How to truly guard your game

HMNZS Pegasus 1

von Peter himself had cause to visit Christchurch – yes, THAT Christchurch of recent earthquake fame – on the business of his employer. While there he poked his nose into a hall attached to the shore facility HMNZS Pegasus and was amazed at the hardware that was mounted in that same hall. From memory there was …

  • a four inch naval gun
  • a (presumably ex Navy) 40mm gun
  • a (presumably ex Navy) 20mm gun

von Peter himself feels quietly confident that the readership will be able to sort out which is which all by themselves!  8O)

What a venue for gaming … especially WWII naval gaming.

And for the record … PEGASUS is named after Pegasus Bay on the east coast of Canterbury province. The ship’s badge was transferred from a former ship of the same name in the Royal Navy. That ship has battle honours stretching from St Vincent in 1780 to the Battle of the Atlantic in 1941.

HMNZS Pegasus crest

HMNZS Pegasus external

HMNZS Pegasus 2

It’s been well over a month since the last post so this is well over due. The plan was that this post would be showing off some Napoleonic Frenchmen in their greatcoated glory but they have been rather lax in mustering. A single colour is about all they can manage in a evenings mustering which is hardly a pas de charge painting rate. And one might think that there is not much to paint on a greatcoated Frenchman, but think again. There’s still quite a bit there.

So the Frenchmen were turning into a little bit of a disappointment as far as generating a post. What next? A cunning plan was required. So out came the Russians and a flurry of feverish activity saw the leaders and infantry being upgraded as required to the current von Peter himself patented basing standard. This mostly involved …

  • a quick dusting – being able to leave your figures on the table for as long as you want does come at a cost!
  • the application of tufts
  • the application of the occasional flowering plant – best not to overdo this lest all pretence at manliness is lost!

This was followed up by a clearing off of the gaming table which had accumulated lots of gaming detritus mainly as the result of re-oiling the wooden floorboards elsewhere in Schloss von Peter … which had meant the dislocation of the aforementioned gaming detritus onto the aforementioned table.

So now the way is clear for that cunning plan alluded to earlier. There is to be a grand parade of the Russian 24th Division of Generalmajor Vuich – or at least that portion of the division currently mustered – and some supporting cavalry. Photographic evidence will be accumulated and revealed in/on this blog in the hopefully not too distant future.

The Russians are well placed for this sort of group flaunting as all the required generals are on hand to lead their brigades. von Peter himself really needs to sort out this aspect with his Prussians.

Oh and apologies for the pictures of the naval ordnance at the head of this post. They were taken with von Peter’s trusty and much beloved iPod Touch.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

4 thoughts on “How to truly guard your game

  1. I’ll bet basketball games are quite a challenge in that sports hall!

    I do enjoy your blog by the way!

  2. I guess the chances of live fire are fairly limited with the weapons given the range available.

    I remember that hall very well, it was where I went to join up for the navy, of course the ordnance was not there then, just a bunch of snotty nosed recruits of which I was one.
    One thing I have been very suspicious about during my medical examination was the walking on tip toes naked in front of a couple of supposed medico’s, good god these days pedophiles would pay a fortune for such a walk past of innocent shave tails.

    But very nice to see the hall after all these years Pete, thanks for the memories.

    • Glad to have been of service Baztanz on the memory front. The hall still hosts snotty nosed potential recruits trying to prove their fitness levels for entry to the services.

      I trust that the tip toes naked thing wasn’t done on a cold Christchurch winters morning!!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

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