Calpe March-Attack French, the first installment

The arrival of a much longed and looked for birthday present is always a thing of much joy. And so it was when von Peter himself took delivery of the latest package from Calpe Miniatures with feverish anticipation and to be honest a little drooling. Dismemberment of the package revealed one each of seven new packs of March-Attack French …

  • three packs of six centre company figures. Two of these packs are visible on the Calpe website … which means that one has not yet been publicised there for the less perceptive readers! von Peter himself assumes that they are described as ‘centre company figures’ because they can represent either the fusiliers in the line battalions or the chasseurs in the light battalions.
  • two packs of four voltigeurs that are not yet on the Calpe website.
  • two packs of four grenadiers/carabiniers that are likewise not to be seen on the Calpe website at the time of typing.

von Peter himself has a suspicion that in the fullness of time the March-Attack figures will be more popular than the Route March ones as they portray a more action/battle orientated posture. Perhaps Mr Calpe thinks similarly as already the March-Attack pose has a variation of figure not available in the Route March packs. More of that in the next post perhaps. <cue deep evil overlord laughter or giggling school girl noises depending on what is available on file!!> 

von Peter himself is most happy that the March-Attack packs have now joined the existing Route March packs. Because the French infantry lacked somewhat in differentiation regiment by regiment von Peter himself has hatched the cunning plan of utilising the two poses to distinguish the various line infantry regiments of his French. And of course being a bonafide self confessed Calpe zealot when is it ever a bad thing to see new Calpe figures becoming available?  8O)

As with the Route March figures all of these packs have their inhabitants wearing their greatcoats, a variety of leg wear and are carrying quite a variety of gear. They are very much kitted up for campaign.

This post will illustrate three of the seven new packs. The remaining four will follow shortly.

As usual the figures arrived in zip lock bags upon which their product code was written. Those codes and descriptions headlining the photos below followed by a “(?)” are those that von Peter himself has made up the description based on the figures. The code itself is correct.

Normally von Peter himself washes the unpainted figures he displays on the ‘net with Games Workshop’s Badab Black to expose more of the figures detail. As at least some of you will know GW have recently’ish had one of their periodic rehashes of their paint range. The paints have been renamed and in some cases their colours have changed slightly. Gits! von Peter himself uses GW paints for some of his paints despite their cost as they have the benefit of being available locally. Apparently one of the joys of the  rehashed GW washes is that they are glossy, whereas they used to have an extremely useful matt finish. Did von Peter himself mention the ‘git’ word? Now von Peter himself does not use washes a lot but he does sometimes use them. Being of a parsimonious nature von Peter himself thought that he would extend the life of his existing washes by not using them on the figures being photographed for this post. Instead he watered down some black paint and slopped it on … and it looked ok while the watered down paint was wet. Sadly the result was not so great after the paint had dried. Most of the pooling was gone to be replaced by an even light black/grey covering most of the figures. Much of the fine detail on the uncovered shakos etc is therefore not shown to best effect. Damn you GW – it’s all your fault! Perhaps some of the precious remaining stocks of Badab Black will need to be spent on the remaining four packs.

Aside from the abortive home made wash the pictures are of the figures as received except that casting runners have been removed from the end of bayonets and bases by the simple expedient of twisting them off.

The pictures below show a front view of the figures followed by a back view. To make things easier for the readership von Peter himself did not just turn the piece of wood upon which the figures stood around to take another photograph as this would swap the individual figures position from the left to the right and vice-versa. As a public service – and knowing the intellectual limitations under which some of the readership struggle!! – von Peter himself went to the extra effort of moving the figures around so that the front and back photographs show the same figures left to right.

What is not obvious from the photos is that there is variety in the various figures backwards-forwards posture and likewise with the position at which they hold their muskets. This all adds to the sense of variety and movement of the figures when massed together.

F22 Six centre company figures in march-attack poses

F22 Six centre company figures in march-attack poses - front

F22 Six centre company figures in march-attack poses - back

Six unique greatcoated fusiliers or chasseurs with uncovered shakos. Their greatcoats are buttoned up at the back to ease the march.

F23 Four voltigeur figures in march-attack poses front (?)

F23 Four voltigeur figures in march-attack poses - front

F23 Four voltigeur figures in march-attack poses - back

Four voltigeur figures for your line or light battalions with uncovered shakos and buttoned up greatcoats.

F24 Four grenadier/carabinier figures in march-attack poses (?)

F24 Four grenadier figures in march-attack poses - front

F24 Four grenadier figures in march-attack poses - back

Four grenadiers for your line battalions or four carabiniers for your light battalions. Again these figures have uncovered shakos and buttoned up greatcoats.

Don’t forget that you can click on the photos to see them enlarged … potentially much larger than the actual figures depending on your screen!

The next post will probably be the four remaining new March-Attack packs. Two six figure packs for the centre companies and one each for the voltigeurs an grenadiers/carabiniers.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

7 thoughts on “Calpe March-Attack French, the first installment

    • Hello John

      Yes, very nice figures indeed … and I’m only a little bit biased!! 8O)

      The remaining four packs will hopefully be on display in a day or three.

      von Peter himself

  1. Thanks your von Ship for what I’m sure will be another useful review for many. However this time I’ve already made my mind up as I’ve already painted up my first unit of these Chaps – I ordered before the flank coys were available so painted them up as one of the National Garde Cohorts without Grenadiers or Voltigeurs – they will be useful for my forthcoming Leipzig game…
    Personally I found these figures a joy, wonderful sculpting and animated poses, and easy to paint…

    • Ah Sir Sparkles. Nice to hear from you. Of course you were always a man of impeccable taste. You should post a picture of your National Garde Cohort.

      Well you now know that you can get four packs of flank companies and another option for the centre companies. More pictures in a day or so when I get it all together.

      You can probably guess what the yet to be revealed two remaining packs of flank companies are composed of but perhaps the third centre company pack has you scratching your head … unless you know already of course.

      von Peter himself

      • Yes they have already, most unhistorically, seen action at our recent Vitoria game, but I neglected to take close ups! No I have no idea what the third pack will contain?

    • Hello Monsieur Rosbif

      Yes, they are very nice IMHO.

      And yes, it’s a fair cop! I really should get to applying paint to figures at a more strenuous rate. In my own defence I submit that scattered amongst other painting projects I have managed to paint half of a Calpe French Route March battalion. 8O)

      von Peter himself

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