Back on deck … or off the deck … or something!

von Peter himself presents himself as back at his post and reporting for duty. He has been sailing the High Seas on a cruise which may have been a bit indulgent but to cruise or not to cruise was and is the prerogative of von Peter himself … and above all Fraulien von Peter herself! And shed not a tear for The son & heir. He was more than happy with his lot stuck at home keeping the household ticking over. Honest! Invaluable experience for the young man!!  8O)

Carnival Spirit

Our home on the waves – the Carnival Spirit – as seen from Mystery Island, Vanuatu. Don’t bother looking for Mystery Island on most maps though as this is the name used by the tourist trade. Rather try Inyeug. According to the information sheet delivered to our cabin the island was “Formerly used as an allied forces landing strip during WWII” so some military history research for von Peter himself to be had there.

But the Gods of War(gaming) did not totally forsake von Peter himself.

The main à la carte dining room was spread over two levels/decks and was to be found at the stern of the ship – that’s the rear end for you landlubbers. It was named the Empire Room. “Any particular empire?” the more inquisitive of the dear readers might ask while feigning a modicum of interest. Well it’s a funny thing that you should ask …

Carnival Spirit - Empire Room

The entrance to the upper level of the Empire Room on Deck 3

As already stated the Empire Room straddled to levels – Decks 2 and 3. Deck 2 was the full deal whilst Deck 3 was akin to a mezzanine floor with a big central hole that allowed for a view to Deck 2 below. Both levels had a main entrance door – see above – behind which was a sculpture that traversed both levels and was wrapped around by a spiral staircase …

Carnival Spirit - Napoeon 1Perhaps not the greatest example of the sculptor’s or painter’s trade but the representation of a seated male dressed in ceremonial attire aroused in von Peter himself some nagging sense of familiarity.

Descending head first down the central pole was the second character – a woman who seemingly was about to place a laurel wreath on the head of the seated male. You can see her head, arms and laurel wreath in the picture above … and one of her descending feet to the left of the pole in the picture below.

Carnival Spirit - Napoeon 2

At the top of the pole and fully resident in Deck 3 was the third character – another woman. This time she is wearing a sash and written on the sash were four words – Austerlitz, Jena, Eylau and Wagram.

Carnival Spirit - Napoleon Room

The external entrance to the Napoleon Room. Note to self – using the camera’s flash improves the quality of dark indoor photos markedly.

As a final clue to who the seated man was meant to represent there was an annex to the Empire Room on Deck 2. It was called the Napoleon Room. Here endeth todays quiz.

A bit of this and a bit of that …

According to Front Rank Figurines their website at has been “upgraded and improved”. Head on over to their site and see if you agree.

Perry Miniatures have released more Napoleonic Bavarians – artillery and a couple of packs of mounted colonels as well as showing off some more Bavarian ‘greens’ on their Metal Workbench.

Perry greens Bavarians hit by a volley

Perry Miniatures greens. Photo “borrowed” form The Perry’s website.

They’ve also released some more very campaigny looking Retreat from Moscow figures – three packs of French and Hessian light cavalry.

Perry's FN189 French Light Cav Retreat from Moscow

FN 189 French Light Cavalry (Retreat from Moscow) in shakos and Russian caps (these have 6 separate head choices)

A bit of an eye opener this one – A Demonstration of Combat Inside a Full Suit of 15th  Century Armor. von Peter himself would struggle to do some of this in his gym gear … if he had any gym gear of course!  8O)

The The History Book Man have released their latest e-book – The Foreign Regiments in French Service 1795-1814 – Swiss Regiments.

Swiss Regiments

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

12 thoughts on “Back on deck … or off the deck … or something!

    • Surely it would be Le Carnival Spirit … or should that be La Carnival Spirit?! Unless it was a prize ship and kept its original name … which would not make the Americans very happy!! 8O)

      But you could be right about it being a French flagship. I did have Frog’s Legs as an entree one night. One more item crossed off the Bucket List.

      von Peter himself

  1. Very nice Peter and great to see that your time away from the blog has been spent indulging in blisful indulgence on teh high seas. When I grow up I want to be just like you!! Cheers and welcome back ashore.

  2. Did not know you were actually off on a holiday, but I am glad you returned safe and sound and hopefully well relaxed. Sounds like a cruse to enjoy!

    I went to the Front Rank website, but i have to say, except for a slightly posh´er look, I failed to notice anything that really made it better or worse. Maybe the shopping cart is better though, but I cannot tell.

    I looked at the Perry Bavarians when they released them (probably during your time away) and I have to say that the mounted officers left me rather unexcited. Nothing when it comes to the poses or general animation, that we have not seen with any other Napoleonic horse mounted officers!
    Those upcoming infantry hit by a volley… now those are a great set and will undoubtedly make a great addition to my lines of Perry sculpted Foundry Bavarians to break up their monotony!

    • Hi Burkhard

      I know it’s a form of paranoia but I generally don’t like to advertise my holidays – the walls have ears and all that stuff. We were very lucky with the weather and sea conditions on the cruise which helped a lot in the enjoyment stakes … not to mention kept our dinner plates on the table. 8O)

      Do the new Perry Bavarians (Perry Miniatures) mix with the old Perry Bavarians (Foundry). From memory the Foundry ones are more like 25mm.

      I’m still sort of surprised that I have a small Bavarian contingent. Until Front Rank released them I never had any particular desire to get Bavarians but I’m glad that I have now done so.

      von Peter himself

      • I am much the same. With social media and stuff it is far to easy for burglars to know if you are home or not of you are not careful!

        I have to say I do not know about Foundry and Perry Bavarian compabitity. But I plan to take a Foundry one along to Crisis this weekend and hold it besides a Perry blister pack!

        • Hello Burkhard

          Damn those people of loose morals and criminal intent!

          I like the idea of your scientific study regarding the relative size of the old Perry Bavarians (Foundry) vs. the new Perry Bavarians (Perry Miniatures). My bet is that the Foundry figures will be smaller than the Perry Miniatures. I guess that whether or not the difference is significant is all in the eye of the buyer.

          Enjoy Crisis.

          von Peter himself

          • Hello Burkhard

            A nice comparison picture and a fine example of the mythical scale creep over the years.

            Firing lines can be great lookers. Sadly for me with my non British later Napoleonic Wars armies most of my units spend most of their time in column which is not ideal for units modelled as firing. I invariably model my light units as firing lines because it’s a nice differentiator and they are more likely to be formed in a firing line than the line units.

            von Peter himself

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