Potential Christmas Presents – the second

November keeps on rolling remorselessly along and still we are plummeting towards Christmas … and whether we like it or not we apparently live in a material world.

Perhaps the the book Cröbern 1813 The Battle of the Nations in Miniature as unveiled in Potential Christmas Presents – the first is not for you. Or perhaps it does not cost enough and you need more!!

1st Corps Orthodox Church

von Peter himself is a sucker for the spectacular in terrain features. There is a vague awareness that a particular tabletop battlefield can only host so many at once but still there is a yearning for the ownership of those grand statements. Additionally though von Peter himself collects his Napoleonic armies with a focus on that tumultuous and historically significant year of 1813 it does not take a genius – thankfully! – to realise that the collected armies of 1813 vintage also struggled through the immenseness of Russia in 1812. All it would take is to have a little Russian type terrain and a whole new year of gaming would be opened up. Hmmm … makes one ponder.

1st Corps have a slowly growing range of 28mm Eastern European Buildings and it looks like an Eastern European Orthodox Church is soon to join that range. A fairly grand Orthodox church in a rural sort of practical to put on the tabletop sort of way. To be fair the body of the church is very common place but the steeple catches the imagination. At least the steeple catches the imagination of von Peter himself!

Is it just von Peter himself or does it look like there is a plinth like platform area on the roof of the ‘lean to’ part of the church that will perhaps host a cross or something?

1st Corps Orthodox Church

As an aside – grand buildings are so much easier in 15mm. von Peter himself fell heavily for the Scenic Effects 15mm Orthodox Church – see below – the first time he cast his gaze over its image. Sadly Scenic Effects had long since ceased to be and a protracted global search finally uncovered Monday Knight Productions who had the rights to the old Scenic Effects models.

15mm Scenic Effects Orthodox Church

Confession time. The idea of getting ones hands on some Russian terrain is not an entirely new one to von Peter himself. A number of pieces suitable for a little 1812 action have made their way into ‘stock’. Of course they remain stubbornly devoid of any paint but that is not germane to this discussion! Sourced from Hovels von Peter himself has one each of the available buildings from the Eastern European 25 or Russian 25  – take your pick as the website calls the range by both names – range. And yes there is a church in the picture below of the collected so far Russian buildings. But one must understand that the Russians were very keen on their religion and two churches would most certainly not be an overkill in ones collection. Truly.

Hovel's Russian buildings

So number two potential Christmas present to ones self is a Russian Orthodox church.

As usual <click> on the images for a larger and clearer image.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

2 thoughts on “Potential Christmas Presents – the second

  1. Hello Burkhard

    Yes, at an estimated £75.00 it isn’t the cheapest … though a bargain compared to some Grand Manner Prussian Church although I may not be comparing apples with apples.

    Personally I could do without the internal detail but it is what it is.

    It takes me all my time to paint a single figure so I’m not sure I’d live long enough to scratch build my own orthodox church!!

    von Peter himself

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