Wargamer literature on the horizon

Cavalry at Waterloo

A new book incoming on Waterloo from a celebrity author

So close your eyes quickly and take a guess at who you might think that author might be.

OK, you can open them now!!   8O)

The book Waterloo: The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles is written by Bernard Cornwell who is of course no stranger to writing about Napoleonic warfare … albeit from a more entertaining, heroic, sanitised and not strictly historic point of view.

For the more curious of the dear readers it is possible to read an excerpt from the book. In a way the writing is reminiscent of a Sharpe book but perhaps that’s not a bad thing if one is after a more rollicking and less stuffy read.

Waterloo-The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles

A reservation that von Peter himself invariably has with books on Waterloo – especially some of those out of the United Kingdom – is the old …

“we heroic Brits beat down that damned Boney chap despite those allies we were lumbered with and the late arrival of the Prussians who only appeared once the battle was won”.

Obviously that is a bit extreme but hopefully the dear reader gets the idea. During his tender and formative years von Peter himself extracted from the library and read many a tome on Waterloo and it is his considered consideration(!) that he was lead well astray on the actuality of Waterloo by many of them. The grudge is still held but it was a salutary lesson all the same. The “Three Armies and Three Battles” part of the title does give one a reason to hope … but we shall have to wait and see.

The book is due to be published in the United Kingdom in September 2014. You can pre-order the book on Amazon (click here). Interestingly Amazon report the retail price as £25.00 but they will sell it to you for £17.00 for the hardcover. That level of discount on a new release book is being paid for by someone. I wonder what impact such discounting has on any plans for new books by authors and publishers. Anyways the book will also be available fas a paperback £8.99 and a Kindle Edition £8.54 according to Amazon.

An Impetus Magazine

von Peter himself makes a mostly daily visit to the suspect pleasures of The Miniatures Page (TMP). I say suspect because there seems to be something of a bullying and vindictive culture that rapidly comes to the fore in some of the discussions. So much so that some valued contributors – at least in the somewhat jaundiced eye of von Peter himself – have been driven from TMP. That aside von Peter himself keeps an eye on the Hobby News section as many – but by no means all – new hobby releases are reported there.

Impetus Magazine Issue 1

One such item that caught the eye of von Peter himself was the news of the release to come in the – presumably northern hemisphere – fall of an Impetus magazine. von Peter himself has played a few games of Impetus and thought that there was definite potential there. The original ancient period Impetus rules have spawned several other presumably similar rule sets for differing periods and this magazine will have articles related to several of them. From the TMP article …

We are proud and excited to announce the launch of Impetus Magazine. First issue will be released this fall.

It will be a digital magazine, and will not only cover Impetus, but also BaroqueSmooth & RifledKoncordiaBreaking NewsLords & Servants (medieval skirmish game out this fall as well), and all future games released by Dadi & Piombo Publishing.

It will include fictional and historical scenarios, game reports, rules variants, tutorials, articles on game tactics, and all that is needed to provide good support to our games.

The magazine will be a periodical, with one or two issues per year. It will be available as a PDF through Wargame Vault and Ganesha Games’ shop at $2.99 USD.

At $2.99 USD there is not much to loose so von Peter himself may very well pick up a copy

As ever do not be forgetting to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

7 thoughts on “Wargamer literature on the horizon

  1. Hmm, I seriously fear that the Cornwell book will be more of a jumping the bicentennial bandwagon than a true historical book. After all he spend decades writing historical fiction. Even though one will need a sound basis in history to do that well, I fear such a time will not go by without a certain flair for the unhistoric and some bias.

    That being said, I would have given it a try for the Amazon UK price, but I checked it out. Amazon Germany is selling it for full price and if I order form the UK, they slap on a one pound premium and nearly 5 pounds for s&h, which ends at exactly the Amazon Germany price. So I think I will pass it for now and await your highness’ verdict on the quality first! 😀

  2. “So I think I will pass it for now and await your highness’ verdict on the quality first!”

    Hello Burkhard

    I’m not at all sure that i will be buying the book so perhaps any verdict from me might be a long time coming. Waterloo is not really where my interests lie. I’m more of an 1813 man myself.

    Of course there is that bicentennial thing coming up, and never say never, and The son & heir is churning his way through Cornwell books at the moment – Napoleonic and Dark Ages – with great amusement so who knows.

    von Peter himself

    • Well, if you shall acquire a copy that is fine by me. If not I will probably wait till it shows up on Amazons marketplace, to safe a few hard earned Euros! 😉

  3. G’Day your vonship. Stimulating post as always! For a more balanced view of the anglo-centric historiography, may I recommend Aussie historian Rory Muir’s ‘Tactics and Experience of Napoleonic Warfare’? Rory makes the point that an objective survey will show that British 19th accounts are no more or less bombastic and jingoistic than French or Prussian accounts, but far more accessibly and plentiful to later historians, so that some of their distortions were perpetuated, most of it probably in good faith. Apart from the sad Siborne episode of course. Anyhow I for one am not ashamed to say I thoroughly enjoy Bernard Cornwell’s fiction, which just gets better and better – ‘The Fort’ is absolutely outstanding literature, and searing commentary on the futility and glory of war. I am really looking forward to this work – although for my money the best way to get books in the Southern Hempishere is through ‘The Book Depository’!

    Concerning TMP, I have now ceased contributing, for the reasons you mention, but do occasionally survey the news items, at least until ‘The Wargames Website’ started up as an alternative really takes off!



    • And G’Day back Mr Sparkles.

      I have no doubt that every nation sees their own contribution in a bright light. It’s just that I read the British ones which as you say with vast understatement were far more accessible. But it was a great lesson for the younger von Peter himself once reality finally dawned.

      I too quite happily read Cornwell’s fiction. The son & heir is plowing his way through them and quite regularly giggles (he’ll love seeing that!!) at the action. FWIW, he’s currently reading Terry Pratchett.

      Speaking of The Book Depository I received a parcel from them on Friday. More of that later.

      It seems that we are of a common mind re TMP … but then why would I ever doubt that with you being such a sensible bloke. Now I have to go find out about this ‘The Wargames Website” website.

      von Peter himself

  4. I hear the title was to be “Waterloo: The True Story of Four Days, Three Armies and Four Battles” but he got fed up.


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