More Russians trudge to the front

von Peter himself proudly presents yet another battalion from his Russian 24th Division circa 1813. This time it is the 3/Oufa Infantry Regiment – well that’s the spelling that von Peter himself is going with from the many versions available – and it heralds the completion of Colonel Zwarikin’s brigade with two battalions each of the Chirvan and Oufa Infantry Regiments.

For the curious von Peter’s version of the Oufa Infantry Regiment carry 1803 Line Infantry Pattern Standards of the Orenburg Inspection.

Front Rank Figurines painted by the Greater Queeg. The standards are by GMB Designs. Figure selection, basing and assorted errors by von Peter himself.

Sadly this is the second time that von Peter himself has completed this battalion. While sitting in the car with The son & heir awaiting the arrival of the good Fraulien von Peter herself the following conversation was had …

von Peter himself: “I finally finished the 3/Oufa battalion last night” <smug look on his face>

The son & heir: “Did you paint the finials on the standard poles?”

von Peter himself: “<Beep>  <Beep> <Beeeeeep>!”

So that night the 3/Oufa Infantry Regiment was completed again. Certainly not as tragic a story as it might have been!  8O))

Above is a picture of a new Russian casualty marker. Last night’s gruel was a bit much for poor Dimitri whose stomach is giving him quite a bit of grief today!

Because we know that Dimitri is from the 24th Division and because of his yellow shoulder straps – which you can’t quite see – and ignoring the standards we can tell that he is a proud member of the Oufa Infantry Regiment. And by his full yellow pompon we can tell that he is from the strelki (light/skirmisher) platoon of the grenadier company from the first battalion.

Just beside and to the rear of Dimitri is the third battalion of the Oufa Regiment – the strelki platoon at the left end of their line have yellow over light blue pompons and the musketeers have light blue with a white centre pompons. Further to the rear is Dimitri’s battalion – the first battalion of the Oufa Infantry Regiment although the strelki’s yellow pompons look a little more orangey due mostly to poor lighting!

Now all this talk of pompon colours – and be thankful that von Peter himself has not also ranted on about grenadier pompons or fatigue cap colourings – has been of the generally accepted version of reality but disturbingly there is word coming out of Russian that perhaps this regime was not adopted until 1817 by the Russian army. See Some notes on Napoleonic Russian uniforms from Burkhard’s dhcwargamesblog. Whatever, the Russians of von Peter himself are too far down the track to now consider changes. The 24th Division was obviously ahead of their time!  8O)

Don’t forget to click on the images for larger and much improved versions of the image.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

4 thoughts on “More Russians trudge to the front

    • Actually new units often don’t hang around long enough to take many/any casualties. Normally the whiff of my generalship is enough to send them fleeing to the rear!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

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