An illustrated comparison of Napoleonic Russians – Front Rank vs. Foundry

In the immediately prior post Somewhere in Saxony, 1813 – Russians under review von Peter himself puffed out his chest and proudly displayed his Napoleonic Russians for the world to see. The world was – of course! – not satisfied and the comment was received from Burkhard of dhcwargamesblog notoriety…

Do you have some close ups of the mixed Foundry / Front Rank standard bearer bases. I am already thinking about adding some Front Rank to the Foundry / Perry / Warlord lead and plastic pile!

Sure can. In fact in a fit of excessive – and highly unusual – generosity von Peter himself undertook to show several comparison photographs of Front Rank vs. Foundry Napoleonic Russian figures. You never know – they may be useful to someone.  8O)

Firstly a little bit of history – at least as von Peter himself sees it. A Perry twin or two sculpted the Foundry Napoleonic Russians. The Russians were the last range – or at least the last Napoleonic range – that was sculpted for Foundry by Perry hands. Somewhere during the time that the Perry(s?) were sculpting the Foundry Napoleonic ranges Foundry moved from producing 25mm figures to 28mm figures. As a result the earlier released Foundry Napoleonic Austrians, Bavarians & French are noticeably smaller than the later released Russians. As such the Foundry Napoleonic Russians are a fairly good match with the Front Rank Russians but this is not the case – at least in the opinion of von Peter himself – with the two companies Austrians, Bavarians and French.

And just to confuse the issue the proceeding applies to the Infantry figures only. The Foundry mounted figures are noticeably smaller than their Front Rank equivalents. It would be interesting to know if the Foundry Mounted Russians are the same size as their mounted Austrians, Bavarians and French.

Anyway on with whole point of this post – a few illustrative pictures of Foundry vs. Front  Rank Russian Napoleonic figures …

Grenadiers front

Grenadiers rearAbove are two photographs of two bases of Russian grenadiers. In both photos the base on the left contains Foundry figures and that on the right has Front Rank figures.

Standard bearers front

Standard bearers rearThe above two photos attempt to show a comparison between Foundry and Front Rank standard bearers. The problem is getting a good look at the standard bearers who are hiding under flags and behind their protective companions!

Foundry actually have quite a selection of standard bearers whereas the choice from Front Rank is much more limited. The catch is that you need to buy a complete command pack to get often only one standard bearer from Foundry. Front Rank standard bearers can be purchased singly … as can all their figures.

The Front Rank standard bearer is has the honour of holding the white flag. All the other figures are Foundry products.

Mounted front

Mounted rear

And the final two pictures are mainly to illustrate to the readership the size discrepancy between the Front Rank & Foundry mounted figures. This discrepancy holds true for the (mounted!) cavalry figures.

von Peter himself must admit to being a little surprised at the difference in size between the two companies infantry models as seen in these photographs. He has not noted such a difference on the table top.

This has been a public service announcement proudly brought to you by von Peter himself.

And finally apologies to Burkhard. von Peter himself is quite sure that Bukhard did not mean for a whole post to be given over to his simple petition. Consider it an early birthday AND Christmas present Burkhard.  8O)

Secondly apologies for the delayed response for which von Peter himself will happily share the blame with Mother Nature and a little bit of a storm she threw at the Wellington Region of New Zealand. Although Schloss von Peter and associated estate came through unscathed the surrounding area was a bit of a bomb site with many large trees either broken or uprooted … and many of them falling through the power lines. Damnation!  Schloss von Peter was without electricity from the night of Thursday the 20th June through to the late afternoon of the following Tuesday. Thankfully the wood fire was especially selected because it can be cooked upon and our water is gravity fed so no need for pumps that need electricity to work. Still being without power gets real tedious real quick.

And a third apology to all. Choosing to photograph the figures in front of the very light coloured church was a typically sub optimum von Peter himself command choice as it played havoc with the lighting and photography. At least that’s what von Peter himself thinks happened!!  8O))

Oh, and as ever click on any photograph to see an enlarged version.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

10 thoughts on “An illustrated comparison of Napoleonic Russians – Front Rank vs. Foundry

  1. Nice photos Peter, but as a comparison exercise I am not sure how helpful they are. Maybe it would have been a little better to aim the camera at level or slightly oblique upwards rather then oblique downwards. You get a good sense of their bulk from your photos but not of their height. Just a thought.


    • Hi John

      You are probably correct. A photo with camera at the level of the figures would have been a good idea. I’m not sure of the benefits of having the camera angled upwards though.

      In my defence I would say that the angle of my photos is more akin to how the figures would be viewed during a game! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  2. Thanks a lot again von Peter.

    I recall your earlier older and in my opinion really fantastic previous website with all the troop photographs. The Russian infantry sets contained a few with a mixture of Front Rank and Foundry,photographed almost level, which I found very helpful and motivating.

    Another point you raised then was the use of figures in different poses and dress within a unit using these companies creating more variety. I just build the Foundry bases up a little bit and any bulk difference is hardly noticeable.

    Thanks again for the post, Bargratian

    • Thank you for the kind words Bargratian.

      I still plan to recreate the old site … at some stage!

      BTW the only mixing of Foundry and Front Rank I have undertaken is with a standard bearer here and a mounted or dismounted officer there. With the Front Rank battalions I have used differing poses and especially the different dress regulations – full dress, covered shakos, fatigue caps, greatcoats etc – to add variety to a unit.

      von Peter himself

  3. Thanks vP.

    I think the photos give enough of a comparison since we get a front and a rear view of each… that helps extrapolate the height.

    And sorry for causing so much trouble. I will gladly accept this as my birthday and Christmas present. As a side note… I have a cunning plan that might turn into a gift for you later this year if it come to fruition, but I think you will have to live with the suspense until then! 😉

    Thanks again!

    • You are more than welcome Burkhard.

      I hope you did get something from the photos. John had a valid point with a photo or two at figure level.

      Ooh – a gift to come all wrapped up in suspense. Excellent! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  4. Interesting post, Pete. So, to get this right, at some point Foundry changed from 25mm to 28mm and the Foundry Russians are bigger than the other Foundry nations. Yet, Front Rank are still bigger than the 28mm Foundry figs … (also note that having more metal, Front Rank are slightly cheaper too) … so makes me wonder what size are Front Rank? 30mm? (In which case, are we up with Calpe?) The world of the ’28mm’ wargamer ain’t easy.


    • Not easy at all Davy. Would it be worth it if it were easy though?! 8O)

      As far as I’ve seen the worlds of 10, 15, 18 and 20mm aint any easier. Even the most highly (and deservedly) praised 18mm AB Figures have grown noticeably over the years. Their poor French Cuirassiers quake in terror and shame when they see some of the Johnny come lately light cavalry, eg. Bavarian Chevaulegers, who tower over them.

      von Peter himself

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