Opening the Goodies bag

von Peter's Saxon army -  2/ von Rechten and 1/Prinz Maximilian. The next line infantry will be faced with green

Above: von Peter’s 1813 Saxons to date – 2/von Rechten and 1/Prinz Maximilian. Must do better! Click for a larger and clearer view.

Calpe Miniatures celebrate the birthday of von Peter himself with some new packs

Yes it’s all true … well sort of true! Yes the birthday of von Peter himself was recently celebrated. And yes Calpe Miniatures have recently put several new packs of Saxons and French into production moulds. But it is perhaps a little bit of a stretch to claim a cause and effect relationship here. Perhaps correlation is the more accurate term … maybe!  😃

Whatever the truth of the matter von Peter himself has managed to arrange for the delivery of the new packs to himself as a birthday treat. Not that it was overly difficult – the figures are in production moulds and available to order. They do not yet appear on the website as they await painting and photographing before appearing on the Calpe website.

The new releases are as follows …

Saxons (all 4 man packs)

  • S8 – Advancing rear rank (porte arms) hairy shako covers
  • S9 – Advancing rear rank (porte arms) uncovered shakos
  • S10 – Head variants for advancing set. (forage caps and bare heads)
  • S11 – Head turn/blanket roll variants for advancing porte arms, covered shakos
  • S12 – Head turn/blanket roll variants for advancing porte arms, Hairy shako covers
  • S13 – Head turn/blanket roll variants for advancing porte arms, uncovered shakos.

French (all 4 man – and horse where applicable – packs except where noted)

  • F50 – Mounted chefs in bicorns
  • F51 – Mounted headquarters staff – mix and match pack
  • F52 – Flight of fancy pack one – Tete pack – Drum major, drum corporal, Sapper NCO, Adjutant NCO
  • F53 – Flight of fancy pack two – Tete pack – 6 man, Grenadier drummer. Voltigeur bugler bugling, two sappers, two centre co. drummers

As with all of Calpe Miniature figures these figures are all portrayed in campaign attire.

In homage to the new figures – and as an ego inflating world premier perhaps – von Peter himself is proud to present some cheap and nasty cheerful images of the new Saxon packs. A similar treatment will be meted out to the new French packs in the next post.

A few words on the photographs first.

  • The figures are presented as they arrived excepting that the larger runners consequential to the casting progress have been removed with the fingers of von Peter himself. The same fingers straightened any bent muskets
  • the figures have been cunningly rearranged between the front and back photographs so that the figures in the matching front and back photographs match left to right. Ahh … that is to say for example that the figure second on the left is the same figure in the front and back photos. If this has not been adequately explained then don’t worry about it as it probably doesn’t matter. Just be aware that von Peter himself went that extra step in the service of the dear reader
  • normally von Peter himself would ‘wash’ the figures with a dilute black paint / ink / wash to bring out the detail. This has not occurred for these figures. Apologies
  • While marvelling at the figures please remember that they are presented in larger than life size … depending on the dear readers device!
  • The english descriptor with each pack may yet change, though the pack number is unlikely to alter
  • If you are wondering what happened to the advancing rear rank covered shakos (non hairy variety) pack fear not. It has already been released as the six figure S7 – Six advancing musketeers, muskets held at high porte. Covered shakos pack.
  • There are twelve photos provided below. If they are of no interest then scroll down the page for further topics.

Calpe Saxon S8 front

Calpe Saxon S8 back

Above: S8 – Advancing rear rank (porte arms) hairy shako covers (front and back)

Calpe Saxon S9 front

Calpe Saxon S9 back

Above: S9 – Advancing rear rank (porte arms) uncovered shakos (front and back)

Calpe Saxon S10 front

Calpe Saxon S10 back

Above: S10 – Head variants for advancing set. (forage caps and bare heads) (front and back)

Calpe Saxon S11 front

Calpe Saxon S11 back

Above: S11 – Head turn/blanket roll variants for advancing porte arms, covered shakos (front and back)

Calpe Saxon S12 front

Calpe Saxon S12 back

Above: S12 – Head turn/blanket roll variants for advancing porte arms, Hairy shako covers (front and back)

Calpe Saxon S13 front

Calpe Saxon S13 back

Above: S13 – Head turn/blanket roll variants for advancing porte arms, uncovered shakos (front and back)

Calpe logo1

That’s enough visual feasting for the time being. Next topic please …


Napoleon and the Struggle for Germany – The Franco-Prussian War of 1813. Volume 1. The War of Liberation, Spring 1813

Quite a mouthful of a book title. It does come with two built in redeeming features however …

  1. It’s written by Michael v. Leggier who has become one of the favoured Napoleonic non fiction authors for von Peter himself,
  2. It’s topic is the Napoleonic struggle in Central Europe during 1813. A favourite topic of von Peter himself.

It is published by The Cambridge University Press whose website at says …

This is the first comprehensive history of the campaign that determined control of Germany following Napoleon’s catastrophic defeat in Russia. Michael V. Leggiere reveals how, in the spring of 1813, Prussia, the weakest of the great powers, led the struggle against Napoleon as a war of national liberation. Using German, French, British, Russian, Austrian and Swedish sources, he provides a panoramic history that covers the full sweep of the battle for Germany from the mobilization of the belligerents, strategy, and operations to coalition warfare, diplomacy, and civil-military relations. He shows how Russian war weariness conflicted with Prussian impetuosity, resulting in the crisis that almost ended the Sixth Coalition in early June. In a single campaign, Napoleon drove the Russo–Prussian army from the banks of the Saale to the banks of the Oder. The Russo–Prussian alliance was perilously close to imploding, only to be saved at the eleventh-hour by an armistice.

  • The first comprehensive account of Prussia’s war of liberation against Napoleon in spring 1813
  • Provides a follow-up to the well-known subject of Napoleon’s defeat in Russia by examining a less well-known, but equally catastrophic, segment of Napoleonic history
  • Combines analysis of military operations, diplomacy and the experience of battle

The same website also lists some positive reviews.

All of the above explains why von Peter himself has added a copy of this tome to his library under the pretence of a birthday celebratory present.

Napoleon and the Struggle for Germany vol 1


The Great Wargaming Survey 2015 Edition

They – Karwansaray Publishers publishers of several magazines including Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy – did it for the first time last year with the 2014 Edition. Now it’s time for The Great Wargaming Survey 2015 edition.

After last year’s resounding success with the Great Wargaming Survey 2014, we decided to provide a follow-up. After all, some questions can only be answered by running a survey over and over (such as “Is the hobby greying” – a snapshot can answer if it’s grey, but it’ll require several to determine whether there’s a trend). So we’ve tightened up some questions, added a few new ones in, removed a few (that might return in a year or two) and we proudly present the Great Wargaming Survey 2015. Like last year, it should be doable in 5-10 minutes and, as before, if you leave your email address you’ll have a chance to win some very nice prizes. And again, there’s a 10% discount coupon for everyone who completes the survey.

We fervently hope it’ll be at least as great a success as in 2014!

Go to The Great Wargaming Survey 2015 Edition for details and a link to the survey. The 2014 Edition came out with some interesting data and this 2015 one will be interesting not only of itself but also as a comparison to the 2104 Edition.

wargaming survey 2015


Until we meet again …

von Peter himself … self confessed Calpe zealot




11 thoughts on “Opening the Goodies bag

    • Why thank you valleyboyo. Sadly the new Saxons are not likely to see paint any time too soon as the next Saxon battalion is in a differing pose … and that Saxon battalion is not necessarily the next or even next next unit in the queue. 8O(

      Well spotted re the book and paint! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  1. Firstly Happy Birthday Peter. To have achieved so much in your 40 years is truly specatacular😉
    Seriously though, great post with a stack of excellent information. Great shots of the wonderful Calpe figures and very much looking forward to them being seen on your table. I gave been contemplating the Leggiere volume so will now pull the trigger on your recommendation. Take care and enjoys the festivities mate.

    • Thank you Carlo.

      And to think some people get depressed when they have to face their 40th. Get over yerself is my message to them!

      OMG – the pressures on. I’ve got the book but I haven’t read it yet! I feel fairly comfortable however that it will come up to the mark.

      von Peter himself

  2. Happy belated birthday your highness… it is amazing, to realize, that you are only a little over two years older than me.

    Even if those Calpe Saxon were not designed for your birthday, I hope some of them will make a future gift for you. It is amazing, looking at the pictures, I come to realise, how much I like the ones with bare heads and fatigue caps and yet they feature so rarely in my regiments.

    • Hello Burkhard

      Has you internet been fixed yet. I’d get a little ‘fidgety’ if I lost it here for even a short period of time. This is a worrying facet of my life style I suspect! 😃

      The bareheaded and fatigue caps add a bit of variety to a unit … and the painting. It’s maybe not that obvious but the left hand figure in the photos of S10 – the bareheaded figure at high porte – has a bandaged head.

      BTW, If you’re thinking that I am 40 then you have been lead astray by that comedian Carlo. I have waved goodbye to 40 in a serious way! 😃

      von Peter himself

      • Hello vP,

        yes the internet has been fixed (took them over two weeks), but combined with the 4 week postal worker strike, this created a huge back-log of things that I had to work my way through first. Which has been done now.

        I actually like the bandaged guys amongst my Prussians. It is a good reason why someone would not he wearing a shako or fatigue cap and I am glad that Peter has decided to do the same with S10!

        In a way I am glad that your are over 40… I could never have caught up with all your achievements in just two years! 😉

    • Well there are other (more important things in life) to catch up with… A house, children, job. I guess anyone could be proud to catch up with you there!

  3. For those in Canada, both volumes of “Napoleon and the Struggle for Germany” have been available on at discounted prices for quite some time now, and in general seems to be decreasing.

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