ECW news … covering for some delayed Napoleonic news

Blogs wait for no man or their offspring … or their pet Napoleonic projects which should have been the focus of this post. An interval of around two weeks since the last post had left von Peter himself with a distinct feeling that he should be leaping into unaccustomed action to keep his blog alive. So here goes that leap.

Contrary to the plan not too much Napoleonic this time but for the record the current status of those projects Napoleonic closest to fruition report in as …

  • the standards for the Russian 1/Bourtirki Infantry Regiment have been despatched by GMB Designs but have not as yet arrived at Schloss von Peter. von Peter himself is resolute that he will not under any circumstance be raising these standards until they arrive! So no more pictures of this particular incomplete battalion as yet.
  • the basing of another Russian battalion – the 3/Oufa Infantry Regiment – continues at a somewhat lack lustre pace. The standards for this unit are on hand so cannot be blamed in any way for the non appearance of pictures of this battalion as a complete unit on this blog. Let’s move on quickly shall we.

Note that not good enough for the blog does not equate to not good enough to game with in the privacy of one’s own schloss. Both units have taken their place in the line of battle as vicious internecine warfare threatens between The son & heir and von Peter himself. The rules this time around will be (classic) Piquet using Piquet Inc’s Les Grognards Napoleonic supplement.

  • The son & heir’s Italianisation of Martin Kelly’s Befreiungskriege 1813-14 Limited Edition Figures inches forward with minor updates to the last figure of the group – the newly naturalised Italian drummer. The son & heir blames a return to school for his poor performance and to be fair he has been putting in a startling number of hours on the school work front. It’s enough to make von Peter himself wonder just what has happened to the real The son & heir!

When not progressing his Napoleonic projects von Peter himself has the background task of rebasing his Scottish Covenanters. The Covenanter Commander in Chief stand was presented in the The A & E of Civil Wars post last December. But he will be needing assistance keeping all those burly pikemen, musketeers, cavalry and other less well ordered types in line and pointed in the right direction. This is where the two pictures above come in.

The picture at the top is a likeness of the the first of two cavalry commanders destined to lead the mounted element of the Covenanters. At the present he doesn’t actually have any rebased Covenanter cavalry to lead but the bloke with him is pretty handy with his sword so that’s a start!

The second picture represents the first of the Covenanter infantry commanders. At least he has some rebased infantry to lead so he’s feeling pretty pleased with himself. Life could be worse. He could be a cavalry commander with no cavalry to command!!  8O)

The son & heir has inflicted yet more crimes against good taste by insisting that a not quite right reproduction of the Royal Standard of Scotland – also known as the Lion Rampant of Scotland or the Banner of the King of Scots – be installed on the hallowed walls of The Bastion at Schloss von Peter. Not quite right because the full description of the banner runs to something like …

Red (Gules) lion rampant with blue (Azure) claws and tongue, within a red double border having a motif of alternating heraldic lilies, on a yellow (Or) field

So the tongue and claws should be blue and von Peter himself suspects that there should be more alternating heraldic lilies. But the overall effect is there.

Stuck between a Scottish heraldic flag and the Southern Rebel Dixie the young Napoleon in the picture would probably have a fit … or perhaps not. However if he knew that there are plans afoot to eventually add a Prussian Seven Years War or Napoleonic regimental flag to the mix he would be positively apoplectic!

And as always don’t forget to click the pictures to see larger clearer versions. You’d be mad not to!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

13 thoughts on “ECW news … covering for some delayed Napoleonic news

  1. Real life’s a bugger! It gets in the way of the important stuff, like wargaming :-D!

    Good luck with the rebasing, and keep an eye on that young fella; he might return to normal! 😉

    • Blimey, that was quick Monsieur Rosbif.

      It’s interesting that you are currently working on Italian artillery just as The son & heir is perverting Frenchmen into Italians. Coincidence? Time will tell and we shall see! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  2. Could do with the Frenchie flags in the GMB order…… 2morrows nights Sacile refight all set up and me Froggie flags lookin decidely pinky…is having an effect…bought a lavender tie 2day…….gotta get those replacements hoisted asap to preserve me image!


    • Howdies Terry

      Yes several of us are waiting with baited breath for the GMB Designs order to arrive. Hurry up Mr Postman. I feel a Carpenters song coming on!!! “Wait. Wait a minute Mr Postman … … …”

      Oh, and I’m sure that you will be a picture of masculinity in your new lavender tie!

      von Peter himself

    • Thank you Jason.

      And you’re right. More Prussian paraphernalia required from me … and Saxon … and French … and I should crack the whip for more Russians, Bavarians and some Poles. I sure am fortunate that I have my Napoleonics under control!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

    • Ha, funny. A short moment of glory!

      I’m left wondering where the image came from. I had a similar image on my old Apple hosted site. Makes you wonder … but then I’m probably just getting all puffed up with self importance.

      I have seen images stripped from my sites and magically appearing on other sites, some of them commercial sites. I usually get a laugh out of it but getting credited occasionally would be nice. Not that I consider anything on the web as secure. Even von Peter himself is not that naive!

      von Peter himself

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