M-E-D-I-C !!!!


Undoubtedly due in no small part to his decades of unstinting, selfless and strenuous military campaigning across the wargaming table top von Peter himself was found to have a body that was operating in a less than optimal manner. The solution – rebuild it starting with the hips! Consequent to this decision a team of highly trained professionals was gathered from all over Wellington, New Zealand and a left hip replacement procedure performed. von Peter himself is happy to report that all seems to have gone according to plan and that the patient is recovering well. But as a result things have been a little quiet here at Neu Schloss von Peter.

Please do not send flowers. The good Fraulien von Peter herself will just appropriate them for her own purposes. Sending money would be much more useful!!  😃

Waterloo approaches

While pleased to get some action on the hip front the timing was a little fraught as it was a mere few weeks before the Waterloo reenactment game here in Wellington. If the dear reader knows not of this event then have a look here for details. Thankfully the participation of von Peter himself looks to be assured as his mobilty etc are coming along nicely. Likewise the attendance of The son & heir has the all clear as his last exam is the day before weekend of the game.

Both will be donning Prussian uniforms as is befitting men of honour. The son & heir will be masquerading as Cavalry General Prinz Wilhelm of Prussia with command of IV Korps Reserve Cavalry. von Peter himself will be renamed as Generalmajor von Ryssel for the duration of the weekend with command of the14th Infantry Brigade.

There are still some preparations to complete here at Neu Schloss von Peter for the coming battle – the completion of a battalion of landwehr infantry from each of von Peter himself and The son & heir. von Peter himself finds it ‘uncomfortable’ to sit for any length of time and The son & heir is meant to be studying … … … as well as watching sports & movies and chatting to the world over Facebook etc!  👎 Here’s hoping it all comes together nicely for the weekend.


Above: Prussian tourists take in the sights of Plancenoite during the Battle of Waterloo

Perry Miniatures still have Waterloo on their minds with another vignette from that battle underway …

capture of the Kings colour at Waterloo

From the “look what von Peter himself found” file

There were not many surprises uncovered during the house move … but there was the  one. Four Russian WWII tanks that were organised many moons ago … and never used in a game! Assembled, ‘distressed’ and painted by the Greater Queeg when he was starting out commercially. If memory serves these are 1/48th scale kits. They were supported by some 28mm infantry.

WWII Russian tanks

Above: a KV-1 leads out three T34/76’s on a sweep of the steppe

The current WWII designs of von Peter himself focus more on 20mm where their fruits  partake in the unpigmented pile of wargaming goodness for future utilisation.

Don’t forget that you can click on the images presented for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

4 thoughts on “M-E-D-I-C !!!!

  1. Good evening your Enemanence
    The great unwashed are pleased to hear of your recovery and good progress but this particular unwashedee regrets that he has been unable to leave has salutations in person as a consequence of misplaced personal details such as telephonic address and electronic place of abode.

    This particular peasant shall further proffer his advice and suggest that in order to ensure that your recovery is maintained his VPness might consider adopting a very timid approach and posture in the ensuing at Waterloo Wellington engagement and so lead his troops from the rear or perhaps alternatively seek safe shelter in a nearby inn lest he become unhorsed by the unwashdee and his comrades advancing to victory in the name of the Emperor

    Salutationalisationonanisms to you until the day of reckoning

    • Hello Valleyboyo

      Thank you for your good wishes.

      It is with great sadness that I must report the detection of some French bias in the rest of your communication. I shall see you on the field of battle at Waterloo monsieur … albeit from a distance! Mind you the idea of directing the troops from an Inn is not an all bad idea!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  2. Belated wishes for a speedy recovery Von Hipper …. er … Peter. Hope the Waterloo 200 game goes well.


    • Thanks Davy.

      “von Hipper” – very good. 8O)

      One day into the Waterloo game. So far so good in that von Peter himself has yet to disgrace himself!! 8O)) A report to follow in due course … of course. I fear a little for the photographs though as the lighting is not the best. We shall see.

      von Peter himself

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