It’s 2014 – battles and a painting competition

Sharp Practice 14-01-01

Action on the Franco-Bavarian right flank. A bleary eyed – he’ll blame hay fever – Hauptmann The son & heir over looks his Prussian troops as they battle Bavarians in the second practice Sharp Practice game.
The Bavarian light troops – spot the green plumes which are admittedly hard to spot – on the road are exchanging fire with some Prussian volunteer jager further down the road. On the right hand side of the road just before the jagers are some lost Italians. See the A little bribery seals the deal post for more information on these figures.
The mounted Bavarian officer in the foreground represents Feldmarschall von Peter himself. He has been so busy activating his troops and moving them forward into danger that there has been no chance for him to personally advance to the front lines … and all that danger. Honest!!
Don’t forget to <click> on the picture for a larger and clearer view.

New Years Day 2014 ended up as a great way to start the year. Some of the wee men – 28mm figures that is in case of any confusion – came out to play Too Fat Lardies Napoleonic / black powder era skirmish game Sharp Practice. Rhys and von Peter himself have long talked of playing Sharp Practice and New Years Day was the day to finally get it done. The wise heads of Rhys (French) and von Peter himself (Bavarian) were tasked with saving Europe from the tyranny of the brash younger generation – Daniel (Waterloo allies) and The son & heir (Prussian).

For von Peter himself there is some hope that the figures he uses for his larger battle games can be utilised in a different game setting with the Sharp Practice rules. Not only does Sharp Practice operate at the lower level / skirmish battle but it also allows for a degree of role playing with the ‘Big Men’ – officers and NCOs. If needs be von Peter himself is happy to paint a few single figure ‘Big Men’ for Sharp Practice games.

Two learner games were played over the course of the day with many rules forgotten and others not quite correctly used in the game. But on the plus side some rules were correctly implemented(!) and at least with The son & heir and von Peter himself there is a determination to carry on with the rules. von Peter himself is yet to have a full debrief with Rhys & Daniel but they seemed happy immediately after the gaming activities as they sped away later than their schedule called for. Ooops!  8O)

Sharp Practice

A FAQ has been discovered for Sharp Practice, the rules reviewed and a third game has been set up on the gaming table. The Bavarian – Prussian shoving match is to continue and will feature some Silesian volunteer jager freshly painted by an inspired The son & heir. More on these later.

Sharp Practice 14-01-01 2

Action on the Franco-Bavarian left flank in game 2. The French line infantry in the centre distance between the barn and the wood have managed to advance in that speedy French advance sort of way and have managed to put pile of hurt on an out of sight opposing artillery piece. Vive le emperor! Sadly they have since been stuck unable to move while some wotten wiflemen shoot point blank fire into their flank. Where has that damned Big Man card gone? I bet those cursed English have bought it with their thrice cursed subsidies and removed it from the game deck!!
The green counters denote the shock points on the Frenchmen … and that many is not a healthy sight if you are of the French persuasion.
The Chasseurs a Cheval await their chance to pounce on the flank of the pesky wotten wiflemen. Surely those British have not snaffled their leaders card as well? Their commander is not sure that they can pounce through a light wood … but it is only a light wood.
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The Christmas book arrives

As per a prior Potential Christmas Presents – the first post von Peter himself duly – if a little late – ordered the book  Cröbern 1813 The Battle of the Nations in Miniature. Though it is possible to source the book from Caliver Books von Peter himself decided that getting the book from source was the way to go because …

  • It seemed that the producers of the book would earn more from the sale and
  • it was cheaper!

The book duly landed on the last day of 2013 and has been an easy and eye raising read to date. The creators of the diorama certainly put in a great deal of effort even having to organise a home for it and other dioramas.

Cröbern 1813 The Battle of the Nations in Miniature

La Bricole painting challenge

That friendly Napoleonic focussed La Bricole forum is having another of it’s painting challenges. Officially it is titled

Deploy Skirmishers – La Bricole Winter Painting Challenge, 2014

which just goes to show how confused some people are. von Peter himself could have sworn that it was summer … at least in the Southern Hemisphere!!  8O)

Prizes are offered and they are tres magnifique! The unremitting glory and undying accolades of your peers. In truth the idea of the La Bricole painting challenge is to generate and spur on painting amongst the forums members.

This time around the theme is light troops, be they cavalry or infantry. For further details check the rules and regulations. So get your paint brushes out or at the very least check out the la Bricole forum.

Deploy Skirmishers


And as it is now 2014 it gives von Peter himself great pleasure to wish everyone a Happy New Year. May it be pleasurable, prosperous and prolific on the hobby front.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

2 thoughts on “It’s 2014 – battles and a painting competition

  1. Happy New Year Peter and thanks for all the posts and support this year. The Croeburn book is spectatcular and one of my favourite acquistions of the lasy year and a great Chrissie present. Sharpe Practice is something I have been looking at as well so will keep a keen eye on your progress.

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