Recently recruited & NAPCON lives

Simon's 1:1 Silesian Infantry Regiment

The first battalion of the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 10 (1. Silesian) advancing in line behind a screen of there Volunteer jager. The Silesian Landwehr have been here as evidenced by the casualty they have left behind. The son & heir has a battalion of these Landwehr partially completed … but they have been for a while and probably will be for a while to come!

The machinery of Napoleonic warfare at Schloss von Peter has has been recruited to a new high recently. Both sides of the conflict have benefited so the bloodshed is expected to continue unabated. Most excellent! Today von Peter himself presents for the readers delight some newly recruited Prussians.

The son & heir had rolled up his sleeves and rolled out his second completed Prussian battalion – the first of the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 10 (1. Silesian). And when von Peter himself says that the The son & heir rolled up his sleeves he really means it. The vast majority of the unit was painted and based in the two days leading up to the Battle of Gross & Klein Badsdorf.

The figures are from the Prussian Advancing Musketeers range of Calpe Miniatures. The standard is from GMB Designs.

Simon's Prussian command stand

The Prussian command keeping an eye on proceedings from within the skirmish screen. Don’t they know it can be dangerous out there?!

Not content with completing the battalion for the game The son & heir went a little crazy and completed a command stand as well. These two figures had been lurking nearly complete for a while. Finishing touches applied; basing complete; show me the way to the French and glory! Gulp – these guys are a bit ‘focussed’!  8O)

Calpe Miniatures again from the code PC6 – an artillery Lieutenant-Colonel and his ADC – from the Veterans range … from the Prussian Command range to add precision.

More recently recruited Napoleonic Germans in the next post.


von Peter himself has received the following information regarding NAPCON (Napoleonic Convention for the uninitiated) 2014 … and thought he would share …

<start transmission>

Is anyone still out there…
Here’s the Blurb for Napcon


Is pleased to host the

Saturday and Sunday, September 27-28

Venue:, Blind Foundation, 131 Vivian St, NP New Plymouth

$20 for the weekend per person.
No entry forms required, just your fine selves.

This event is not an organised Tournament but a meeting place for those of a Napoleonic Temperament and toy soldiers to play with.

“Traditional” attendees include :

First Volley 15mm games
Warhammer 28mm Waterloo (yes you read it right Warhammer Waterloo)
28mm Sharpes Practice Skirmishes
Napoleonic Naval with “teeny weeny ships”.

Other rulesets that will at least be talked about, but hopefully played:
Lasalle, Blackpowder (and its amendments).

Alastair is keen to put on a 200th Anniversary Battle in 28mm so those interested can email him at: or 021 1589103.

So come on over/up/down to Taranaki, you know we are behind the times anyway so what’s 200 years…. 

Accommodation is readily available in this city there are plenty of camp grounds, motels, hotels, backpackers and park benches.

A surprise performance from some local re-enactors is hoped for but not relied upon.

Contact me for more info (but really it’s all above):
Julian Hannam, or 0275939210.

<end transmission>


As ever don’t forget to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

8 thoughts on “Recently recruited & NAPCON lives

  1. Looking nice!

    It is funny… commander figures simply seem to demand to be based with their horses pointing in opposing directions… I did the same with mine!

    P.S.: How long did it take me to post this time? 😛

    • Hello Burkhard

      Thank you. I shall pass your comment on as I know that The son & heir will be pleased.

      According to WordPress the post was posted (d’oh!) at 11:23 pm NZ Standard Time and your comment was recorded as at 11:38pm. So 15 minutes. Not bad at all! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  2. Hi your Vonship – good to see that the brushes have been stirring at the schloss and the photographic evidence of same – wish I could say the same 😦

    • Hello Mr Sparkles

      It sounds like your brushes are related to my brushes. Idle beggars!! 8O)

      On the plus side (assuming idle brushes is on the minus side) it appears that you managed to avoid a Teutoberger type episode in your latest big bash. Well done that Roman man.

      von Peter himself

  3. Good evening your VPness
    The son & heir has quite some talent for painting and is to be congratulated
    Sleeve rolling seems to be an admirable pursuit for a young man that ought to be both encouraged and rewarded!

    • And good evening to you too your VBness. 8O)

      Thanks for your kind words for The son & heir.

      Encouragement is all very well and good and I’m all for it. But the line must be drawn somewhere – for his own good you understand – and I think that in this case that line is drawn immediately preceding that word “reward”. Such a crude and callous word with such mercenary overtones of the lowest order. I’m sure you understand VB … even if The son & heir does not. He’s already been sniffing around for “rewards”!! My wallet and I despair!!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  4. What! What! What! I turn my back for a minute (well maybe a month) to watch World Cups, Cycling, Tennis, Golf Opens, Commonwealth Games, etc. and suddenly there is a flurry of posts! I’ll have to have a few stern words with my Light Cavalry Commander! Anyways, the skills of the ‘Erb von’ are fair coming on nicely! Augers well for your dotage years when a cheap (?) and reliable painting service will be a boon!


    • Davy! Davy! Davy! Where have you been? The absence of your erudite thoughts was noted.

      Though your ‘erudite’ thoughts re The son & heir may sadly be off the mark. ‘Cheap’ & ‘reliable’ are not necessarily comfortable bed mates with the ‘Erb von’.

      Yes the presses have been straining under the weight of unaccustomed productivity. And they will soon be vomiting forth yet another edition. Hold on tight … it’s a wild ride here von Peter’s ‘Orders of the day’!!


      von Peter himself

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