Bavarian bounty

In which von Peter himself interrupts his normal broadcasting to bring you a Bavarian special.

Bavarian 1-13 Infantry Regiment

The Bavarian 1/13 Infantry Regiment and their assigned casualty figure have arrived … and have promptly been assigned to the front line by the rest of the Bavarian Army of Schloss von Peter.

1/13 Infantry Regiment, Bavarian

The 1st battalion of the 13th Infantry Regiment, Bavarian, have trudged to the front to do ‘that’ Emperor’s bidding … apart from the times when they will be assigned to the side fighting against ‘that’ Emperor and his biddings of course. This either side will do approach is one of the benefits of basing ones self in that year of numerous momentous events – 1813. Many of the bullied nations finally got to throw off the shackles of French oppression and actively moved into the anti French and ‘we’re happy to show it’ camp* and so can be fielded on either side of the battlefield.

* It is only with great difficulty and a gargantuan effort that von Peter himself manages to retain his totally unbiased view of these historic events. von Peter himself trusts that the dear reader appreciates the restraint!  8O)

Enough propaganda / ranting. The 1/13 Infantry Regiment were part of Generalmajor Becker’s Brigade which in turn were part of Generallieutenant Raglovich’s 29th (Bavarian) Division … which in turn were part of Marschal Oudinot’s XII Corps. Contained within the machinations of von Peter himself are plans to recreate Generalmajors Becker’s Brigade hence the acquisition of the 1/13th.

Figures are sourced from Front Rank Figurines and were brought to life by the painter of figures Bavarian for von Peter himself Nigel Fun-nell.

They have been assigned a rather plain Bavarian flag from GMB Designs. Most / all (von Peter himself has neither the time nor the inclination to check right now!) of the lower numbered Bavarian Infantry Regiments are named,

e.g. 4th Sachsen-Hildburghausen Infantry Regiment.

The plain flag seemed to go naturally with a high numbered and unnamed infantry regiment.

Figure selection, choreography, painting of the horse, flag raising and basing care of von Peter himself.

And a Bavarian resource is unleashed

The History Book Man have released their latest volume in their Armies and Uniforms of the Napoleonic wars series of e-books for the war gamer and enthusiast. The Army of The Kingdom of Bavaria 1792-1814 is now available to be ordered … and von Peter himself has not been slow to do so.

The Bavarians of von Peter himself have had most of their uniform details decided upon already. Most of those decisions were based on an old OLD paper “The Bavarian Army: 1805-14” which is a direct precursor of this updated and expanded e-book. Funny.

The History Book Man -The Army of Bavaria

As ever do not be forgetting to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

10 thoughts on “Bavarian bounty

  1. Looking good! I found some info on which Bavarian flags were used by which regiment when I was doing my Sachsen-Hildburghausen as a birthday gift for my better half. I will try to find my notes and get back to you!

    • Thank you Burkhard.

      I’ll look forward to whatever you can dig up … though that flag may stay attached until it needs replacing!! 8O)

      The photo of the battalion backed up by the rest of my Bavarians and the Son & heirs pink faced infantry battalion came out quite well which was as pleasing as it was surprising! I recommend all to click on it to see the larger image.

      Another speedy comment. Excellent!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  2. Very nice job on these Peter. Very popular army those old Bavarians as I know so many gamers with a brigade or two hiding in their collection ready to fight for or against the Emperor (much to Marbots disgust!!).

    • Hello Carlo

      Yes there are smatterings of Bavarians seemingly all over the place.

      Funnily enough when I was dreaming of what nations were to be in my future Napoleonic forces (for world domination!) all this those years ago the Bavarians were definitely not on the invite list. But then Front Rank brought out their range and suddenly I was accumulating a brigade plus a few supports of them.

      What megalomania? I can stop whenever I want to! Really!!

      von Peter himself

    • Hello Iannick

      Thank you for the compliment.

      It’s amazing how much half decent basing can lift the figures and conversely how poor basing can drag down the figures.

      von Peter himself

    • Hi Clarence.

      Maybe it is. With the Perry’s building up steam on the release of their Bavarians the world will soon be awash with the lads in helmets and mid blue uniforms. But then you with your Wargames Foundry, and me with my Front Rank will be something a little special. 8O)

      von Peter himself

    • Thank you my Dear Mr Sparkles.

      I do not claim any fame with the painting. My Master Painter of Bavarians – Nigel Fun-nell – must get the credit there …. unless you mean the horse and/or the basing! 8O)

      Of course I may not be the master painter but you could think of me as the director silently pulling the strings in the background. It would be a false thought … but you could still think it!! 8O))

      BTW, the blue is from Andrea Color and is NAC-16, Napoleonic Blue. But don’t tell anyone. ’tis a closely guarded secret.

      von Peter himself

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