Delayed ACW news … covering for some delayed Napoleonic news

Simon's 57th Virginia

Yes, this posting was meant to be the official unveiling of the completely based Napoleonic Russian 3rd battalion of the Oufa Infantry Regiment – flags and all – but von Peter himself rarely has his life under the sort of control that he would like.

The big event in the von Peter’s hobby life – ah what the hell … von Peter’s life – since the last post has been the arrival of the Martin Kelly’s Befreiungskriege 1813-14 Limited Edition Figures. Three sets arrived – one for The son & heir as per his request and two sets for von Peter himself. The cunning plan of von Peter himself is to use one of his sets as the complete vignette with the other set to be broken up and used throughout the army.

Now The son & heir is not one to be tied by convention or to follow the masses and he wasted no time in declaring that his figures would not be Frenchmen. The only question was … “what can I paint them as?”. At least The son & heir had half a plan! Much scurrying through various books and internet sites followed – not by The son & heir mind you but by some other mug. The question was even posed on Martin’s blog and thank you to the respondents there.

In the end Italians were selected as the nation of choice and the infantryman and the two artillery drivers have all been completed with little bother. The drummer though has proved a bit more of a bother. The Italians do not appear to have gone in for all that Imperial livery arm lacing puffery that the French Bardin regulations called for. von Peter himself did however find one illustration of a drummer of the Italian 2nd Line Infantry Regiment with the looked for arm lacing. It’s a bit dubious but it’s enough to give The son & heir some colours to paint the drummer with. The alternative would have been to file the lace off the arms and The son & heir displayed a distinct lack of interest in such a prospect. And miraculously (/disappointingly!) the 2nd Italian Line was the regiment he had selected to model the infantryman of the set on as well as the GMB Design’s flag he had requested.

What selected GMB Designs flag you might ask in astonishment. There’s no standard bearer in the Befreiungskriege 1813-14 Limited Edition Figures set you may perfectly reasonably assert. It seems that having got a four figure vignette painted as Italians The son & heir has realised that he needs some units to support it. So as the order went to GMB Designs for the much needed flags for the 1/Bourtirki Infantry Regiment (see the previous post Standards, my kingdom for some standards) a request for a pack Italian flags was respectfully – he can do it when he wants to – made and granted.

And when the Calpe Miniatures march attack French are released and von Peter himself feels the not to be denied urge to purchase one or two the order will no doubt be swollen by some Frenchmen destined to become Italians. All in all that single set of Befreiungskriege 1813-14 Limited Edition Figures is going to be quite expensive!!  8O)

Pictures of The son & heir’s Italians when the set is completely painted and based.

Oh yes – before von Peter himself signs off he’d better give some explanation as to the heading picture. As part of his Christmas remuneration The son & heir received a box of the Perry Miniatures American Civil War Confederate Infantry 1861-65 plastic set. The heading picture shows the first battalion he has recruited from that box. The GMB Designs flags denote it to be the 57th Virginian. They’ve been waiting a few weeks for their time in the spotlight. Their time has finally come. Click on the picture for a bigger, less fuzzy view.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

8 thoughts on “Delayed ACW news … covering for some delayed Napoleonic news

    • On behalf of The son & heir thank you Jason.

      I’m quite keen to see what the first part of the Italian project will look like as well. School starts tomorrow for the household protégé so that will no doubt slow down the process.

      von Peter himself

  1. Those Rebs are indeed very good. My Calpe pack arrived the other day – helpfully just as I’ve finished painting the rest of my Perry French artillery sets, so I can create a small artillery train vignette out of the Calpe figures.

    • On behalf of The son & heir thank you Giles for your comment on the Rebs.

      I’m looking forward to seeing your small artillery train vignette out of the Calpe figures. Are you intending to follow Martin’s ‘Paint along with Martin’ posts? I think I will, for one of my two sets!, though I don’t think I’ll change my flesh etc (no matter how much they need it!).

      von Peter himself

  2. Those Rebs are very well painted and based. I think the new set of Rebs is streets ahead of the original Perry’s ACW plastic infantry set. Look forward to seeing your Italians too.


    • Once again thank you on behalf of The son & heir.

      Yes it’s not hard to tell which was the Perry’s first plastic set and which is their latest!

      And I’m looking forward to seeing The son & heirs Italians as well! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  3. Great job on those Rebs – they are lovely figures, aren’t they?

    Its great that you two have a plan for your Calpe vignettes, I just have a vague idea of painting them up as originally intended to designate the French LoC, as a sort of objective marker thingy….

    • Hello Sparker

      Yes, The son & heir has done a fine job on those Rebs.

      In reality only The son & heir has an alternative plan for his Befreiungskriege 1813-14 Limited Edition Figures. I’m closer to you in on of my sets will be painted as intended and based as one vignette.

      Keep up your game reports.

      von Peter himself

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