The Family takes a surprising pre Christmas week off

Timeline begins …

Friday 23 November 2013. Morning.

The Son & heir sits his last exam for the year. A three hour Biology exam as if anyone cares! He now prepares himself mentally for a week alone at home looking after the dog and house while his selfish self centred parents have a week of luxury on the Sunshine Coast of Australia’s Queensland. This has been known about for quite some time and it’s not the first time those b*st*rds have deserted him while they enjoy themselves. Never mind. Some cunning plans have been hatched with several friends to make the week a little less tiresome.

Friday 23 November 2013. Evening

The son & heir is digesting his meal while amusing himself on his Apple lap top – note that the parents can’t have been too self centred all of the time! – in front of the television. The parents appear with a bag and tell him he needs to pack it with eight days worth of clothing and that perhaps he wants to get to bed shortly as he needs to get up at 3am to catch the plane! The son & heir sits there with a stunned expression on his face, whimpers weakly that he has plans for the week and protests that he doesn’t know what’s true and what isn’t anymore. A little more sitting and a little more stunned expression before the trek to the bedroom is undertaken and the bag duly filled.

Fraulien von Peter herself and von Peter himself are thrilled with the result and cannot believe that the secret of the trip to Oz has been successfully maintained. Many months earlier the trip for three had been planned and booked and despite practically everyone in The families circle of friends knowing of the prank The son & heir was oblivious to the subterfuge until the very end.

… End timeline

Some would say that such tricks are cruel and inhumane. That may be true but the look on the face when it was told that it was going on the trip was priceless. And after all is it not the duty of all conscientious parents to prepare their progeny for all those nasty surprises that will undoubtedly wrong foot them in later life?

Croc gets Simon

Oh dear – all that successful scheming is undone as a monster Salt Water Crocodile gets some rather large chompers around The son and heir at Australia Zoo. On the bright side von Peter himself will get to have two airline meals on the way home.

It is not in the schemes of von Peter himself to bore anyone by reporting on the week in Oz. Suffice it to know that the week was a success. And besides there were no wargaming activities, sites or stories to report.

And now for a little wargaming related news …

GMB Designs Christmas Offer

Grahame Black of GMB Designs has released his annual – well it feels likes it’s annual -Christmas Offer …

On all orders received up to December 31st.

Order ten packs and add one free pack . ( 11 )
Order Fifteen packs and add two free packs . ( 17 )
Order twenty packs – and choose a further three free packs . ( 23 )


Not a particularly wargaming heavy post but prepare yourselves for yet another post in a few days time with some newly painted medievals from The son & heir, the arrival of an early Christmas present for von Peter himself and other snippets to astound and amaze.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

5 thoughts on “The Family takes a surprising pre Christmas week off

  1. Very nice Peter – need these young ones on their toes you know! Glad you enjoyed your holiday and hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, Peter. What a great Christmas present. Triggers memories of a trip down under to Noosa where the pelicans perched on the lamp posts (always a good idea to keep looking up), where the local chippie’s chalk board sign proclaimed “the best bloody chips in town!’, kangaroos on the golf courses and seeing the late, great Steve Irwin in action at Australia Zoo. Also triggers the memory of springing our own surprise on our daughters – we were at Dover (‘oh no, not another castle’) and they thought they were in a queue for a multi-storey car park (car theft in these places – wrong on so many levels) until told it was a queue for the ferry to go to Disneyland Paris. Their joy was a sight that would melt your heart – so much it made my wife cry! Have a good Christmas and all the best for 2014.


    • Hello Davy

      It’s a small world. Even in the big countries/continents like Australia. We were based in Noosaville but I didn’t see any “Davy Henderson was here” grafitti anywhere! They must have painted it all out!! 8O)

      The only Steve Irwin we saw was a statue and a short video clip at the Crocosium at Australia Zoo.

      Happy family surprises all around. Keeps them on their toes.

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

      von Peter himself

      • No grafitti? Then I must congratulate the townsfolk for their thoughtful and imaginative use of flags and bunting on the occasion of your recent State visit, Your vonship (although admittedly, the use of the chalkboard was a bit short sighted on my part!). 😎

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