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The ongoing paint brush preservation campaign continues unabated with huge success, i.e. not much painting activity going on at Schloss von Peter. The brushes aren’t totally dormant but they are dissapointingly idle. There – the truth is out. It’s all those idle paint brushes fault! Naughty nasty idle brushes!!

On the plus side the presses of this here blog have been running overtime with the number of posts / updates released in the last weeks at a historic high. At least von Peter himself thinks this is on the plus side!  8O)  So here we go again …

A new book

Michael V. Leggiere has rapidly climbed into von Peter’s list of authors most meritorious. Michael will be glad!  8O)  Two of his books are already to be found in the the official military library collection at Schloss von Peter. And now there is a third.

This latest acquisition to von Peter’s library is Blücher: Scourge of Napoleon by Michael v. Leggiere. Few of The dear readers will be surprised to hear that the book focusses on the career of Generalfeldmarschall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher of the Prussian Army.

Assigned the acclamation “Marschall Vorwärts” (“Marshal Forwards”) by his troops Blücher is famous for his part in the Allies liberating Germany in 1813 and removing Napoleon as Emperor of the French in 1814 … and again in 1815. Where would the Allies – and indeed Napoleon – have been without Blücher’s drive and determination?

Some of the myths around Blücher are apparently debunked in this book, e.g. he was not the auto attack leader of repute having retreated more times than he attacked; and he was not the military dullard reliant on his famous Chiefs of Staff Gerhard von Scharnhorst and August von Gneisenau with both of whom he built a formidable partnership.

von Peter himself has reached page 30 of the book and we are still looking at Blücher’s pre French Revolutionary Wars experience. Very easy and interesting reading to date. It’s looking like this purchase will be getting a big tick in the successful purchase column.

Blucher Scourge of Napoleon

As an aside … while snooping around the web von Peter himself stumbled upon Napoleon and the Struggle for Germany: The Franco-Prussian War of 1813. Vol. I: The War of Liberation, Spring 1813 also by Michael V. Leggiere and due to be published in February 2015.

This is to be followed at some stage by Napoleon and the Struggle for Germany: The Franco-Prussian War of 1813. Vol. II: The Defeat of Napoleon. von Peter himself cannot get enough information on his favoured 1813 campaign. The sooner these two books are released the better!

If nothing else the books should win an ward for the length of their titles which almost constitute books on their own!!  8O)

Two new e-books

Upon hearing the news that the The History Book Man had released their latest e-book ‘The Army of The Kingdom of Bavaria 1792-1814′ not a minute was wasted before von Peter himself had placed his order for said e-book. Somehow – and there will perhaps maybe possibly be an enquiry into this – the e-book The Army of The Kingdom of Württemberg 1806-1814 was included in the order.

Both e-books promptly arrived and a quick perusal of both reinforce the opinion of von Peter himself that these are wonderful reference e-books. Absolutely unbeatable when the price is factored in.

The Army of the Kingdom of Wurttemberg

More Calpe’s

Another most looked for package from Calpe Miniatures has safely completed the transition from the olde world to Schloss von Peter in the new world.

Part one of the contents was a French march attack battalion for The son & heir … which are to be painted as the 1/2 Italian Line Infantry Regiment. We have had cause to discuss contrary teenagers before. Enough said. Next.

Part the interesting of the contents was a few newly released packs – both French and Saxon. The raw listing looks like …

  • S4 – Advancing Saxons, covered shakos; head turns and blanket rolls
  • S5 – Advancing Saxons, hairy shako covers; head turns and blanket rolls
  • F29 – March-Attack French voltigeurs in non turned back greatcoats and uncovered shakos
  • F30 – March-Attack French grenadiers in non turned back greatcoats and uncovered shakos
  • F32 – March-Attack French voltigeurs in non turned back greatcoats and covered shakos

All the above are four unique figure packs. Note that while the code is official the description is not necessarily the official description.

There are more packs to come. Such astounding in depth shock horror never saw that coming information! An interesting snippet is that there are pack(s) of second row advancing Saxons to come. Presumably these will have their muskets in a 45 degree ‘high porte’ manner. Time will tell.

A quick first inspection reveals the expected joy to paint figures. More more!!  8O)

These figures are not yet on the Calpe Miniatures website. Until they are contact Peter Fitzgerald – see the Contact page on the website. BUT beware the Summer Shutdown notice on the Calpe website …

As most of you know, I have closed down for August for some years now. This allows me to have a family summer holiday. It also gives me a couple of weeks in which I can carry out some maintenance on workshops and machines without the usual pressures associated with running the business. For family reasons, I am closing down slightly earlier this year. As from today, 24th July, I am closed for business until 1st September. I hope you all have  an enjoyable summer.


It looks like von Peter himself will have ‘his precious’ all to himself – or at least mostly to himself – for a little while yet.  8O)

Calpe logo1


The Great Wargaming Survey – the results start leaking

Back in the beginning of July in Public service announcements von Peter himself alerted The dear readers to a wargaming survey that Karwansaray Publishers were running … and von Peter himself is sure that Karwansaray Publishers are eternally grateful for all the survey participants that this blog sent their way!  8O)

Back in the real world The dear readers may be interested to know that The results are in! This little article gives some limited information gleaned from the survey results and to quote from the article …

The full set will need some more processing – there are nearly a million elements of data resulting from this survey – and they will be published in issue 75 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy, but here are some preliminaries.

So if your appetite is wetted for more then save up your pounds / dollars / favourite currency and get yourself issue 75 of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy when it is released.

There was meant to be more, e.g. news on the La Bricole forum, but that will need to wait for the next post or else this one will never make it to the presses.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

10 thoughts on “von Peter’s import emporium

    • A hearty hello VB

      I assume you are referring to the Blücher book. In which case I believe that you have made a good call.

      And after you’ve read it you’ll undoubtedly be gagging to get some God faring Prussian troops from Calpe Miniatures to keep those Poles of yours in line! 8O)

      And I’m hardly biased at all!! 8O))

      von Peter himself

  1. Hi your Vonship. Yes Blucher sits on my shelf awaiting its turn on my reading list…Didn’t know Leggiere was going to revisit 1813 though, so thanks for that. I’m torn about that, his Napoleon and Berlin was very good, so no doubt this pair will be too, but I do wish he’d stick to his 1814 project and get Volume 2 of that published…

    Re La Bricole, I thought it had gone defunct…Which I feel guilty about, as I wasn’t as active as I’d hoped to be…And now I have left TMP it would have been perfect for my Naps online fix! However The Wargames Forum is coming along nicely and seems a very nice place too. Hopefully it may develop into the new, nicer, TMP.

    • A gracious good evening my dear Mr Sparkles

      I remember seeing the Napoleon & Berlin book going cheap in a book shop here years ago. The timing wasn’t good and the title was a little misleading for me so I let it pass. When I did finally purchase it I truly enjoyed it.

      I have the first – and to date only – volume of the 1814 series. This book didn’t flow so well for me as it ducks and dives around the differing theatres. Still a decent read all the same.

      I’d probably buy what ever he brought out as his period of expertise is closely aligned with my period of interest. Yes it’s a shame not to complete a series before starting another but then my personal interest is much more 1813 than 1814 so I can live with it!! 8O)

      I’ve just remembered that Martin Kelly posted a reply to a question I posed on his blog entry at http://befreiungskriege.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/feeling-bookish/ with some more info on Mr Leggiere’s output including a book on the 1815 campaign.

      Re La Bricole. All I’ll say for now is http://bricole.forumer.com and check your email account that was linked to your membership for an email around the 16 May 2014 entitled “Your forum account has been upgraded”. Something akin to piracy has left the forum in some disarray and in need of some desperate resuscitation. All assistance gratefully received or the future may be bleak. A shame for what was a friendly and respectful forum – though it could have done with a little more traffic.

      So where is this The Wargames Forum? I found http://www.wargamer.com/forums/ but I’m not at all convinced that this is where you mean.

      Oh bl**dy hell this reply is getting larger than some of my posts so I’ll abandon it.

      Toodle pip.

      von Peter himself

  2. You warned us some weeks ago that it would be a wild ride on the VP blog and true to your word it has been – so much so that I had to have not one, but two(!) pieces of my wife’s courgette & lime cake to sustain me whilst absorbing the intelligence(?) imparted by this post and its comments & replies! With such energy and drive of late, perhaps we should now call you “Von Vorwarts?” Interesting to read that Blucher was in fact more forward about going backward than backward about going forward. Having read elsewhere he was no angel (e.g., was there not some incident about a mock execution of a priest?), one hopes Your Vonship will not be too traumatised as you encounter more fascinating flaws of this larger than life character in your journey through this book.
    Thanks also for the heads up on this author (visions of a potential social faux pas, thinking his name was yet another fixture on some sporting calendar) and to Sparker for the wargames website link. Vorwarts!

    P.S. Just one little question, what nationality is the other half of the Line Infantry Regiment the Erb Von plans to paint? 😎

    • Hello Davy

      Your wife’s courgette & lime cake sounds like it could sustain me as well. Feel free to send the recipe … or even a slice! 8O)

      And if you knew the real life von Peter himself – more of a sit back and think about doing things type – you would not be insulting the original Vorwarts with all this loose von Vorwarts talk! 8O))

      The mock execution of the priest during the occupation of Poland has come and gone in the book. Quite the theatrics.

      I am humming and ha’ing about joining the new forum. It’s that ‘sit back and think’ von Peter hard at work. How many forums does one man need? Especially a man who spends too long on the ‘net on a daily basis anyway. Having said that I have been regularly checking the forum as I mull over the decision anyway so I may as well just join up and get on with it. Still some sitting and thinking to be done.

      von Peter himself
      PS. the First battalion of the Second Italian Line Infantry Regiment 8O)

      • Steady in the ranks! Shades of swords turning into cake slicers!
        This could lead to a reputable wargaming blog turning into a cake recipe blog! ☺ (But between you and I – everyone else turn away – you can get the recipe at http://www.rivercottage.net/recipes/courgette-and-lime-cake/. Tip: my wife’s always tinkering with these recipes & says she adds extra lime zest in with the grated courgette. Yum!).
        Yes. I too suffer from over-surfing but, heh(!), if Sparkers is mad enough to join, you can always blame him for leading you astray (joking, Sparkers). ☺

        P.S. Thanks for the Italian Regt. ‘clarification’ (assume intended for the conscripts ☺) – my feeble attempt at joke mixed with computer and visually challenged syndromes – still don’t know how my attempt at a smiley face turned into a little icon with sunglasses! ☺ (although have to admit, the glasses were cool!)

        • Howdies Davy

          I shall point The son & heir and Fraulien von Peter herself at the recipe. They are much more proficient then me in the kitchen. And my time is at a premium with all that scanning of the ‘net. And many thanks to Mrs Davy for the tips for recipe improvement.

          I find it amusing that you have picked up that Sparker’s mad from such a distance. It is however a very VERY nice form of madness I can assure you.

          And I got the joke re the half a battalion of Italians. My fault for not appending a smiley of some variety to the end of my expanded naming of the battalion. That omission has now been corrected. My sincere apologies.

          Salute … with courgette and lime cake and a wee toddy
          von Peter himself

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