More pyjamas, a new book and another terrain source

With pyjamas through a whiff on grapeshot

Carlo Pagano has gone absolutely stark raving mad. It must be all that sun and lack of drinking water up the Sudan with his With Pyjamas through the Desert blog. Whatever his reasons might be he has started a second blog With Pyjamas through a whiff of grapeshot! to flaunt his other gaming periods. We are told that …

my first love Napoleonics will certainly feature prominently however Ancients, Renaissance, Modern, fantasy will also appear on a regular basis.

The advice of von Peter himself is to keep an eye on Carlo’s latest foray as much in the way of ‘wargames porn’ is expected to be on view.

Polish Troops in the Service of Napoleon 1797 to 1815

It had been far too long since von Peter himself had given up some of his hard earned cash in exchange for a book related to this wargaming hobby. That state of affairs has now been corrected.

Because it is the desire of von Peter himself to have too many armies of too many figures to ever be useful in a typical day’s gaming of the Napoleonic variety he has long had his eyes on the independent 27th (Polish) Division of General de Division Dombrowski/Dabrowski to bolster the forces of that Corsican chappie. Constituted of four battalions, two uhlan regiments and two batteries around the time of Leipzig 1813 it is purpose made as a small self contained force for the tabletop. To this end Polish troops have started to be squirreled away under the wargaming table as opportunities have presented themselves. At some stage they will make their way up the painting queue to get some colour added to them which is where the book Polish Troops in the Service of Napoleon 1797 to 1815 comes in. Written by George Street and published by Partizan Press – the bookshelf of von Peter himself would be much less congested without Partizan Press’s efforts in a somewhat specialised military publishing field – this book provides organisational and uniform details on the myriad of Polish and Lithuanian legions and units that fought for Napoleon in the time period stated.

Besides the expected organisational and uniform details the 293 page book also musters chapters on Personalities, Polish generals, Orders of Battle, a Glossary of Polish Terms and a Guide to Polish Pronounciation. For those who crave illustrations there are line drawings, photographs of uniform items and plenty of colour illustrations by the likes of Richard Knötel, J. Chelminski, Bob Marion and many others.

A quick looksie later and von Peter himself has an initial impression of lots of detail that may take a bit of reading if all the details are to be extracted. Sometimes a table of uniform details by regiment is a thing of great utility and a few more of these would have been nice. But then again one does learn quite a bit reading the text. If only it would all find a place in the brain from whence it could be reliably retrieved!!  8O)

As a bonus von Peter himself discovered L’Epoque which he strongly suspects is George Street’s site. From here if one selects …

Click here to go to the area about Napoleonic Publications

and then …

Various Napoleonic Article Downloads

one can get at a little W.J.Rawkins seven page booklet on France – Line Dragoon Regiments Trumpeters & Musicians, 1806-14.

Adrians Walls

There’s another terrain maker out there. Adrian’s Walls …

We specialise in the finest quality impact resistant resin buildings, walls, ramparts, battlements and terrain tiles for the Miniature Warfare enthusiast and gamer.  Here at Adrian’s Walls we enable you to purchase all of our items in only one format – PAINTED TO SHOWCASE STANDARD.   We believe that you and your painted figures (and vehicles etc) deserve to be able to game “straight from the box” with exquisitely painted buildings and terrain.  That is why we are proud to claim that our products are … terrain worth fighting over…….

Currently the ranges include …

  • 28mm Dark Age
  • 28mm World War II
  • 28mm Urban/Future/Sci-Fi.

Hopefully some more Horse & Musketty type terrain will join the catalogue. See …

‘Adrian’s Walls’……coming to surround a town near you..?

‘Adrians Walls’ – Now available built and painted…!!!

for some earlier work from Adrian’s Walls that has not made it on to their current catalogue.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

3 thoughts on “More pyjamas, a new book and another terrain source

  1. Thanks for the plug Peter. Always appreciated mate and I am ordering that book tonight! Just in time as I have grabbed a stack of Muraski poles off Nic at Eureka. Cheers

  2. I really hate to see this sort of thing happen. The George Street Polish book that you reviewed above is a total plagarism from the old W J Rawkins book from the 1980s, word for word in places with even the illustrations copied. An updated edition of the Rawkins book (really excellent) has been republished as an e-book last year and is a fraction of the price. The publishers are The History Book Man, ( I think this is the author’s company.
    Just to let you know… as I got caught and it cost me nearly £40.00 for a book that I already had or could have got as an e-book for £4.00.


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