vonPetersdorf gets a new suburb/block

vonPetersdorf expanded

vonPetersdorf expands with a new block being added. Obviously the developers are not expecting the war to come their way any time soon. Hopefully they have got this badly wrong!  8O)

von Peter himself has a theory about making hobby purchases. Make them when you can. When you can includes birthdays, Father’s Days, Christmases … and any other occasion that one can get away with it! As a result not only does von Peter himself have an impressive mountain of troops awaiting the love of some paints and a brush but he also has a hillock of terrain items likewise awaiting some colouring compassion. Pride Shame of place in this latter hillock were two Hudson & Allen Studio items. The only problem with the Hudson & Allen Studio’s range is that it is not that large and von Peter himself is fairly much near the end of the buildings that he would purchase. Nice models with interesting details at a reasonable cost and good service from Vatican Enterprises.

Late Medieval Village Set, building #3-1

The Hudson & Allen Studio’s Late Medieval Village Set, building #3 is the latest item to exit the hillock of neglected terrain items. The model consists of two adjoining buildings. These will be representing either a little stand alone village or another block of an expanded vonPetersdorf when placed next to vonPetersdorf – Hudson & Allen’s European Village – as per the heading picture. As can be seen the new buildings fit in perfectly with those of vonPetersdorf though they perhaps do not have the same level of extra little details of the village.

Late Medieval Village Set, building #3-2

von Peter himself was far too enamoured with the Late Medieval Village Set, building #3 to risk it to the tender mercies of his own paint application skills. So as with vonPetersdorf itself – and several other buildings! – Craig Watterson’s pigmentation placement talents were enlisted. An inspired call as it turned out.

Late Medieval Village Set, building #3-3

von Peter himself is well content with the latest addition to his miniature realty stocks.

Late Medieval Village Set, building #3-4

The completion of Late Medieval Village Set, building #3 means that the only Hudson & Allen Studio item left in the unpainted terrain hillock is the Medieval Fortified Farm. It will be a while until this item is dragged out for some coats of life giving paint however.

As always don’t forget to <click> on any image for a larger and clearer view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

12 thoughts on “vonPetersdorf gets a new suburb/block

  1. Very nice. I’ve long been impressed with those Hudson and Allen buildings. Unfortunately none of them really match my favoured periods, but that doesn’t stop me really liking them. Craig’s done a great paint job, too.

    • Thanks Roly

      I think it was Paul Crouch that had the Medieval Manor House – out of production at the moment – many years ago that you greatly admired … though I don’t think I ever spotted it!

      I’m quite happy to use the medieval buildings in the range from medieval(!) times through to present day for my European gaming. Of course they’re not very Japanese for your current project. 8O)

      von Peter himself

    • Thank you Burkhard

      You are correct. Generally there are no lift off roofs which is not a problem for me but then I am not a big skirmish gamer. There are exceptions though. With the Medieval Fortified Farm the second story of the farmhouse lifts off to reveal internal details on the ground floor and likewise the stable roof is removable with internal details provided.

      And yes the envelope did arrive – in yesterday’s mail. I was going to email you today – honest! – but you have beaten me to the punch. I am thrilled with the figure. I don’t game the period but that figure has special meaning for me being a Kiwi (New Zealander). If you don’t know why – and I suspect you do – then I can let you know.

      I feel doubly blessed as if I remember correctly the figure was not going to be available for general purchase. It was only going to be available as part of a kick starter type promotion. Is this correct?

      The figure arrived in good condition and I’ll announce more details when I can flaunt it in a painted condition. Got to keep the readers guessing! 8O)

      Many MANY thanks for your generosity.

      von Peter himself

      • Hmm, strange, usually I get a message from WordPress when you reply to one of my posts here. So sorry I missed your reply for so long!

        Removeable roofs have become a must for me lately. While I do not skirmish in this period, a lot of the buildings would also be suitable for WWI, WWII or even WWIII depending on how rural a game is set. So I am trying to get as much milage out of my buildings as possible.

        Glad the mini arrived safe and sound. I assumed it would have a special meaning to you when I saw your reaction on my blog last year, so I felt you would need one! 😉 Looking forward to your rendition and feel free to keep your readers guessing! 😛

        • Hello Burkhard

          WordPress seems to be a bit flakey at the moment with recording clicks etc. What can you do?! 8O)

          I have partly organised a luxury future for that figure. All will be revealed in due course. Thank you once again.

          von Peter himself

    • You’re right Carlo. It is beautiful. The sculpting and casting are beautiful. The painting is beautiful.

      I was very careful to keep my mitts out of the whole process so that it all remained beautiful! 8O)

      And yes they are very light. I’ve had no problems with any of the Hudson & Allen Studio buildings as yet … and long my it remain so … but they’ve hardly had a hard life. I have this nagging thought that I should perhaps base them all as a preservation action.

      And I strongly suspect that you are yet far from any state of dotterage! 8O)

      von Peter himself

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