Sad news and visual feasting

4/132 Ligne – 5 companies

A third fusilier company – coincidently the 3rd fusilier company – has reached the 4th battalion of the French 132 Ligne.

The battalion’s mounted officer has decided that he would place himself in the 3rd fusilier company. This is a dashed shame as von Peter himself quite likes the aurore (orange) discs on their shakos that distinguish the 3rd fusilier company. And thanks to that mounted officer there are only two of them. <mutter mutter>

The battalion has also gained a drummer to help them march in step and to stir them along  should they ever find themselves on the attack. For now the drum is being ‘lumped’ along on the drummer’s back so the battalion must make do without the benefit of the drum’s accompaniment.

The battalion just needs the addition of the 2nd fusilier company to be complete but this will need to wait. The 2nd fusilier company will be hosting the battalion’s fanion and the only eagle/fanion bearers available at the time of typing are those that come in the Route March command packs. These all have furled and canvas covered standards cast on the figures and von Peter himself would prefer to use the GMB Designs standards and fanions that he has procured. It is the understanding of von Peter himself that the eagle & fanion bearers that will come in the March-Attack command packs will have the desired ability to host the GMB Designs wee treasures and so the intention is to use these. Considering the number of March-Attack rank and file available von Peter himself is hoping that the March-Attack command packs are not too far away.

So for now von Peter himself will direct his paint brushes at some other target.

The figures are of course from Calpe Miniatures. Don’t forget to click on the picture for a larger and clearer view.

Fare thee well Donald Featherstone

Old news now but still worthy of acknowledgment. That inspirational companion of my youth Donald Featherston died 3 September 2013. Donald may not have been aware of the existence of a youthful von Peter himself on the other side of the world but that youth was well acquainted with most of his books and where they were to be found in the local library.

Being an idle sort of person but also echoing his sentiments von Peter himself does not hesitate to recommend reading Carlo Pagano’s Rainy afternoons at the Midland Library with Donald Featherstone post on his With Pyjamas through the Desert blog. Carlo’s thoughts and experiences mirror those of von Peter himself … apart from the obvious disadvantage Carlo suffered from being domiciled in Australia rather than New Zealand!   8O)

Bruce Weigle’s amazing terrain and games

Not a lot to say on this one as the old adage of a picture being worth a thousand words proves very apt. Take a look at Bruce’s Nice Terrain Tables. Cinematic is probably the right word. What strikes von Peter himself is the eye fooling mixing of scales. Very clever and very effective.

Bruce Weigle's Approaching MagentaVV - The converging French attack on Austrian-held Magenta, June 1859 (Second Italian War of Independence)

One of Bruce Weigle’s amazing games. Picture shamelessly lifted from


von Peter himself has discovered a new Podcast to help while away his time. Revolutions is brought to the world by Mike Duncan who was behind The History of Rome podcast.

With Revolutions Mike intends to look at several revolutions (surprise!!) with several episodes per revolution. The first revolution is the tussle between Charles Stuart and his English Parliament. So far, so good.

von Peter himself gets his fix via iTunes but you can also get it on the web at …


Oh the shame

To von Peter himself it is quite counter intuitive but over the winter months his rate of gaming always slows down. One would think that with the inclement weather indoor activities would be favoured but this does not appear to be the case at Schloss von Peter. Perhaps it would be better if the rate of gaming had fallen a little more …

After their first Impetus game The son & heir and von Peter himself reviewed the rules and discovered that The son & heir  8O)  had made several errors in translating the rules from rule book to table top. So another battle needed to be had.

This time The son & heir lead a band of late medieval / early renaissance unsophisticated western bully boys bristling with knights and pikes supported by some arquebus and crossbows. von Peter himself mustered his Sassanids with lots of cavalry – both heavy and light – and lots of archery. Perhaps in error the elephants stayed in their enclosures, i.e. in a cardboard box! Admittedly there are multiple centuries between these two armies but the Sassanids were perhaps not that different from a contemporary eastern foe for the western thugs.

The son & heir set up the terrain as per the rules and showed his feral cunning by clogging up the table with an impassable river and various areas of forests and broken ground. What better way to negate all that eastern cavalry, especially all those light horse achers? Feral cunning indeed!

von Peter himself grows weary and so he will not go into the details of the battle <cough cough>. Suffice it to say that the Westerners had their way with the Easterners. Darn but those knights are hard. And both commanders are now well aware of the risks of having their supports too close to their front line troops … especially those from the East. Oh, and von Peter himself will be setting the terrain for the next game!

On the plus side von Peter himself can claim to have taught The son & heir everything he knows. Well the good things that he knows that is!!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

6 thoughts on “Sad news and visual feasting

  1. Jolly nice work vPH, one really should claim his self same sculpts from the Pile of Shame where they presently languish and follow your example. Would it be amiss of me to say that SaH is a chip of the ole block and not so very feral, rather more canny/cunning?

    • Hello Dave

      Yes yes and yes you must drag out your French and give them a bit of colour. And then post the results for us all to see.

      Sadly all the canny/cunning The son & heir may have got from my side has been overridden by the feral genes he got from Fraulien von Peter herself! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  2. Hi vP,

    all I can say is, that the French look extremely nice! I am just about to finish two battalions of them in the coming days and it is always nice to see someone else’s take on the same subject when you are working on it!

    The terrain is very nice. I have always used different scales when playing ACW. We always used JR3 in 25mm which virtually requires the use of 15mm buildings, otherwise every barn would have the footprint of a football stadium.

    You and the son and heir should play historical scenarios. That way he would have to put what he learned into action without a godlike influence on the battlefield! 😉

    • Than you Burkhard.

      I agree totally with it being very interesting to see someone else’s take on figures so I look forward to seeing your next two battalions of them .. especially the spattered mud! 8O)

      Regarding the mixed scales we played a few games years ago with 28mm figures and 15mm buildings. It was not jarring when playing though occasionally the cavalry did tower over some of the single storied buildings! It didn’t work so well with some of the close up photos where the difference between the figures and buildings became very pronounced.

      I think that dropping down one ‘scale’ would have worked better so 28mm figures with 20mm buildings rather than the 15mm buildings.

      von Peter himself

      • I think mixing 15mm buildings with 25mm worked in that case, since our forces were either infantry and artillery not cavalry. They other thing is that we used a number two storey buildings, so the minis did not tower over them so much. With the abundance of cavalry during the Napoleonic wars this is more complicated.

        • I certainly agree with the two story buildings working better.

          I had some one story peasant/rural buildings. These were particularly not well suited to the 28mm figures.

          von Peter himself

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