Russian Kuirassiere command … at last

Napoleonic Russian Kuir command 3

von Peter himself finally got his paint brushes out. Well not strictly true as his stock of paint brushes has still yet to surface post the move. <shock horror> So a few cheapie brushes were purchased so as to complete the task at hand.

And the task at hand was the completion of the basing of the Napoleonic Russian command stand representing the brigade command of Generalmajor Karatiev. ‘Who?’ some of the less well read of The Dear readers may ask. <cue exaggerated sighing from von Peter himself>

Generalmajor Karatiev lead a brigade of Russian Kuirassiere in 1813 – and quite probably other years as well but as should be well known by now the Napoleonic armies of von Peter himself are modelled on the year 1813 – as part of Generallieutenant Kretov’s 2nd Kuirassiere Division.

Napoleonic Russian Kuir command 1

The vignette represents an officer of the Astrakhan Kuirassiere Regiment – one of the constituent regiments of the brigade – saluting Generalmajor Karatiev who is accompanied by a member of his staff. These latter doff their bicornes in response.

Napoleonic Russian Kuir command 2

A day ago the thought occurred to von Peter himself* that what garb a commander of a Russian cuirassier brigade would be wearing is not readily apparent to himself. If von Peter himself were to be creating the command stand for a French cuirassier brigade – which in time he fully expects to be doing – then he would quite happily have the commanding general dressed in a cuirassier styled uniform. Would his Russian equivalent likewise be dressed as a kuirassiere? Hmmmm.

*By way of a historic note the thought ‘struck’ while von Peter himself was paying a visit to a … urinal. One does not wish to appear crude but the brain is a marvellous instrument that works in truly mysterious ways!  😃

Front Rank Figurines matched with the brushwork of Greater Queeg. Quite the successful combination.

Not quite so successful is the photography which does the figures less than the justice they deserve. The figures are made to look a little garish compared to the reality and the photos are just poor efforts. Apologies to the Greater Queeg! Neu Schloss von Peter has many praiseworthy facilities but a gaming room with a bunch of lighting installed and where one knows how to setup the required photographic lighting is not one of them. Obviously von Peter himself will need to get his act together in his new barracks.


The lighting installed in The Bastion (gaming room) of the recently vacated Schloss von Peter

Pictures out of Russia

Over on the General de Brigade forum long tan has posted a series of very interesting images from the Artillery Museum St. Petersburgh and the Moscow Museum incorporating the Borodino Panoramic. Check the Images from Russia 2012 topic

So how close is the Kuirassiere in the Generalmajor Karatiev command stand above to the Kuirassiere depictions in the Images from Russia 2012? Answers on the back of large denomination bills please!  😃

General de Brigade scenario book Imperial Sunset 1813-1814

The Napoleonic ruleset General de Brigade is very well served with scenario books. Volume 6 is on the way as announced back in February 2015 – yes this was a couple of months ago – as per this announcement on the General de Brigade and associated rule sets website


General de Brigade Volume 6 is making steady progress.

Thus far we have tested;

  • The Prussian Charge, Lutzen 1813, (re-worked Gross-Gorschen from Vol. 1)
  • La Garde au Feu, Lutzen 1813
  • Action at Eisdorf, Lutzen 1813, (the aim is for all three Lutzen scenarios to be able to be linked into one large game.)
  • Franquemont’s Attack. Bautzen 1813
  • Hagelsberg 1813
  • The First Day of Kulm, 1813
  • Dennewitz – Ney’s Battle
  • Dennewitz – The Saxon’s at Gohlsdorf

So, now have the three Leipzig scenarios to complete , plus two/three from 1814 and we’re done!


von Peter himself is the proud owner of the first three very useful volumes …

  • Napoleonic Scenarios
  • Napoleonic Scenarios 2
  • Napoleonic Scenarios 3: The Glory Years 1800-1809

… though he passed on …

  • Napoleonic Scenarios 4: Against the Ottomans
  • Napoleonic Scenarios 5: Wellington’s Peninsula Victories

… as neither really fall into his areas of interest. Napoleonic Scenarios 6: Imperial Sunset 1813-1814 falls smack bang in the zone of interest of von Peter himself however. This will be a future purchase.

Podcast corner


Sam Mustafa has released his sixth podcast. This time around the big reveal is a new set of rules from Sam – Aurelian – set during the Roman Empire’s crisis of the third century. The rules will allow the players to command either (Late) Romans, Sassanians (Sassanids), Germans or Sarmations. The podcast can be downloaded from …


A new podcast from one of the brains behind the The History Network podcast has started broadcasting. Not surprisingly the WW2podcast focusses on WWII …

With the WW2 Podcast each month I intend to interview an expert on a subject. No topics are out of bounds (as yet), and I plan on covering all aspects of the war. Hopefully the format will allow for close examination of a topic, and make for absorbing listen.

The first proper – there is also a short introductory podcast – podcast focuses on the The German Halftrack Sd.Kfz. 251 and proved to be an interesting listen for ears of von Peter himself.

German Halftrack Sd.Kfz. 251


Don’t forget that you can click on the images presented for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

13 thoughts on “Russian Kuirassiere command … at last

  1. Nice brushwork vP, especially given the cheap brushes you seem to have used. I actually find that your brushwork seems to match that of the Greater Queeg quite well. This is something that always concerns me. I always see my own brushwork as something unique (not necessarily in a positive sense) so I am always wondering, should I ever feel like hiring someone to paint for me, will I even find someone that has a style close enough to mine not to look odd?

    Lighting is a strange thing. When Imdid my games room almost s decade ago, I installed simple lighting. I was always unhappy with the in game photos. So about three or four years ago I installed a number of daylight lamps around the table (on a different circuit, so I could leave them off when I was not playing or taking photos). And was quite happy. Now a few months ago my friend Martin moved house. His games room has a very low ceiling and he got himself some extra thin daylight LED panels. Now I am a bit envious! 😉

    Never heard about the GdB scenario books. But some of them, especially Imperial Sunset sound intriguing. Do you know how well these translate to R2E (and if anyone has tried to do so)?

    • Hi Burkhard

      Re the matching brushwork: I only use painters who produce figures with a similar look to mine. I have a woefully inadequate output rate and would be in great trouble without the additional help.

      Re Lighting. Well re photography in general really. The whole thing is a little hit and miss for me as I don’t really know what I’m doing!! 😃 I have learnt that lighting is a major part of getting a good photograph. I have standard settings I use with the camera but in the end I take many shots, often with different settings especially with larger group shots to see which works better. In the recently moved out of house I had a room with plenty of installed ceiling lighting that was installed so that when we gamed the light was better. Plus I had several portable lights that I could quickly set up in an often used arrangement. All of this could occur over a permanently set up gaming table. Easy. I could get ok’ish photographs reasonably painlessly and quickly. Now it’s all a brand new ball game.
      It sounds like it’s time for you to trial some extra thin daylight LED panels. 😃

      Re the GdeB scenario books: I would think that they would translate fairly well for R2E. I am unaware of anyone who has done it but both rule sets have quite a bit in common and I would think that it could be made to work fairly easily. Caliver Books sell them and I must admit that I was surprised by their cost – £14.99 each apart from the last one on the Peninsular battles which is £17.50 though the way this one is advertised it sounds like it is more of a production than the others.

      von Peter himself

  2. A lovely paint job there, well done both, and its nice to see a command stand so thoughtfully constructed to present a credible vignette. Do I detect a cheap craft aisle coffee coaster used as the base, or am I the only cheapskate around here? The podcast you mention looks very interesting, unfortunately for my listening pleasure I remain resolved to escape the clutches of apple and iTunes so it joins the long list of attractive podcasts I will eschew. Luckily Sam Mustafa’s podcasts remain available to me!

    • Thank you my dear Sparkles.

      Your keen eye has not let you down. von Peter himself does use blank coasters as supplied by a local craft shop for his command stands.

      You can listen to the WW2podcast direct from their website –

      Are you having a new quality bicorne crafted for you to wear during your big Waterloo game?

      von Peter himself

    • Thank you Valleyboyo

      Yes I should be as should the recalcitrant son & heir.

      My excuse is that the kuirassiere command stand was all but complete prior the house move and I need something to write a post on. Please don’t let anyone else know of this transgression lest troubles come my way! Landwehr infantry is in my immediate future. Honest. 😃

      von Peter himself

  3. Very nice work Peter indeed. Yes the lighting question is always an interesting one. I try and photograph as much in the early, sunny morning so as to take advantage of the natural light. Can be tough in winter though. Like you,I’m am very much looking forward to the Imperial Sunset volume of scenarios mate.



    • Well met Carlo

      Yes I tried the natural light but I left it a bit late and the low sun cast wicked shadows behind the figures. Foolish timing on my part.

      To add to the challenge I cleared a cavity in a bookshelf as the setting for the photos as an expediency. This removed the clutter around the figures but made lighting even more challenging. And the camera tripod is yet to make a reappearance! 😃

      von Peter himself

  4. Beaut painting vP, I thought the photo’s came out very well are you dissatisfied with the glare from the white areas maybe? Alternatively if your having problem is matching the colour with the real life tones it is probably due to white balance. All artificial lighting produce their own tone blue-ish, yellow-ish and other types-ish depending on the light ie tungsten, flouro etc. On my mac computer they have a preview app where you can quickly adjust this and I’m sure there must be free/cheap photo programs that will do the same for MS PC’s. The trick is to make sure you place a piece of white card or the like nearby the subject so you have a reference from which to adjust the white balance.

    I’m quite fond of painting with led lighting but I have notice from my photo’s that it has a bluish tint, it seems that my colour mixing and selecting with these lights have the result of a producing nice figure when viewed under real white sunlight. Completely the reverse when I painted under tungsten lighting.

    • Hello Dave & thank you

      I find your lack of faith disturbing – spoken in a deep Darth Vader voice. I too am using a mac computer. 😃

      Where we do differ is that I use iPhoto to dwiddle with the photos.

      You are possibly on to something with the white balance though. The camera was probably not quite set for the right sort of light source. It will be close but not correct. In the end I think that the biggest problem was that the light was just too intense.

      BTW, the basing is "beaut". The painting is adequate. Now the fact that I did the basing while Greater Queeg painted the figures has absolutely nothing to do with this summary. Really!! 😃

      von Peter himself

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