To repeat the few words on the photographs first …

  • The figures are presented as they arrived excepting that the larger runners consequential to the casting progress have been removed with the fingers of von Peter himself. The same fingers straightened any bent muskets etc
  • the figures have been cunningly rearranged between the front and back photographs so that the figures in the matching front and back photographs match left to right. Ahh … that is to say for example that the figure second on the left is the same figure in the front and back photos. If this has not been adequately explained then don’t worry about it as it probably doesn’t matter. Just be aware that von Peter himself went that extra step in the service of the dear reader
  • normally von Peter himself would ‘wash’ the figures with a dilute black paint / ink / wash to bring out the detail. This has not occurred for these figures. Apologies
  • While marvelling at the figures please remember that they are presented in larger than life size … depending on the dear readers device!
  • The english descriptor with each pack may yet change, though the pack number is unlikely to alter.

Calpe French F50 front

Calpe French F50 back

Above: F50 – Mounted chefs in bicorns

Calpe French F51 front

Calpe French F51 back

Above: F51 – Mounted headquarters staff – mix and match pack

Calpe French F52 front

Calpe French F52 back

Above: F52 – Flight of fancy pack one – Tete pack – Drum major, drum corporal, Sapper NCO, Adjutant NCO

Calpe French F53 front

Calpe French F53 back

Above: F53 – Flight of fancy pack two – Tete pack – 6 man, Grenadier drummer. Voltigeur bugler bugling, two sappers, two centre co. drummers

Sadly not the most illustrative images of the voltigeur bugler but the dear reader gets the idea.

The two sappers of F53 are similar though different. Their posing matches the sapper NCO from F52 and one wonders whether Mr Calpe has thoughts of having them posed together as a group / gaggle / flock of sappers. Of course the posing also fits in with the March attack and Route March infantry poses so perhaps von Peter himself is over thinking things.

And there are now so many French infantry musicians available in the range that the appearance of the drum major and drum corporal were a given! 😃

Hound of Neu Schloss von Peter delays Calpe package and appropriates pizza

To the shame of New Zealand Post the hands of von Peter himself did not clasp the package of new Saxons and French from Calpe Miniatures for a full two days after the day that they should have. What?! … and why?!! To understate the situation such a delay is obviously serious. The arrival of a package from Calpe Towers is not an everyday event and to have that day delayed by two days needs understanding. Painstaking investigations reveal that …

  • the package was despatched from Calpe Towers as an International Tracked & Signed package
  • New Zealand Post have seen fit to add another sticker to the package saying “Your mail has been held for the following reasons:” and then they have ticked the option of “Dog loose on property”.

Presumably the postal worker was intending to enter the property of Neu Schloss von Peter to obtain the required signature in exchange for the far travelled packaged when he spied the hound of Neu Schloss von Peter.

The hound of interest would have been the venerable canine Laelaps – a 12 year old Curly Coated Retriever. Despite many coaching sessions and inducements he has never shown any inclination to sink his admittedly impressive chompers into anyone. Much more likely is a vicious slobbering which while a little distasteful has yet to harm anyone.

A bad month for the dog. The Son & heir had decided to prepare for himself a breakfast of pizza. He had consumed half of said pizza when Fraulien von Peter herself “persuaded” him to paint a portion of the hall ceiling. Leaving Mr Pizza on the sofa The son & heir went off to paint some ceiling fully intending to return to his now half round meal. The photo taken by a somewhat put out The Son & heir illustrates what happened next. The blurry thing at the left (as the dear reader views it) rear of Laelaps is a very happy but a little worried tip of a tail swaying side to side! The dog got to keep his prize and The son & heir reminded for the millionth time not to leave food unattended on the sofa. What is one to do with young conscripts?!

Laelaps - pizza thief


Battlegroup Kursk available as a pdf

von Peter himself knows of several gamers who he greatly respects that seem to enjoy their WWII gaming with the Battlegroup Kursk ruleset from Iron Fist Publishing. This has aroused an intermittent interest in the ruleset from von Peter himself but nothing ever came of it as the rules had been out of print. That situation has changed. The rules can now be had as pdf versions …

  • Battlegroup Kursk campaign supplement PDF for £10.00
  • Battlegroup ruleset PDF ENGLISH for £5.00

The Kursk and other campaign supplements are available from The Plastic Soldier Company.

Battlegroup Kusk cover

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself … still that self confessed Calpe zealot

8 thoughts on “Silvery French and dastardly muttlies

  1. Hi Peter. Now that was apicture for the ages. Not sure if dear Laelaps looks guilty or simply feigning dissappointment whilst digesting peperonni! Lovely new sculpts from Peter and certainly great news on the BGK and Rukles being avilable on PDF. I have it already in hardback but greatly prefer Overlord however having to have a massive tome like BGK to skim through for rules. Great post as always mate.

    • Hi Carlo
      Laelaps’s internals would undoubtedly been a mass of swirling and conflicting emotions as he stood in front of The son & heir who took the picture. Things could have gone very badly for our canine hero at this stage of the proceedings. Then again he had his mouth full of half a pizza so things weren’t all bad! As we all now know Laelaps got to keep his prize but can anyone guess what he did with it?

      He buried it in the freshly dug soil of a weeping crabapple(?) tree that Fraulien von Peter herself had planted a couple of weeks earlier. See Laelaps is not stupid – the diggings much easier in freshly turned soil! Unfortunately some bulbs had also been planted at the foot of the tree so the good Fraulien had to then go and sort out the disturbed bulbs and tree roots. Quite the adventure for Laelaps! Surprisingly he is still with us!! 😃

      Re BGK, I think my preference lies with the carnage of the Eastern Front. I see that the Battlegroup series is slowing adding more campaigns to its roster.

      And thanks for the comment and the compliment.

      von Peter himself

  2. Yes an entertaining and informative post as always your Vonship! The Long Haired Brigadier and I are forever weighing up the pros and cons of dog ownership, but the thought of missing parcels and pizzas has not so far been a major consideration – clearly we were approaching this weighty decision far to lightly! With the BGK rules, I found the Kursk volume quite difficult to navigate, but all feel into place when I got the smaller, rules only, A5 paperback version, and I recommend this to anyone getting into this promising stable of rules.

    • Welcome my dearest Sparkles

      The “Battlegroup Mini Ruleset” currently shows as “Sold Out” on the Plastic Soldier Company Ltd website. Curses. I’m guessing that the “Battlegroup ruleset PDF ENGLISH” is the pdf version of the Mini Ruleset.

      You are part of the reason that I have been sniffing around these rules. I think that you and the Long Haired Brigadier should get a dog or two as payback!! 😃

      BTW, I think that your French are in crying need of a Drum Major. (Do you have Napoleonic French?)

      von Peter himself

      • Do I have Napleonic French? DO I HAVE NAPOLEONIC FRENCH!!!! Yes I do – just a few hundred! But for Marie Louise I have painted I have his 2 comrades in the metal mountain! So I shan’t be availing myself of these wonderful new Calpes until I have painted up more of their earlier brethren – seniority is still important amongst conscripts you know!

  3. Hello vP!

    Looking at the Calpe minis, and especially the flight of fancy packs, I fear, that I will have to get myself another Calpe Regiment or two in due time. Not sure what to do with all that Perry metal and plastic then though!

    I guess ever dog owner will be able to tell stories alike to the ones of Laelaps, but is this not what part of the fun of being a dog owner is all about as well? I am just glad, the Pizza did not contain too many Onions, as these can prove fatal to dogs.

    I started playing the Battlegroup series about two years ago and I have to say I am deeply in love with them. I am just glad I own them all in print versions. Although I have to admit, I am really thinking about getting myself at least the rules in PDF as well. When on holidays, Imoften find myself thinking about something in the rules. Never have them along, but always have my trusty iPad.

    • Hello Burkhard

      What you say about dogs, their owners and the situations they both get themselves in is very true. I remember our prior dog Zieten – a German Short Haired Pointer – helped herself to some expensive gourmet sausages off the kitchen bench once. I was livid! 😀

      And yes I am fully aware that you play the Battlegroup series thanks to your blog. You’re another one who is responsible for my interest in them. 👌

      von Peter himself

    • Me again Burkhard

      I forgot to say that getting more Calpe regiments sounds like a great idea. Much more character IMHO and certainly more unique. But I may be just a little biased! 😀

      von Peter himself

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