A temporary ‘little low’

von Peter himself has suffered an inspired period of gaming productivity since his last post. Hmmm, not a good start as it is not really that true. If only it were. One should at least aim for a modicum of truthfulness if one has pretensions of being an international blogger. Bad bad von Peter!!  Let’s start over shall we?  8O)

Lights … camera … take 2 … ACTION …

The three weeks since the last post have not been that productive and in truth the wargaming juices have been at a somewhat low ebb for von Peter himself. If pressed for a reason he would probably shrug his shoulders and mutter indiscernible mutterings under his breath. Perhaps the thought of the incoming winter is to blame though its usual precursors have been very slow to make their appearance this year. As a related event New Zealand Daylight Saving Time came to an end which is always a little disruptive. Winter really is on its way even if we have got no where near to lighting the fire yet. There’s always the dog to blame as well!  8O)

ECW Covenanter infantry commander2

The time has not been a total waste though. A further two English Civil War Covenanter command bases have been welcomed into the rebased Covenanter Armee – one for the infantry (above) and the other for the cavalry (below). von Peter himself got a little excited when completing the basing on these and broke open his pack of yellow flowers. Such wild exuberance!

Unfortunately the lighting is not that great for the dismounted figure on the infantry command stand. In reality his facial complexion matches that of the mounted figure. Honest.

The understanding of von Peter himself is that most of his purchased ECW Covenanter army are Foundry Miniatures figures … but not all. The figures on the cavalry command stand do not look that Foundry’ish to von Peter himself.

ECW Covenanter cavalry commander1

Four Calpe Miniatures French voltigeurs are slowly plodding onward as well. Four doesn’t sound like many – mostly because it’s not – but they do constitute both a stand and a company for von Peter’s French. The guilty secret is that every now and then von Peter himself sneeks a company of French into the painting queue as a breath of fresh air. This is the third occasion and half a battalion of Route March French will have been completed on the sly when this stand is done.

This meagre output is positively stellar however when compared to The son & heir’s though <snigger snigger>. Of course he has been busy with schooling … and the XBox and Facebook <gag> … but it is nearly the end of term and some inducement/bribe may need to be forthcoming to get him to finish his Italianised version of Martin Kelly’s Befreiungskriege 1813-14 Limited Edition Figures over the school holiday.

And there was a game at Terry’s. A five player Black Powder game which was notable in that one side was completely manned by Austrians – a first for von Peter himself in a game this large. The son & heir concurrently savoured the highs and lows as the defender of a two section village. A Bavarian light battalion held out turn after turn despite growing odds whereas a Bavarian line battalion gave it away at the first opportunity. A double ‘1’ followed by another double ‘1’ will do that I guess. His big regret however was that he had kept the beloved Saxon battalions of von Peter himself in reserve and didn’t manage to get them mangled! There’s gratitude for you!!

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy spotted in New Zealand – the verdict

As a follow up to the last post von Peter himself is happy to report that he very much enjoyed reading the issue of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy (WS&S) that he spotted in a local purveyor of magazines. At this point in time – because in von Peter’s experience these things have a tendency to change over time – von Peter himself would rate this as his preferred read over Wargames Illustrated, the old/current Miniature Wargames and the old/current Battlegames.

‘Old/current’ is used above because Miniature Wargames is about to be revamped and merged with Battlegames to become ‘Miniature Wargames with Battlegames’ complete with a revamped look under the editorialship of Henry Hyde of Battlegames fame. Where this merged and revised entity will sit in the von Peter himself magazine hierarchy remains to be seen but the first issue is on order from Caliver Books.

For now von Peter himself has confirmed that WS&S is available as a regular release down here in NZ so he will be hunting it down on a regular basis.

Don’t forget to click on the images for larger and much improved versions of the image.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

10 thoughts on “A temporary ‘little low’

  1. Good to see you back in the blogosphere. I thought you’d been traumatised by your encounter with the sheep!

    Lovely covenanters and I look forward to your Calpe French and the son and heir’s Italians.

    • Thanks Rosbif.

      And make no mistake I was traumatised by the evil sheep. My mind keeps replaying the hoofed stomp on the box of unpainted Russians which destroyed the box but seemingly not the store of Russians within. Perhaps it was an Orthodox sheep?! 8O)

      von Peter himself

    • Hello Dave. Nice to make your acquaintance.

      One of the (yellow) Flowers of Scotland that made the journey to New Zealand was gorse. I gather it is easily controlled in Scotland but it really likes NZ and grows rampantly. One of many introduced pest plants.

      Lovely yellow flowers though. 8O))

      von Peter himself

      • .. and not only pest plants but introduced pest animals too (aka one rogue sheep)! Their flowers are now out, here in Scotland. Plant is quite spiky too – as I found out when retrieving my golf ball on Tuesday! Nice to make your acquaintance too, Peter. Long time fan of your website and (now) blog.


        • Thank you for the kind words Davy.

          Ah yes THAT evil misguided possessed sheep! And the gorse. I cut one plant down that was growing under some pines and native bush and was obviously several years old. It provided quite a bit of firewood … and to its credit burnt quite well!! 8O)

          von Peter himself

  2. Hi Peter
    Glad to make contact again – I missed the downing of the old site last year as I was moving. Now in Delhi. The collection made it and I am doing the repairs following the three months it spent at sea, or by road in Nigeria and upp from Mumbai. So should you and the family be passing be assured there is a game awaiting you.

    • Howdies Graham

      It’s great to hear from you again.

      I still carry a grudge against Apple for ceasing to host my old site. One day I’ll get off my butt a resurrect the sight anew.

      Hopefully not too much repairing required on the collection.

      Thanks for the offer of the game. And of course should you desire some gaming in cooler climes then don’t forget us down here in New Zealand.

      von Peter himself

      • Had intended to be back to do some sailing out of Auckland with the rellies, but 2013 saw a daughter married off, and that rather consumed our travelling funds. Next year!

        • Ah for a life on the ocean waves.

          The son & heir is an ongoing and outrageous drag on our fiscal position too … and he’s threatening to not leave home until he is 46! Something about on site laundry services, kitchen services etc etc. Sometimes I think he is too cunning for his, and my, own good!!

          It will be next year before we know it.

          von Peter himself

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