It’s the end of the Northern winter


The fate of Der Feldmarschall was causing von Peter himself a little concern as his blog remained unusually dormant for w-a-y too long. Thankfully it has sprung back to life for us to all enjoy.

The only complaint has to do with the heading pictureS. The site places a random piece of military art as a heading picture. Many are wonderful works and one can quite happily sit in front of ones computer screen repeatedly tapping the refresh key to see what picture will be displayed next. Some are familiar but many are not and though one could use one’s impressively extensive <cough cough> historical knowledge to place many some sort of explanation for each would be nice <hint hint> though perhaps a little techinically challenging.

Befreiungskriege 1813-14

Another blog that had been dormant – sorry, in hibernation – for far too long was Martin Kelly’s Befreiungskriege 1813-14. Happily the northern winter has broken and with it the hibernation is at an end. Amongst the topics von Peter himself looks forward to are further infiltrations of Calpe Towers and the publication of the to’ings, fro’ings and general machinations of that establishment.


Martin has reported in his blog on Salute 2014 that was held held on the 12th April 2014 at airport hangar like venue that is ExCel London. Normally the internet would be all abuzz with reports and photographs of a Salute show but this year it seems to von Peter himself that the response has been more muted than usual. Hmmm. Fortunately von Peter himself knows of someone local that he sees not nearly enough who was present at Salute 2014 flaunting his co-authored Skirmish Sangin modern skirmish rules. Apparently the participation game was a great success as were the sales and this is all good. But not nearly enough wandering around the convention was undertaken and this is a sin. Craig you poor soul. Many are the questions yet to come your way on Salute 2014 and your overseas shenanigans!!  8O)

Calpe logo1

The Northern Hemisphere spring has had all sorts internet sites slowly coming back to life. The  Calpe Miniatures website has been updated with some long awaited news. There is the sad news of the cessation of a moulding rubber business and the consequential ill affects on Calpe Towers and the scrying of the Calpe Towers crystal ball to ascertain what the next releases may consist of. von Peter himself feels a strong need for some more Calpe metal.

Perry logo

While on the topic of what manufacturers are up to one or two of the dear readers may not have seen the recently published image purloined and presented below for your edification. The Perry’s announced a while back that Bavarians were on their future Napoleonic menu and here’s the proof of the activity that will bring their pronouncement to fruition. von Peter himself has all the Bavarians that he needs courtesy of Front Rank so once again a Perry Miniatures range is not of any particular interest … … … except maybe a limber … or two … or a wagon or two … and there’s always that thought of some uhlans.

Perry Bav_skirmishing greens


Wolves of the North

The son & heir finally managed to get his hands on the Wolves of the North the fifth book in the Warrior of Rome series by Harry Sidebottom from the library fro von Peter himself. An easy enough read based in AD 263 on the steppes with lots of those mad horse archer types running cantering around. And there were even two surprises for von Peter himself at the end. Most disturbing. There is at least one more book in the series to come.

For himself The son & heir has been busily reading through the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell in chronological order. There are 21 books – not including several short stories –  that chronicle the adventures of Richard Sharpe during the Napoleonic era. Sharpe’s Eagle – book 8 chronologically – has recently been completed and it is perhaps from this book that the scenario for our latest Sharp Practice game is derived. [Correction: the inspiration for the scenario is sourced from Sharpe’s Havoc.] This game has only just commenced and is work in progress but the local Napoleonic collections do not contain any British. So in place of British vs. French we have Prussians vs. French allies. Captain Sharpe is no where to be found but there is a Hauptmann von Scharf! It is yet to be seen if he lives up to his British twins’ high standards.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself



12 thoughts on “It’s the end of the Northern winter

    • Hello Paul

      Yes it is great to see der feldmarschall back on the job. I was getting quite anxious about him.

      Those Perrys keep on churning figures out at an impressive rate, especially when you consider that Perry miniatures is not their day job.

      von Peter himself

  1. Glad to see the blog alive again!

    I’m looking forward to the announced French Calpe releases with impatience. The Generals pack will be on my list as soon as they appear available 🙂 Then one could only ask for skirmishers (not announced) and the French range fully complete.

    • Hello Blancard & thanks.

      As a self confessed Calpe zealot I’m looking forward to it all! 8O)

      The casualties will be great as I like to use the casualty figures as casualty markers in games. Unofficially I’m currently endeavouring to create one casualty marker per battalion. Not nearly enough but it’s a start.

      The need for firing figures is a good point. I’m tending to model my light infantry units in firing lines to differentiate them from the line units … and because I really like the chaos that can be created with a firing line that has been firing for a while. So I’m going to need firing figures if I’m going to have my legere battalions.

      von Peter himself

  2. Great to have an enjoyable read on the your blog this morning Peter…as always! Lots of exciting news and certainly great to hear that the young man has found the Peninsular as well. My chap has enjoyed a few games in Spain recently and the tine gad come I think to leave a copy of Sharpe by his chair. A cunning plan methinks so thanks for the catalyst.

    • Thank you Carlo.

      The son & heir is obviously enjoying the Sharpe books or else why would he set himself the task of reading them all and we both can see the humour in some of the escapades. But all in all they are great ripping yarns … and importantly inspiration for painting and games.

      von Peter himself

  3. Thanks your VonShip – very excited to hear the French Gunners are on Peter’s ‘to-do’ list – his guns are things of beauty but not much use without accompanying redlegs!

    • A cheery hello Ralph

      I’ve got Calpe Saxon and French guns aplenty so I too am looking forward to some matching gunners.

      There is a use for them at present however. Trophies of war for the good side!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  4. Aha! We seem to have lighted on the same topic at the same time. Great minds and all that. I hope all is well with von Peter, Fraulein von Peter and the Son & Heir! just so you know, I’m currently trying to smuggle more inside info out of Calpe Towers for your enjoyment without waking Pablo the guard dog 🙂

    • Hello Martin

      Yes, great minds indeed. Absolutely nothing to do with ‘fools seldom differ”! 8O)

      I really am very happy to see your blog reawakening after the hibernation. All power to your typing.

      The Fraulein and The son & heir are all very well thank you. Somehow some devilish time travel trick has been played upon me as this is The son & heir’s last year of secondary school. Next year it may very well be university for him. When did all that happen?!! He also looks down on me by several inches so I am now very glad that I never used physical punishment as a deterrent for all his misdemeanors when he was smaller! 8O)

      I have placed an order for the latest Calpe French (I already have the French & Saxon artillery pieces and the advancing Saxons) as it has been too long since I last received a package from Harpenden. I’m secretly hoping that I shall soon be cursing for not holding off because of yet more new releases!

      Oh, and FYI – after much considered thinking I am willing to trade one of your legs to Pablo for information out of Calpe Towers.

      von Peter himself

  5. Well glad someone missed me while I was gone… touched by the concern and the welcome back post. Sometimes you never know what happened when a blog goes dormant.

    The blog is about to crank it up a notch hopefully in the next week with more regular features and posts. I’m anxious to post some progress on my Prussians, but things have been going very slow with them for some reason lately. My fusiliers are taking forever to complete, but hopefully the dam will break here pretty soon and all sorts of goodies will be coming.

    Love your comment on refreshing the screen… now I know I’m not the only one that does that. That title thingy took a few months to gather and set up with literally hundreds of images. I have a growing file folder of new pics to add someday so maybe when I update the list I’ll look at what else I can do short of going insane. 🙂

    Always a pleasure von Peter, cheers!

    • Hello Jason

      Der Feldmarschall was genuinely missed. I’m amazed … and a little envious … at the amount of work you are now putting into your blog but I will happily consume whatever you put up there.

      Roll on with your Prussian fusiliers. I’m looking forward to seeing them.

      von Peter himself

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