New Calpe website … and a bl**dy sheep runs amok!

Calpe website

von Peter himself has been wringing his hands awaiting the arrival of the new Calpe Miniatures website and now it’s here. Well it has been here for a few weeks now but the wheels turn slowly at von Peter’s command post at times. Same address as before …

… but now presented as a brand new modern website. But be warned it is still fairly new and is still being polished and not all products are loaded yet. A few points …

  • There is a shopping basket facility available for ordering directly from the site.
  • Not all of the current figures will make it to the new site. The older figures are now known as Calpe Veterans and a link is provided to what is basically the old Calpe website for access to these.
  • A news facility is available so keep an eye on this area for Calpe news (as well as Martin Kelly’s Befreiungskriege 1813-14 blog). News posted to date includes …
    • News on new French march attack figures and artillery.
    • The new Prussian march attack musketeers are on their way.
    • The current Saxons are to be pulled and replaced around the end of March.
    • A price increase due to the increased price of metal. Figures will be £1.15 and horses £1.70.
  • A Guides & Research area is available. Calpe have always been well regarded for the uniform and organisation research they make available. Currently information is provided for the Saxon and French figures that Calpe supplies. I’m not sure where all the information on the Prussians will be placed – presumably in this section. At the moment it can still be got at via the relevant range pages from the Calpe Veterans link/pages.
  • A new discount scheme has been revealed as per the graphic below.

Calpe discounts

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy spotted in New Zealand

von Peter himself was due to meet Terry & Roly for lunch and was looking forward to a good dose of hobby chat. The problem was that he was early. What to do? Perusing a magazine shop was chosen as part of the solution. What a surprise for von Peter himself to see issue 64 of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy (WS&S) staring back at him from the shelves. Not that there is anything special about issue 64 as such. It’s just that von Peter himself was not aware that WS&S was available in New Zealand shops. The owner of the shop was not present but his stand-in was fairly sure that this was not the first issue of the magazine that they had stocked. Interesting. I purchased their last/only copy. Sorry Roly!  8O)

A quick look in another magazine shop revealed two further copies of the same magazine. So perhaps it is true that WS&S is now stocked in New Zealand by at least some of the high street magazine outlets. And at a reasonable price too. This is a discovery of a most surprising and excellent nature. von Peter himself will be keeping his eyes open for any more issues.


Bl**dy sheep runs amok – collection in peril! A horror story!!!

So there was von Peter himself working with some shingle down the drive. Suddenly the sounds of rapidly moving beasts are to be heard and von Peter himself turns around to see one of the neighbour’s trespassing sheep being herded down the drive by our pet canine Laelaps who is happily loping along after it. Before von Peter himself could bring the situation under control – via the issuing of some rather colourful and creative language – the pair had disappeared up the drive, up the steps and vanished into the courtyard abutting Schloss von Peter.

Although not personally witnessing the next few seconds von Peter himself can recount second hand how the dog chased the sheep for a complete loop of the house; and how it is still a mystery that Fraulien von Peter herself was not dethroned from the ladder up on which she was situated; and how The son & heir who was working on some art for school to the LOUD sounds of what he would term music could not make out that Fraulien von Peter herself was banging on the window and yelling at him to shut the door into Schloss von Peter.

von Peter himself arrived on the scene just in time to see the sheep disappearing into this very same door. The dog promptly ceased the chase with a distinct look of

‘hmmm, that’s not meant to happen’

promptly followed by the

‘ahhh, nothing to do with me’

look, instantly followed by the

‘I think I’ll make myself a little less prominent’

action. Both Fraulien von Peter herself and The son & heir usefully(!!!) stood aside and looked at von Peter himself. They both wore the

‘One does not have a dog and bark oneself’

look and so it was that von Peter himself was left to bravely enter Schloss von Peter and retrieve the potentially destructive and carnivorous sheep!

The now somewhat disturbed sheep was found cowering in the master bedroom at the far end of Schloss von Peter. It was while gently and humanely persuading the sheep to leave the way it had come that the stupid creature managed to dart into a side room – The Bastion. Fear and alarm instantly coursed through von Peter himself. The Bastion, or gaming room to those not in the know, is packed full of figures, terrain and other treasures. And this stupid sheep looked like it wanted to plough it’s way through everything stored under the gaming table. The potential for destruction of such a manoeuvre defies thought. Then a box of unpainted Napoleonic Russians was trod upon by a sheepish foot. No major damage to the figures as was later ascertained but the box was done for. Paternal protective instincts now fully took over and the sheep was unceremoniously grabbed and dragged out of Schloss von Peter in as discourteous a manner as any sheep shearer would be proud of.

Danger averted. von Peter himself – what a hero!!!   8O)

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

8 thoughts on “New Calpe website … and a bl**dy sheep runs amok!

  1. Flying to Auckland today – I wonder if the magazine shops up there stock WS&S? Shame all the shops are shut today for Good Friday (I would’ve thought it would be a good Friday to read a wargaming magazine).

    • Thanks Mr Sparkles.

      It could have been worse. A while ago a neighbour had hand reared Highland Cattle who were proficient at jumping fences. For a period they went where ever they wanted and being hand reared they were not intimidated by humans at all. This was at a distinct variance to some of the humans who could be quite intimidated by these big muscly horned beasts … especially the bull.

      Now if one of them had got into the house … … …

      von Peter himself

    • Hi Dean

      We should catch up for a drink and a chat!

      Anyway I’m fairly sure 2013 was the idea. I’m wondering if updating the new website has become some sort of issue as it doesn’t seem to have been updated and if nothing else the shop side needs to be completely stocked.

      Keep an eye Martin Kelly’s blog as he should soon be doing his Salute 2013 debrief post including what he has gleaned from Calpe Towers sources at Salute.

      von Peter himself

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