von Peter himself got all forgetful!

The Son and heir's Prussian volunteer jager IR 11 (1. Silesian)

Way WAY back on 7 October, 2013 von Peter himself bravely released his More pyjamas, a new book and another terrain source post on an unsuspecting world. Amongst other topics von Peter himself proudly showed off his latest literary purchase – the book Polish Troops in the Service of Napoleon 1797 to 1815.

Roll forward to 8 May, 2014 and Jim Rooke posts a comment which is of interest on several levels. For the idle who have not bothered to read Jim’s comment – and let this be a lesson to all you idlers!! – and hopefully without any irritation to Jim von Peter himself hereby reproduces that comment …

I really hate to see this sort of thing happen. The George Street Polish book that you reviewed above is a total plagarism from the old W J Rawkins book from the 1980s, word for word in places with even the illustrations copied. An updated edition of the Rawkins book (really excellent) has been republished as an e-book last year and is a fraction of the price. The publishers are The History Book Man, (www.thehistorybookman.webeden.co.uk) I think this is the author’s company.
Just to let you know… as I got caught and it cost me nearly £40.00 for a book that I already had or could have got as an e-book for £4.00.


The first point of interest is that perhaps the book von Peter himself purchased was not such a bargain after all. <mutter mutter>

The History Book Man

But a bigger point of interest is the intelligence on the existence of the publishers The History Book Man. von Peter himself has at least five of the old W. J. Rawkins booklets and they were packed full of organisational and uniform information. On the downside they could be difficult to read but then they were produced decades ago when print technology for small run booklets was not what it is today. von Peter himself is not even sure that word processors existed for the masses … though he suspects not.

The books are much expanded and now contain colour illustrations to accompany their line drawings. They are supplied on DVDs as E-books which are read via a pdf reader. And the cost is a real knockout – £3.99 plus postage. The thought of these reference books being available again in an expanded format is enough to excite the normally staid level headed von Peter himself.

A review of the book range is available on The Napoleon Series. It is considered that most publishers would be happy to receive such a review of their wares.

The list of titles currently available …

  • The Army of Sweden 1802-1814
  • The Army of the Duchy of Warsaw 1807-1814
  • The Army of the Kingdom of Naples 1806-1814
  • The Army of the Grand Duchy of Berg 1806-1813
  • The Army of the Grand Duchy of Baden 1806-1814
  • The Army of the Kingdom of Wurttemberg 1806-1814
  • The Army of the Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt 1806-1814

with those in the pipeline being …

  • The Army of the Kingdom of Bavaria 1792-1814
  • The Austro-Hungarian Army 1798-1814
  • The Army of the Kingdom of Italy 1805-1814
  • The Royal Saxon Army 1806-1814
  • The Rheinbund Contingents 1806-1814
  • The Army of the Kingdom of Westphalia 1807-1813
  • Foreign Regiments in French Service 1795-1814 The Swiss Regiments
  • Foreign Regiments in French Service The Regiments Etrangere 1804-1814
  • The Armies of the Netherlands 1795-1810.

von Peter himself has recently ordered The Army of the Duchy of Warsaw 1807-1814 … as a trial for the greater good of the readership you understand!  8O) The order was placed during a New Zealand night and various emails were awaiting von Peter himself the following New Zealand morning saying that the DVD had been despatched. That was a few days ago and the arrival of the package is eagerly awaited. Upon the orders arrival – or at least within a few short months! – von Peter himself will hark back to earlier in his military career as a dashing hussar(!) and report back on what his daring reconnaissance has discovered.  8O)

Rawkins-The Army of the Duchy of Warsaw 1807-1814

von Peter himself has great hopes for this range of books as a cheap and informative source of organisational and especially uniform information on some of the less well publicised armies of the Napoleonic Wars.

And finally von Peter himself would like to apologise to Jim Rooke whose rather useful and informative comment went unanswered for so long. Embarrassingly this spiel was meant to be part of the proceeding post but advanced age would appear to have got the better of the author … and he forgot! The olde fool!  8O)

The Son & heir’s Silesian Volunteer Jager IR 11 (1. Silesian)

The dear reader may recall in the earlier Old news post that The son & heir had come over all free and easy with some of von Peter’s in reserve stock of unpainted figures. Inspired by some Sharp Practice gaming he had felt the urge to command some Prussian jagers of his own and was over joyed to find a dozen of them – Calpe Miniatures of course – under the gaming table in an unpainted state. Perfect. Well very nearly perfect.

For a number of reasons The son and heir has long had a plan to eventually paint the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 11 (1. Silesian). These ‘discovered’ jagers would therefore be transformed – via some judicious splashing about of various coloured pigments suspended in a carrier – to be the Volunteer Jager of the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 11 (1. Silesian). The rather inconvenient fly in the ointment was that several uniform books would have one believe that this particular merry band of fatherland liberating volunteer jager did not wear a shako but rather their headgear of choice was green caps with yellow bands and piping. Of course the twelve jagers held in reserve under the gaming table for all those years and summoned forth to war by The son & heir wore shakos … to a jager!

But each gamer must be true only to himself … and it can take a proverbial lifetime for figures to travel across the world to New Zealand … and the figures were going to waste … and so the silvery figures were rapidly transformed into tabletop fit jagers.* And eventually some tufts were added – see the original Old news post if this does not make sense – so the Volunteer Jagers of the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 11 (1. Silesian) were complete and therefore of a fit state to be displayed on this here blog.

* In case there is any doubt von Peter himself fully supports The son & heir in this decision.  A rather pleasing unit has been added to the local Prussian roster and we are all the better for it regardless of any issue of caps vs. shakos. And yes it is still very irritating how quickly The son & heir can churn out figures when he wants to. <more mutterings>

The heading picture shows the Volunteer Jager of the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 11 (1. Silesian) skirmishing outside of a village in Saxony, 1813. Some Bavarians unwisely disputed the ground but they have since scarpered leaving a drunk infantryman for the Prussians to recover.

The image below displays the multi functional sabot style basing as used by The son & heir for the unit. For Sharp Practice games the figures will be removed from their sabots and used as individual figures. For larger divisional games where the battalion is the gaming unit the figures will be used in their sabots and moved en masse.

Because each ‘hole’ on the sabot is formed around a specific figure each of them is unique and best suits that original figure about which they were formed. To speed the placement of figures back on the sabot a cunning visual plan was devised. Each of the six sabots was designated a unique colour; each hole on a sabot was marked with one or two dots in that sabot’s unique colour; and each jager was given matching dots on their underside to match the colour and number of dots of their home hole. Perfect.

The son and heir's volunteer jager IR 11 (1. Silesian)

For historical reference #1 the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 11 (1. Silesian) became the Prussian Infantry Regiment Nr. 10 (1. Silesian) after the 19 June, 1813 when the Garde zu Fuss Regiment was removed from the line regiment numbering sequence.

For historical reference #2 the drunk Front Rank Figurines Bavarian is a new addition to the Bavarians of von Peter himself. There is a matching battalion partially based. The figure was painted by Nigel Fun-nell.

As always don’t forget to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

10 thoughts on “von Peter himself got all forgetful!

  1. Thank you von Peter.

    This has plagarism thing become a bit of a hobbyhorse with me now as I have since found a couple of other postings on the TMP pages warning of the same plagarism issues with George Street’s other books about the Westphalian, Dutch and Austrian armies, these also are direct copies of the W J Rawkins titles from the 1980s. The scuttlebut here in the UK is that a copyright legal action exists between Mr Rawkins and Mr Street. Unfortunately copyright issues have become a widespread problem with whole scanned books being offered online, particularly from Russian retailers.

    I have the virtually all of the old Rawkins titles published in the 1970s and 1980s and they are still my go to first reference and have now collected all of the new Ebook editions which are even better and the latest titles are terrific in full colour throughout.

    Should have mentioned it at the beginning, love your blog… great to find a real table top wargamer with a sense of humour.

    Jim Rooke

    • Hello Jim

      First off an apology for not replying to your original comment back in May. It had always been my intent to reply to it via a post.

      Secondly a huge thank you for bringing to my attention “The History Book Man”. I was/am still using my decades old W. J. Rawkins booklets and discovering that they are, or will be, available again in an expanded format and for such a sharp price is fantastic news.

      Plagarism and straight piracy is a big problem in this modern world. I for one hope that it will never get to the point where it inhibits creative endeavours.

      And thanks for your kind words re the blog. We try our best and if truth be known often great ideas get curtailed just to get something actually posted! I am truly in awe of some bloggers who seem to be able to post daily showing off all the figures they have painted since their last post. I have absolutely no idea of how they do it!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  2. Hello VP
    Now you have a nice reference book on the Poles may be I could supply you with some?
    If you’d like to drop me a line (roger(dot)murrow(at)mmc2100(dot)co(dot)uk
    I have a proposition you may be interested in.
    Roger ( aka Murawski Miniatures )

    • Hello Roger ( aka Murawski Miniatures )

      Many thanks for your comment.

      It has not escaped the keen(!?) eye of von Peter himself how your Polish creations have made quite an impact around the world.

      Indeed Poles are in my future. What is it with Napoleonics that inspires such meglomania? The plan is to recreate Dombrowski’s Independent 27th (Polish) Division from around the time of Leipzig – a whole 4 battalions, 2 cavalry regiments and a couple of batteries.

      It is the way of von Peter himself to stockpile figures for future use when Christmases, birthdays, Fathers days etc come around. In this way nearly half of the required Poles already reside under the gaming table awaiting their turn for some love and attention via a paint brush. And I generally like my national armies to be homogenous of build.

      I shall drop you a line. It’s the least I can do! 8O)

      von Peter himself

      • A man can never have too many Poles! Look out for the article coming up in Wargames Illustrated. My Poles get their first run out with the 1st XV this Saturday in a “what-if” scenario based on the run up to Dresden. Drop me an email Peter as I have an idea………..

        • Hello Roger

          I’ve finally sent that email heavily laden with pathetic excuses as to my delayed activity! 8O)

          Which Wargames Illustrated? I used to get every issue for many many years but I no longer do so.

          Good luck with your game. I’m hoping to see lots of pictures somewhere or other.

          von Peter himself

  3. Great post vP and very welcomed info as I am very close to ordering some of those same Poles that Roger chap above me is muttering about. (I like propositions…) That is if the truck repairs are not too much. 😦

    Those are some sharp looking Jagers and I’m sure any muttering from the Historical Fashion Police on the matter can quickly be stamped out by simply using the words supply, logistics, Quartermaster, or just the applied use of a baseball/cricket bat (whatever folks down there have laying about).

    Until next time….

  4. Peter

    Jim Rooke, one of my customers sent me a e-mail that he intened to send to you for my approval regarding the the issues that have occurred with several of my publications. I have forwarded it on to you for your information only. It is true that there was a copyright issue with George Street which has since been resolved and his books will not longer be distributed after the current print run is ended.

    Thank you for your interest and hoping that you enjoy the book that you have ordered. I am always grateful to receive feedback and comments.

    • Hello Bill

      I’ve had a quick look at the book that I ordered and I am more than happy with it. I shall be saying a little more in a post. The value for money equation is off the scale.

      Many thanks for your efforts.

      von Peter himself

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