Aggressive Corsican chappie instigates battle

Battle of Berlin 1

Brandenburg Dragoons glory. Having chomped their way through some cavalry and survived the canister the dragoons are about to claim a Bavarian battery … though to be fair to the gunners it did take a couple of rounds of melee.

1813 Central Europe and the struggle between the Evil Overlord Napoleon and the would be oppressed nations of freedom loving pacifists <sounds a bit twee really but we’ll go with it – “in for a penny, in for a pound” and all that> continues unabated. The Evil Overlord has decreed that yet another attempt on Berlin is to be made.

“No loss of men is too great. They are but minions to my destiny after all.


* To be spoken with an atrociously stereotyped French Evil Overlord accent.

He really can’t abide peace loving people living in peace. And so it came to pass that a portion of the Berlin bound French force was intercepted in the vicinity of Gross Badsdorf and Klein Badsdorf … and one or two windows got broken.

Can you guess which side von Peter himself played on yet?

The French force consisted of two divisions. The first was that of General de Division Terry and was stuffed full of Frenchmen stiffened with a Young Guard regiment. The second was mostly provided by German allies of France – Bavarians with a couple of battalions each of Saxons and French – commanded by Generallieutenant Craig.

Opposing the hordes of tyranny – you must surely know by now on which side von Peter himself was placed – was a Prussian force lead by Generallieutenant Simon and an allied Russian force ably lead by Feldmarschal von Peter himself.

Overall the French had more battalions, the Allies more cavalry and a little more artillery. Being 1813 both sides had a few elite units but more Trained Militia in their order of battle.

The fates of war were to be decided by the Piquet Master Rules and the second edition Les Grognards Napoleonic supplement as supplied Piquet Inc. It had been a while since any of us had played ‘classic’ Piquet but the rules soon came back to us … in the main!

The engagement was to be a classic meeting engagement with the forces discovering each other in a haphazard manner. That was the plan anyway with the various brigades arriving where desired but with indeterminate timing. On the day though most of the brigades came on fairly quickly with the exception of the French Division who seemed to be keen to watch their German allies suffer a little before risking any Frenchmen. Classic French tactics!  8O)

Battle of Berlin 2

Prussian response to Bavarian aggression against Klein Badsdorf. They have just battled their way into the church and are contesting the rest of the town. Of course no one should ever neglect the Up2 for “Deployed in town”. That would reflect very poorly on one’s martial training!

Naturally the game was called before it had ended as people were required elsewhere. For those not in the know Piquet uses a system of Morale Chips to adjudicate the winner of a battle. Morale Chips are assigned on a variable basis dependent on the number of units and the quality of those units in an army. The number of these Morale Chips are decreased through the game in numerous ways including stands lost, melees lost, units routing, forcing morale checks on enemy units etc. Get down to zero Morale Chips and you are in danger of withdrawing from the field. Three of the four divisions were down to around 5 or 7 Morale Chips when the game was called. General de Division Terry still had 22 odd!!

Additionally the French held Gross Badsdorf while Klein Badsdorf was disputed.

The Russians had got to Gross Badsdorf first but had been tossed out in double quick time by the French who first shot them up and then evicted them at the point of Monsieur Bayonet in an extremely rude and abrupt manner. A counter attack was all set to go in with a mighty “Hurrah” and a scattering of empty vodka bottles when the brave General de Division Terry was suddenly needed elsewhere. Hmmm!! The dear reader is welcome to draw their own conclusions. 8O)

Over at Klein Badsdorf the Bavarians had taken complete possession but had been evicted from the church and the Prussians were contesting the remainder. All this easy exchange of real estate was beginning to elicit some discussion when it was realised that we’d all been ignoring a positive “Up 2” for the defender when “Deployed in towns”. That would have made a difference so it’s back to Staff College for all involved! Simultaneous to the trade in Real Estate the Bavarians had blown a hole in the Prussian lines so there was still plenty to play for.

Tactically a French minor victory. Strategically an Allied victory because as all students of history will be aware Berlin was never retaken by the French in 1813. And von Peter himself is hardly biased at all in his summation of the end game situation … not even a littlest bit!!  8O))

Battle of Berlin 3

Above: in the distance the Russians mass in preparation for the retaking of Gross Badsdorf. The dear reader may wonder at the lack of French in this graphic but they had already left Schloss von Peter when the graphic was obtained. This also accounts for the angle at which the graphic was framed.

The battle saw the “blooding” of two brand new units, a brand new command base and the introduction of The son & heir’s Silesian Volunteer Jager IR 11 (1. Silesian) to a big battle as opposed to the Sharp Practice skirmishing they had experienced to date. Despite the anticipated poor performance expected of freshly raised units all performed well – even if some were not exactly placed under an excessive strain. The new units and command will be revealed to the dear readers soon. The Volunteer Jager was outed in von Peter himself got all forgetful!.

Murawski Miniatures announces first ever sale!!

Many of the dear readers will be familiar with the Napoleonic Grand Duchy of Warsaw range of figures as produced by Murawski Miniatures. FYI Murawski Miniatures are having a sale to help fund the extension/completion of their Polish range. Details can be found on The Miniature Page at Murawski Miniatures Announces First-Ever Sale.

The Murawski Miniatures range is available from Eureka Miniatures of Melbourne, Australia for us Southern Hemisphere types. I’m not sure what this means for sales from Eureka. Probably nothing von Peter himself suspects.

And as a second FYI for the nosey curious types … the proprietor of Murawski Miniatures has a blog RTB at Large.

As always don’t forget to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

10 thoughts on “Aggressive Corsican chappie instigates battle

  1. Lovely report vP! Those pictures really look great and by the reads of it, it must have been one fine evening.

    Oh and I love the line about Classic French tactics!

    • Why thank you Mr Sparkles.

      Yes, nothing wrong with Calpe & Front Rank in my eyes. There were some Perry French amongst the Front Rank French on the table but they had long since slunk off by the time I finally got around to taking the photos. Cowards!!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  2. Very nice Peter – always love your shots of the table. Very inspiring. Those Murawski Poles are breath taking by the way. Always get my “hit” from Nic at CANCON.

      • Yes mate – last few years with young Ben in tow which has been, as you well know, been very special. I find my enthusiasm rekindled every time he brings over a new figure, paint etc. hope to see you there one day.

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