Some French at last … or nearly!

4:132 Ligne - 4 companies

Most blogs and websites that you dear reader visit will reveal a new unit in its entirety as a proud unveiling by its creators. Not one to be constrained by such conventions von Peter himself is shunning normality to present four companies of what will probably end up as the 4/132 Ligne of the French Army from that fateful year 1813.

The battalion as it stands has been painted in company sized lots around other painting projects as the inability of von Peter himself to restrict himself to one project continues. It’s probably just some form of painting focus deficit disorder and nothing major to overly worry about!

Present in the ranks are the two flank companies – the grenadiers with their red distinctions and the voltigeurs sporting their fancy yellow and green distinctions – and two of the four fusilier companies – the first with their green discs atop their shakos and the fourth sporting violet discs. Still marching to the front are the second company with light blue discs and the third with aurore (orange) discs.

A little inside gossip. The fourth company actually started life as the second fusilier company. They were based as you see them here but were all transferred care of a quick repaint of the company disc once it was discovered that the standard bearer of the battalion would be positioned in the second company. And the company was rather obviously devoid of a standard bearer.

If this battalion is to be the fourth – or any apart from the first – of the regiment then the centre of the discs should most probably be white. This is under consideration and it just may be that the 132 Ligne will not follow the letter of the regulations. Regulations were hardly sacrosanct in the French army after all.

For the historically minded the 132 Ligne were part of the 1st Brigade of General de Brigade Devaux … which was in turn part of the 32nd Division commanded by General de Division Durutte … which was subordinate to the VII Corps of General de Division Reynier. The VII Corps also contained the Saxons which von Peter himself has started collecting in his painfully slow methodical way which explains the selection of these French formations by von Peter himself.

The figures are sourced from various packs of the Calpe Miniatures Route March French and were a joy to paint and are a joy to own. So says the self confessed Calpe zealot.

4:132 Ligne - 4 companies back

More fusilier companies to come … at some stage. And maybe even a French regimental command stand.

Don’t forget to click on the pictures to see a clearer and enlarged image.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

12 thoughts on “Some French at last … or nearly!

  1. Very nice,
    Marching off to another battle reduced in size by casualties 😉

    I’m sure they will be up to full strength again soon!

    • Thank you Paul. We’ll see how long it takes to recruit the battalion back to full strength!

      Another company has been stuck on the painting bottles and undercoated. Recruits are on the way. It’s a long march from France to Saxony though … and there are cossacks and various freicorps to negotiate as well! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  2. Very much impressed, Peter! Trust that the other 2 companies have their march orders and will soon be on parade?


    • Thanks Davy.

      Well one additional company has made it to the painting stage!

      The last company will probably have to wait for the March-Attack French command packs to be released. The Route March ones are all sculpted with the flags wrapped up in their cloth/canvass covers and I already have the GMB Design flags I want my Frenchmen to march under.

      von Peter himself

  3. Lookin Good!
    But turn that TV off at nite and get a move on will ya…….8 more Austrian Units fronting up for Tuesdays game…..and Alan probably have some more bloody nutter Prussians as well………not sure I can keep killin enough off without reinforcements!


    • Ah Terry my good man. I thought I had explained that as soon as the battalion is completed my Prussians, Russians and Austrians are going to march it into captivity!! 8O))

      von Peter himself

    • Why hello Ralph. Well met. Thanks for the kind comments.

      The reality of why these took so long is probably down to a dose of idleness, a pinch of distraction … and a dollop of senility! 8O)

      von Peter himself

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