A productive start to 2015

And so it begins dear readers. Another year. But at least this one has started with a glimmer of productivity from von Peter himself!

Russian Buildings

Back in September 2014 under the title Wargaming in various media von Peter himself showcased the thatched 25mm Russian Hovels building that The son & heir had painted. Way back then the paint had been applied but a base had not.

Roll forward to the Christmas holidays of 2014. von Peter himself is acutely aware that he has been a mostly idle b*st*rd during 2014 and a change is required. But where to start? There were several groups of figures on the painting table but somehow picking them up and restarting them seemed a little daunting. Inexplicably less daunting seemed to be a Russian building or two.

The son & heirs effort was retrieved and measured up for a base. Another of the smaller Hovels buildings was extricated from its postage box, similarly measured for a base and cleaned up ready for painting using the paint recipe that The son & heir had pioneered way back in September 2014. The result of the painting and basing can be viewed below …

Russian buildings 1 and 2

Elements of the brave Russian 24th Division advance through the latest (at least at Schloss von Peter) in Russian real estate. Thatched building pigmentation care of The son & heir; timber roofed building and all basing care of von Peter himself. Click to see a larger and clearer image.

The painting was quick and easy enough – a base coat, a wash, two dry brushes and they were 98.7% done. So easy in fact that von Peter himself has already started a larger third building.

If there is a problem with these buildings it is the cleaning up of the resin which is a somewhat laborious task. von Peter himself found it best accomplished sitting under a grape vine on a sunny summers day while listening to music or podcasts. The breaking of a craft knife blade added a moment of excitement but the blade was old, it didn’t puncture von Peter himself during the structural failure and spares were to hand.

von Peter himself can officially proclaim himself satisfied with these two buildings. Any Russian peasant would be more than happy to call one home. What higher praise could there be?

There is a chance that a Russia based scenario or two may now have to be played. What’s the point of having terrain if the wee men aren’t going to die fighting over them?

Papelotte book

2015 (this year) minus 1815 (the year that Waterloo was fought) = 200 years which to the human brain is a significant milestone. Be prepared for plenty more 200th anniversary ‘stuff’.

Just in case any one was under the illusion that Waterloo was a purely British victory Peter Hofschröer had controversially waved the flag for the German input to the battle on behalf of the allies with his books such as …

  • 1815: The Waterloo Campaign—The German Victory
  • 1815 The Waterloo Campaign: Wellington, His German Allies and the Battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras.


And now perhaps Sovereign House Books are doing the same for the Netherlands field army during the 1815 campaign – or at least raising its profile. Cunningly borrowed from their website …

Sovereign House Books presents a balanced and most enticing history on the participation of the Netherlands field army during the 1815 campaign, based on the latest research of archival material and the largest available collection of primary sources and memoirs from the men involved.


So far they have published three books with a fourth to come …

There is more information on Volume Three: Standing firm at Waterloo including some photographs that did not make it into the book to be found at  http://1815fieldarmy.nl/news/120-papelotte-during-the-battle-of-waterloo.

Standing firm at Waterloo

von Peter himself has not seen these books though they do sound interesting. Certainly books out of the ordinary.

Blucher podcasts 4

For those of the dear readers who are interested in the yet to be released Napooleonic rules “Blücher” by Sam Mustafa the fourth podcast – Blücher Podcast Number 4 – is now available.

Somewhere different for a holiday stay- Hotel Napoleonico

Hotel Fortino overview

Looking for somewhere a little out of the ordinary to holiday then you should perhaps consider Hotel Napoleonico, Portonovo on the Riviera del Conero in Italy. According to the History section of their website …

In the most panoramic and peaceful place of the Conero’s park, The Hotel Fortino Napoleonico is situated in a magnificient position among the green of the woods and the blue sea, created by an ancient military fortress. Lapped by the sea in view of two rocks of incomparable beauty (“The Two Sisters”) and the Romanesque church of St. Mary of Portonovo, artistic jewel of the eleventh century, the fort is situated a few meters from the beach of white pebbles of Portonovo. These features make this corner of Marche one of the most beloved and unique on the Adriatic coast. A very beautiful view and a relaxing atmosphere are the prerogative of this pristine area. …. It’s an authentic and spectacular military structure, located in Portonovo (Ancona), where there is a hotel with a restaurant of high repute. The Fortino Napoleonico was erected in 1811 by the Viceroy of Italy, Eugene de Beauharnais, with a clear political and military strategy, had the task of defending the southern flank of Ancona and implementing the Adriatic blockade in the trade of the British enemy. The typical perimeter shaped to “lantern” shows the Napoleonic origin. Built in part by recycling the stones of the Benedictine monastery of Santa Maria of Portonovo, no longer present, It recalls the work of the great military architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, and perhaps even the drawings and projects of Leonardo Da Vinci. Returned to the Pope States after the fall of the Empire and the Italian state after the battle of Castelfidardo in 1860, suffered the injury of time and vandals, falling into ruin. In the 60s the Fortino Napoleonico has been completely and tastefully restored following the original architectural lines and returned to the charm of the place. With regard to the beach, nowadays there are 4-5 meters in the narrowest part, while 200 years ago it is estimated to be approximately 100 meters. Converted into a hotel in 1969 after massive restoration, the Fort is the ideal base for a stay that includes history, nature and relaxation.

So a historic as well as a relaxing stay. Perhaps Fraulien von Peter herself needs to be introduced to the idea of a few days away from home. Perhaps the dear readership of this here blog could hold an inaugural get together there! Play a Napoleonic wargame there!!  😃

Right – that’s the dreaming time over!  😢

Reenactors at Hotel Fortino Napoleonico

Those pop guns are going to be in serious trouble should the Royal Navy appear. Time to get back to the fortress! Image “borrowed” from http://www.hotelfortino.it


Don’t forget that you can click on the images for larger and clearer images.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

12 thoughts on “A productive start to 2015

  1. Another great post your Vonship! Yes I have Vols 2 and 3 of Erwin’s books, alas I have not yet had time to read them, my bicenntennial reading list is very long and getting longer! I have merely skimmed through the great pictures and maps so far. But judging by the earlier work on his website leading to these, they are going to be very useful.

    • Thank you my dear Sparkles.

      Trust you to be ahead of me re the books. I think that it is great getting other points of view and with the focus on other aspects of the battle.

      Now enough slacking and back to those dreadnoughts with you! 😃

      von Peter himself

  2. Hi Peter and a happy new year to you in this find bicentennial of Warerloo!!

    Great post and lovely wife on the Hovels buildings mate. They look perfect for any 1812 scenario. Interesting books as well which I had not seen so thanks for the heads up.



    • Hello Carlo

      It will be interesting to see what comes out for the 200th. I guess we all live in hope for those must buy items. I know I do! 😃

      There are several more Hovels buildings to go so I should be well placed for some Russia based mayhem by the time they are all finished. I’ve just got to finish them!!

      von Peter himself

  3. I’m sure you have a lovely wife however ” lovely work” on the Hovels buildings is what I meant to type – bloody predictive text does me in again!!

  4. Happy New Year, Your Fromship (note I said it in English this time). Good job on the buildings – augers well for an auspicious future for Von Peter und Erbe Builders AG(!) – who knows, if these do not turn into piles of rubble, piles of roubles may form instead! Also, very intriguing info on the reading front (should also intrigue one member of the Herman clan methinks). I often feel too many Waterloo accounts are presented to us English speakers by authors whose first language is also English and therefore likely to miss telling ‘the whole story’ as it were. With their (hopefully) different perspectives, these promise to further enrich our knowledge of this iconic campaign. Funny enough, I was distinctly cool about yet another Waterloo book in a previous post; Bernard Cornwell’s Waterloo – as much as I like his fictional books, I thought it was one I would probably avoid. Well, my wife bought me this for my Christmas(!) – a touch of schadenfreude? And yes, an inaugural meeting at the Hotel Napoleonico, sounds great – although perhaps a first meeting in Northern Italy – e.g., Lake Garda – where both Napoleons 1 and 3 plyed their trades (a good number of battlefields to tramp around on there) might be of even greater interest? If only all dreams came true.


    • Hello Davy

      And a very Happy New Year to you too.

      “Piles of roubles” doesn’t necessarily amount to much at the moment sadly. I wonder what the brave lads in my Russian 24th Division would make of modern Russia and its leaders. Perhaps they’d approve of expansionist policies!

      Hearing in more detail what the Netherlands field army got up to at Waterloo would just about be new chapters of the whole story to me. Such ignorance should never be admitted in public of course so I’d thank you not to spread word of it.

      I heard some suspect thoughts regarding Cornwell’s Waterloo on a podcast the other day. Apparently the book contains some fairly basic errors – e.g. a French battalion be constituted of EIGHT companies! Some of these errors Bernard has got right in his Sharpe books and so it was idly speculated whether the book was actually ghost written. It’s all too shocking to contemplate.

      And finally regarding the inaugural meeting. After careful consideration I have divined the trick is to make the wives think that the idea of going on holiday to Italy is theirs. They can be somewhat tricky to control however. If I have learnt anything in this life then that is it!! 😃

      von Peter himself

  5. Hi Peter – quick question mate. That wonderful Russian SYW collection I purchased all those years ago if you recall was painted by a friend of yours. I cannot rememebr his name and wanted to give him all his due credit on a report I am putting up on the blog in coming weeks? Couldn’t do me a favour and help this poor old mind could you??

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