What did the Rebel Yell sound like?

The son & heirs Confederate Brigade

We’ve all heard the term “Rebel Yell” – or at least von Peter himself knows he has. And no doubt we all have our own version in our minds ear of what that “Rebel Yell” sounded like – or at least von Peter himself knows he did! Well now thanks to a recording made in the 1930s of some surviving Reb’s you can now hear the “Rebel Yell” for real.

So prepare yourself, take a deep breath and transmit yourself quite a few decades back in time thanks to the black magic that is the internet by clicking on The Rebel Yell.

HEALTH WARNING: it’s probably best to leave any Union apparel or pro Union comments at home for this particular journey!  8O)

The heading picture portrays The son & heir’s Confederate brigade defending the outskirts of a town. The 57th Virginian in the centre next to the battery have had enough of all this standing around shooting and have just commenced am impetuous charge forwards … while emitting their blood curdling Rebel Yell of course!! The 9th Virginia also on the front line are still keeping up a hot fire while the 38th Virginia stand in reserve.

All figures from Perry Miniatures, flags from GMB Designs, brushwork & basing by The son & heir.

For an enlarged view don’t forget to click on the image.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

6 thoughts on “What did the Rebel Yell sound like?

    • Hi Carlo

      The sound wasn’t what I’d expected. It was interesting how some of the gentlemen could reach the high notes and so brought it down a key or two.

      von Peter himself

    • Hello Davy

      An amusing vision. Not that I’d like to be under a hail of false teeth at under 100 yards!!

      Now I have visions of complete sets of false teeth chomping their way towards the Union lines and biting the brave boys in blue! I put it all down to watching too many cartoons. 8O)

      von Peter himself

  1. Thanks your vonship. No not what I was expecting either – more of a Yee Hah is what I have read about…But its good to see the old boys were made a fuss of!

    • Hello Ralph. Well met Sir!

      Agreed. It was nice to see them old boys being celebrated.

      There was an old woman near the beginning encouraging them gents to ‘Charge!’. A fearsome provocateur one suspects!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

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