For Mother Russia

Today we start with the products of Mother Russia. But then we move on.

Russian ADCs

Click to see a larger and clearer image

A Russian ADC rides like the wind – thereby having to keep a strong grip on his favourite bicorne – with the news that French so called emperor personally destroyed this building with his very own hands! Shock horror! Is there no end to the evil contained within his diminutive frame?! May he and his minions soon be chased from the holy lands of Mother Russia.

The trainer painter of von Peter’s Napoleonic Russians Greater Queeg has delivered some reinforcements to the Russian force entrusted by the Tsar himself – honest! – to von Peter himself.

Like all Russian armies there needs to be plenty of top brass and so two ADC’s have been added to the force. It is hoped that these will earn their way by transporting orders around the battlefield as required in those Brigade level games and will be available to act as ‘Big Men’ in Sharp Practice type skirmish games. And as with all well connected aristocratic officers in the army if worse comes to worse they can sit around on the battlefield looking pretty and hopefully staying out of the way!

Click to see a larger and clearer image

A Garde Cossack officer acting as an ADC passes through a Russian village on a critical mission … “veer ish da vodka?”

Both figures are sourced from Front Rank Figurines. One is the “Senior Officer” figure while the other is the “Cossacks of the Guard Officer”. The dear reader will need to guess which is which from the two pictures generously provided.

The figures for two command stands were also receipted at the same time as the above but they are not yet ready for public exposure.

More Russian buildings

Due to the … errrrr … ummm … delay between the prior post and this von Peter himself has churned out two more buildings for his Russian village(s) including the first of two ruined buildings.

The next and current building being worked on – and almost finished – is the “H4, Long House or Meeting House”. This is a larger building and has shutters and fanciness around the windows as well as a fancier door and surrounds. The shutters etc are often painted green or even gold on some models but von Peter himself wonders how a poor village could afford such extravagance. Perhaps it is purely idleness that is tempting von Peter himself to leave these features as plain wood. The church model is yet to come and perhaps this would be a more fitting recipient of a little bit of colour.

Resin models from Hovels.

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Ruined Russian log house

Click to see a larger and clearer image

Large Russian log house with thatched roof


Not so Russian

It’s been said before but von Peter himself is a wee bit of a sucker for terrain. Some of the Total Battle Miniatures models from their Big Battalions 28mm Black Powder Europe range have aroused interest. Hmmm – perhaps sometime after the house move. More scheming, information gathering and planning required. The three Total Battle Miniatures photos below backed up from the Total Battle Miniatures site.

Row of Houses and Store Lift Off Roof


Timber House Lift Off Roof


Barn:Stables Lift Off Roof


Waterloo in Wellington … where else would it be?

The year 2015 is the 200th anniversary of that battle they call “Waterloo”. And von Peter himself is aware of several commemorative games planned around the planet they call “Earth”. But only one of those games is going to be held in the city “Wellington” in the Grand Banquet Room of the Wellesley Club a 19th century gentlemen’s club. The same building also houses the Wellesley Boutique Hotel which is convenient for such facilities as the The 1815 Café and Bar. The Wellington Waterloo game is scheduled for the weekend of the 13th and 14th of June.

Having avoided the two local Leipzig refights von Peter himself and The son & heir have both put their hands up to partake of this event. It is looking likely that the dynamic duo will be donning Prussian uniforms for the weekend. Excellent. Let the reaping of that just retribution for past wrongs begin!  😃

Such an occasion may even entice von Peter himself to complete his shot up firing line landwehr battalion. Then again that poor battalion has had more false starts than von Peter himself would be happy to acknowledge in public so no promises.

And whilst on the topic of incomplete Prussian landwehr battalions The son and heir has half a battalion of Silesian landwehr painted … and another half unpainted. Hopefully he can be prevailed upon to complete the battalion for the game. The complication here is that he can’t remember how he painted the painted half … and is threatening to repaint that which is already painted. ’tis madness I tell you!!  😃

And from the British Light Dragoons might come in useful for a Waterloo game file …

For those gamers & modellers who are looking for those plastic British Light Dragoons from Perry Miniatures von Peter himself is pleased to display the following graphic taken at the Tactica 2015 convention in Hamburg. No rest for the wicked apparently …

Peter Denis paints Perry Brit Lt Dragoon boxjpg

The associated caption says …

Peter Dennis at work on the next but one of our plastic box covers, British Light Dragoons 

 … which says it all really. No indication as yet as to when these may be expected apart from not before Salute 2015 – see the following paragraph. But time is running short if the resultant box is to be bought and painted in time for those 200th games.

For those of the dear readers not so well read the “but one” plastic box is the “Light Cavalry 1450-1500”, due to launch at Salute 2015.

Perry Light Horse

Both images above “borrowed” from the Perry Miniatures Facebook page.

Another Front Rank Russian Reinforcement Packs update

From the latest Front Rank Figurines news letter …

The Napoleonic Russian Reinforcement Packs are nearly ready for release!

The new figures will be additions to our Russian 1812 range and will include more Line Infantry variants, plus infantry in 1809 style shakos, PLUS the long awaited Russian Guard!

Look out for our next newsletter!


And as per normal don’t be forgetting to click on the images for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

11 thoughts on “For Mother Russia

  1. Great stuff! I wish you hd had the time to paint them yourself. I guess it must be greatly distressing not to find the time to paint these days! So my feelings go out to you!

    Regarding the Perry Light Dragoon… I saw that post (and hint) from Tactica on Facebook as well. I am still confused by the decision. I think Heavies would have made more sense.

    • Hello Burkhard

      Yes, if I painted all my own figures my collection would be sadly much diminished from what it currently is. And this would not do at all for my Napoleonic armies where the natural forces of Napoleonic megalomania are strong! 😃

      Remaining in my Napoleonic world I have partitioned responsibilities. I paint my own Prussians, Saxons and French. Coincidentally all of these are primarily recruited from Calpe Miniatures figures. The Austrians, Bavarians, Russians and most likely the yet to come Polish are hived out in their entirety.

      I am very thankful for the assistance of my painters.

      Yes, plastic British heavy cavalry would seem to have been able to easily cover several units. Who knows what goes on in the mind of a Perry twin? 😃 Then again I tend to think that we do not see enough light cavalry in our games and too much of the heavy variety. But as long as we are enjoying ourselves what the heck.

      von Peter himself

  2. Hi Peter, as always your latest post is entertaining, informative and with a hint of slight controversy. Just like the very best dramas that this humble reader likes best !! I also am surprised by the Plastic Dragoon posts to be truthful (already covered in the metal range) and am also waiting patiently for the Waterloo vignettes to be released as they look spectacular.

    Love your Hovels buildings Peter and gave just a few days ago ordered the whole set as well though I strangely have yet to hear from Dennis yet. Did you hear from them initially.

    Your look sensational so can I ask what colours you used please mate?

    Cheers and all the best


    • Hello Carlo


      I bought the set of Russian / East European buildings pre 2012 with the thought of using them in some 1812 commemorative games. The less said about that the better! 😃

      If I recall correctly I contacted Hovels first via email so as to best sort out the postage. ‘Carol’ was very helpful and in the end they were sent in two boxes. No complaints with there service from me.

      The son & heir sorted the colour palette for me once I gave him instruction on the look I was after. He sorted through my paint stash built up over the decades and It ended up like this … including the surprise usage of Tamiya paints …

      Under/first coat: Tamiya Buff.
      Wash: GW Devlan Mud (now replaced by Agrax Earthshade) but any brown wash will do.
      Drybrush: Tamiya Buff.
      Drybrush: Tamiya Deck Tan (for that lighter & greyer look)

      Thatch (for those buildings that have it):
      Under/first coat: Tamiya Dark Yellow
      Wash: GW Gryphone Sepia (now replaced by Gryphone Sepia). This wash has a browny reddish tinge.
      Drybrush: Tamiya Dark Yellow
      Crybrush Resene Putty. Resene is a local paint company such as Dulux! I’m not sure if they have a presence in Australia. I have 3 test pots that I use for dry brushing my bases. The putty is a parchment or slightly yellowy ivory colour which is lighter than the Tamiya Dark Yellow.

      And that’s basically it. Not too taxing.

      von Peter himself

      • Thanks Peter,

        Will try that colour scheme for sure.

        No complaints on service from me either mate that’s for certain. I spent a wonderful morning over a pot of tea in Grimbsy many moons ago with Dennis and Carol discussing the old days, looking at old figures Denis sculpted and painted whilst picking up two suitcases worth of kit including La Haye, Hougoumont and La Belle Alliance. Just want yo hide them my money before the Perrys get it!!!


        • With the variability in the washing and dry brushing departments all of my buildings are slightly different which suits me just fine. Good luck painting yours however you do it.

          I have not had the pleasure of meeting Denis and Carol but Carol was very helpful in our correspondence.

          The Perry’s make some great figures but they’re not getting much of my cash. I’m doing my best to keep Calpe Miniatures and to a lesser degree Front Rank in business. It’s my social responsibility … especially if Fraulien von Peter herself should ask!!! 😃

          von Peter himself

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