Old news

HMS Victory

von Peter himself had cause to mention in the post before last how in a state of excitement brought on by playing Sharp Practice the The son & heir had availed himself of a unit of Prussian Silesian volunteer jager from von Peter’s stock of unpainted figures. And how the paint was applied in a very efficient and speedy manner – damn him for this ability to quickly paint units – and how the figures were then based. Well … almost based. All is complete except for the final stage of applying the tufts which von Peter himself kindly and generously makes available in a variety of sizes and colours. After a series of intense interrogations it transpires that the tufts will most likely not be applied until the school’s end of term break when school work is less pressing … and perhaps Napoleon Total War less diverting! Said unit will be displayed here when the basing is complete. A strict editorial policy don’t you know.   8O)

The almost completion of the jagers may not have resulted in them being outed here in a photographic format but they did spur the ever philanthropical von Peter himself to conscript the next battalion for The son & heir’s Prussian force from Calpe Miniatures. A unit of resculpted Prussian musketeers in the advancing pose was ordered and received. And so the first of the resculpted Prussian infantry made their way into Schloss von Peter.

Sometimes the hard decisions need to be made. The son &heir is not to take possession of the musketeers until they have been photographed for this here blog. Three packs duly photographed and presented here for your delectification. Three more to come at some stage.

von Peter himself will allow for the proverbial thousand words to be spoken by each picture but he will say that the big difference between these figures and the original Prussian releases is in the shape of the covered shako. Also von Peter himself has a feeling that the figures have trimmed down a little though the blanket rolls make this a little difficult to fully discern. And Mr Calpe’s sculpting has developed over the years.

A home made black wash has been applied to the figures in an attempt to bring out some of the detail. This has been more successful on some figures than others. Damnation … where is my Badab Black GW?! The only other preparation was the removal of some ‘runners’ left over from the casting process. As usual with Calpe Miniatures these are very clean castings.

On with the show …

P1 Advancing musketeers with levelled muskets

14-03-18 P1 Advancing musketeers with levelled muskets - front

14-03-18 P1 Advancing musketeers with levelled muskets - back


P3 Advancing musketeers with 45 deg muskets

P3 Advancing musketeers with 45 deg muskets - front

P3 Advancing musketeers with 45 deg muskets - back


P4 Alternative head variants of P3

P4 Alternative head variants of P3 - front

P4 Alternative head variants of P3 - back


Hobby – what hobby?!

Besides a nightly session scanning the internet, a few games over the Christmas period and chatting with friends von Peter himself has been remiss in his hobby activities for several months now. The paint brushes have remained undisturbed and several of the paints have possibly dried up! This is a totally unacceptable state of affairs and needs to change. The arrival of a painted command stand and a battalion of Napoleonic Bavarians from Nigel Fun-nel may <gulp!> help kick start this rejuvenation as horses need to be painted and the figures based. Hopefully some Bavarians will be on display here soon.

The heading picture

There will be few reading this blog who would not be able to identify the vessel in the heading photo. Of course HMS Victory’s most famous day was when she acted as Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar but she served for much longer than that one glorious day. von Peter himself ably assisted by The son & heir boarded her on the 14th June 2009 during The families overseas adventure. It seems like only yesterday and so long ago all at the same time.

Note that von Peter himself arranged for some regular sized humans to be included in the picture so that the readers will get a sense of scale. You’re welcome!

There is no particular reason for this picture being selected so apologies to anyone who got excited thinking Napoleonic naval was a topic for discussion. Though von Peter himself will own up to owning several Langton Miniatures 1/1200 Napoleonic vessels … … …   8O)

As always don’t forget to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

2 thoughts on “Old news

  1. I was almost wondering, if you had made a surprise visit to Blighty! 😉

    Anyway, really hope you get some games under your belt soon. I feel I played too little over the past two years, so I can understand your frustration! Not having painted much, sure does not make things better!

    • Hello Burkhard

      No surprise visit to Old Blighty … and probably not another one for a few years. 8O(

      Adding to my general slackness in the hobby output stakes have been almost daily visits to the hospital for the last two months to visit Fraulien von Peter herself’s father who had a (thankfully not too severe) stroke.

      I’m glad to see that your productivity marches on in a most impressive fashion. All power to your brush.

      von Peter himself

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