Christmas 2014 imminent

Christmas is rushing upon us all – Christian and heathen alike – and still work won’t slow down ! <Queue dark and very unchristian like mutterings.> Unlike previous festive seasons von Peter himself has yet to spot that “got to get” item that will be his hobby related Christmas present from The family. Well … not quite true. There are rumours that some new – at least new for von Peter himself – packs of Calpe Miniatures French available. Now these would certainly make a suitable Christmas present.

In the highly likely event that this is the last post before Christmas 2014 von Peter himself would like to take this opportunity to wish all the dear readers an extremely Merry Christmas. May your Christmas stockings overflow with items most desirous and your Christmas tree be (almost) toppled by the stacked goodness underneath.

Further. Should the lack of posts continue in the run up to the New Year then von Peter himself would also like to wish a Happy New Year to all the dear readers. Keep safe. The readership numbers are not that large that von Peter himself can afford to loose even one of you!!  8O))

And now for some snippets of almost new news …

Front Rank come to their senses

Front Rank

It would appear that some of the dear readers are personages of influence. In prior posts on this very blog von Peter himself has bemoaned that Front Rank Figurines had not introduced their Reinforcement Pack concept to their Napoleonic Austrian and Russian ranges. Lo and behold what is there to be read in the latest email from Front Rank and on their news page …

28mm NAPOLEONIC – Alec is now looking at adding Reinforcement Packs to our other Napoleonic nationalities, starting with Russians – look out for new releases early 2015!

Excellent news. The Reinforcement Packs have been well received and at last some may soon become a purchasing option for a self centred von Peter himself whose Austrians and Russians are both predominantly manned by Front Rank Figurines product.

And of course this is incontrovertible evidence of the far reaching influence and power of this blog. Read with caution dear reader!  8O)

Napoleonic Russian command

A favourite photo of some of the Napoleonic Russians of von Peter himself. The dear reader has probably already seen the photo but cease your whining the ingrate’s out there! The foreground figures are all Front Rankers which fits in well with the prose above … … unlike the battalions behind them which are Wargames Foundry product. D’oh!


Victrix unveil the first image of their French artillery

If any of the dear readers are not aware Victrix Ltd are working on a box of hard plastic French artillerymen and they have released the first pictures of the in progress figures.

Victrix French artillery crew1

von Peter himself is far too idle busy to paraphrase the latest announcement so here are the official words from the 9th December 2014 First images of French artillery

As promised we thought we would start showing you some renders of the French Artillery set we are working on. I am sure you will agree Emel is doing a stunning job on these figures.

This set will be French foot artillery in pre Bardin uniform with 8 and 12 pounder Gribeauval system guns. You will get covered shakos, un-covered shakos, Bicornes and Imperial Guard bearskins.

The figures are nice and easy to build due to the coat tails, sword Bayonets and cartridge boxes being all one piece which plugs in to the bottom! Arms are interchangeable.

There are many more figures to show and arm and head variants, these are just a sample with more images and news to follow.

Before we hear howls of ‘why oh why are there no XI system guns and Bardin uniforms for Waterloo?’. They are coming straight after these. So you can field that Grand battery in style by the Summer!

Victrix French artillery crew2

Images “borrowed” from the Victrix website.


More Blücher podcast news

For those dear readers interested in the yet to be released Napooleonic rules “Blücher” from Sam Mustafa  the third podcast – Blücher Podcast Number 3 – is now available.

Also Sam has created a page on his site to group the Blücher podcast releases together.


Don’t forget that you can click on the images for larger and clearer images.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

6 thoughts on “Christmas 2014 imminent

  1. Hi Your Vonship and a Merry Christmas to you and yours also! Yes it is very good news about the Front Rank reinforcements moving East – I am very impressed with this ranges French and Brits so far – plenty of character and variety but still easy to paint and fit in slightly better in size and heft with Perry.
    Yours is an exciting scoop with regard to the Victrix French Artillery – I had been dimly aware of these being mentioned as a concept aeons ago but now it seems my French Gunners for the Waterloo 200 megagame won’t have to be wearing bicornes – I will be watching the timing of this release with interest now that you’ve sounded the Tocsin!



  2. Hello my dear Sparkles

    About time Front Rank moved East. I shall await the result with great interest. I am building the Russian 24th Division primarily because it was with the Army of the North (and hence nearish to my Prussian 3rd Brigade) and secondly because it was at Borodino. By the time of Leipzig it was down a few battalions but ideally I’d like to fill it out to its full strength. The reinforcement packs could very well be the impetus to get the rest of the required metal.

    Wish the Long Haired Brigadier a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for us.

    von Peter himself

  3. Frohe Weihnachten und ein Gutes Neues Jahr, Your from’ship. Hopefully, you’ll manage to squeeze in a game or two (and maybe a report?) at the bastion during the holiday period before the big move. The Victrix guns and crew are certainly impressive (although the gunners look a tad ‘lethargic’? … but probably what you would expect from such hard working lads!). As you will know, Calpe have also released some wonderful French guns (looks like a veritable arms race between the two) but currently lack crews. Wonder if these ‘rumours’ will include gun crews also (hopefully in more dynamic poses?).


    • Hello Davy

      Thank you for the seasonal salutations – and thank the lord for online translation services! 8O)

      Yes a few games would be nice. It’s been a while. I blame a rather busy life … which I’m obviously incapable of dealing with!

      Yes, I am aware of the wonderful Calpe French guns. I have a bunch of them. I reasoned at the time that I was spreading the cost of the batteries! The same rationale has me with a bunch of wonderful Calpe Saxon guns!! 8O) I think that the figures for both nationalities are underway but I have no idea of how far along they are. Of course if the Prussian gunners are anything to go by then there will be quite a selection to choose from … whenever they come. I shall be waiting for them though. I remain, after all, a self confessed Calpe zealot.

      And of course best of the season to you and yours.

      von Peter himself

  4. I’m thinking limbers. My artillery have always lacked in the limber department, but I’ve felt adding them is too expensive. But if someone were to make some nice plastic ones, that’ll be just the ticket …

    • A very Merry Yuletide Roly

      There’s no mention of limbers on the blurb regarding the upcoming plastic French artillery box sets from Victrix … but …

      Victrix’s British Napleonic Foot Artillery plastic box sets VX0010 ( contains …

      3 Guns with barrel options of
      -short 6 pdr
      -long 6 pdr
      -9 pdr
      -5.5 inch howitzer
      3 limbers
      15 crew featuring
      -Multiple arm options
      -Head variants enabling you to field your crew wearing Stovepipe shako for the Peninsular War or Belgic shako for Waterloo
      -Officer head and coat tail variants suitable for either the Peninsular or Waterloo
      Also included are the Artillery rules for ‘The March of Eagles’. Written by Barry Hilton.

      Yep “3 limbers” were hidden in the list but sadly no limber horses or their riders from what I can make out. I wonder if they were planned to be provided in metal form to ease space pressure in the box and because of the unending debate of how many horses should be modelled with a limber. Buying horses & riders separately would allow gamers to buy as many or as few horses as they desired.
      Victrix have since offloaded their metals to Brigade Games in the USA – – but I didn’t spot any limber horse & rider sets over there.

      And in the end you’d be buying £22.95 boxed set for 3 stand alone limbers. But hey … it’s Christmas time!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

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