Ready, steady … go!

The Gallipoli diorama project has had its official starting gun fired (see what von Peter himself did there with the firing gun thing?) with the launch of the supporting website/blog/forum – Mustering the Troops. Head on over there to register as a painter, see the painting instructions, read about the project & the FAQ, and visit the associated forum.

Mustering the troops


Another Vignette and more

The Twins of Perry Miniatures fame have unveiled the greens of another vignette for Waterloo – Secure the Colour! …


… and some other figures following the Waterloo theme but they will obviously work fine elsewhere as well …

Ponsonby and co

… and they have not forgotten their Retreat from Moscow range …

FN 193

FN 193 Camp followers and cuirassier (Retreat from Moscow)

FN 194

FN 194 Scavengers (Retreat from Moscow)

Waterloo waffle

While on the topic of Waterloo – and this is probably a storm in a teacup – but what is one to make of the article French rewrite Battle of Waterloo to cast Napoleon as the victor?

As far as von Peter himself is aware the result on the day was Allies United 1 – Napoleon’s French 0 in what was in the end a rather convincing victory despite some concerning moments part way through the match.

While on Waterloo …

Edinburgh Eagle

Eagle, flag and cravat brought back by Sgt Ewart as a momento of his trip to Europe in 1815.

The Son & heir and von Peter himself were fortunate enough to visit Edinburgh Castle in May 2009 and were able to view the eagle, tricolour and scarf / tassel /cravat that were “obtained” from the French 45th Infantry Regiment by Sgt Ewart of the Scots Greys. The poorly photographed image above shows the trophies. Sadly time has had its way with any colouring on the material but the eagle is as proud as ever … if a little put out with its current housing location!

Below is a slightly better photograph of the Eagle itself.

Edinburgh Eagle closeup

Modelling books

There is a gamer and modeller named Tony Harwood – aka Dampf, Dampfpanzerwagon – who has a couple of interesting blogs …

It is Dampf’s terrain modelling skills that von Peter himself wishes to focus on at this juncture. Dampf seems to have a considerable amount of skill creating wargames terrain as is illustrated by some the masters he has created for GrandManner like the Prussian Church …

Prussian church

Image ‘borrowed’ from

One strongly suspects that GrandManner don’t use just anyone for their masters!

Apparently being of a rather magnanimous bent Dampf has recorded some of his tricks of the trade in two books ..

  1. Building Wargame Terrain and
  2. More Wargame Terrain.

There are reviews linked in the above … ah … links! … and apparently Miniature Wargames with Battlegames magazine have awarded the books a Battlegames Award For Excellence.

One day von Peter himself may attempt to build some terrain for himself in which case these books may be invaluable. Fortunately the “may be” bit will become a bit clearer as Rhys has the books on order and it is to be hoped that soon he will be able to pass on his thoughts on their contents. Excellent.

Locally work progresses in a dignified and deliberate manner on more Russian buildings. Coincidentally some Napoleonic Russian command types have arrived and reported in for duty. Once these are based they shall be flaunted here for the dear reader’s delectification. 😃

And as per normal don’t be forgetting to click on the images for larger and clearer views.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

6 thoughts on “Ready, steady … go!

  1. Staggered by yet another voluminous post, VP (are you popping some pills by any chance?). Good to see more 100 days Perry vignettes on the launch pads although mildly surprised that they focus on the same cavalry charge as the first. Still, very dynamic and much more exciting than, say, doing one of Boney questioning Decanter for example. As for future “vignettable” candidates, other than incidents already speculated upon previously, curiously no other incidents spring to mind – time to dig out my “Waterloo Companion” methinks!


    • Hello Davy

      Apologies for the delayed response – we have had a long weekend with Friday as a public holiday and Fraulien von Peter herself seems to have forgotten that slavery is no longer the done thing amongst the in crowd. That and the occasional social function.

      You show me great favour with all this talk of voluminous posts but really much of it was “borrowed” photos from other unsuspecting sites.

      Stand by. The thought processes have been stirring for the next post. Gird ye yer loins … or something like that! 😳

      von Peter himself

      • No worries (as you guys say in your half of the world? or is that just Oz?). Anyhoo, happened to notice the old auto-correct sneaked into my initial post. It should read “Decoster” and not “Decanter” (although Napoleon having a conversation with a decanter – brandy, one presumes – would have been an intriguing spectacle!).


        • That’s twice in recent history that auto-correct has impinged on a comment here. Blasted computers are slowly invading our lives. The end is nigh I tell ya!!

          FYI: “No worries” is said in Godzone – NZ.The difference is that we on this side of the Tasman Sea tend to say it with a greater degree of style and panache! 8O)

          von Peter himself

  2. Lovely post as usual!

    I really like the new Perry vignette previews. Although like David I am quite surprised, they concentrate on the cavalry this much. That being said… so far I am sure they will all find their way into my collection. And that at a time when I thought I had every Napoleonic Miniature I needed for the next decade or two! 😉

    • Hello Burkhard.

      I look forward to seeing what you make of the vignettes and how you present them.

      Only a decade or twos worth of Napoleonic miniatures. I thought that you were a serious Napoleonic gamer … but apparently I have been mistaken!! 😃

      von Peter himself

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