Standards, my kingdom for some standards

1:Bourtirki Infantry Regiment without flags

For those starved of Napoleonic news a while back the good – ie. Napoleonic – news keeps on rolling.

A week or so ago Fraulien von Peter herself and von Peter himself took the opportunity to spend a few days in and around Napier in the Hawkes Bay here in New Zealand. Lots of good weather, vineyards and eateries. Almost perfect. What made it perfect is that the painters of von Peter’s Napoleonic Russians – The Great Queeg (aka Brent Watterson) – and Austrians and Bavarians – Nigel Fun-nell – both live in the area and von Peter himself was able to meet up with both of them … despite the busy schedule of vineyard & eatery visitations!

And to make it to the perfect ‘plus’ rating von Peter himself took delivery of two battalions of Napoleonic Russians to boost the armed forces of Mother Russia. The 24th Division therefore augments its strength to seven battalions with the addition of the …

  • 3/Oufa Infantry Regiment
  • 1/Bourtirki Infantry Regiment

Both battalions have been glued to their bases but only the 1/Bourtirki IR has had the scenic bits done as per the heading image – don’t forget to click on the image to see a larger version. This battalion is the first of von Peter’s Russians to be modelled in a charging or advancing with purpose state. It uses a selection of Front Ranks ‘Advancing with levelled musket’ and ‘Advancing, high porte’ figures with the mounted officer urging them on. Though there is nothing particularly novel or unique about these selections von Peter himself is rather pleased with the end result.

However once again the more astute of the readers will have noticed that all is not quite as it should be. The Bourtirki Infantry Regiment is a musketeer regiment and as such should have two flags per battalion … and quite plainly the photograph of the battalion fails to reveal any flags at all. Well spotted you astute readers … and damn your sharp eyes!!  8O)

von Peter himself maintains quite a large stock of GMB Design flags for his as yet uncoloured units. Imagine the shock when von Peter himself went to this stock of flags to discover that the required flags were not in stock and will need to be ordered in. D’oh! Does von Peter himself smell the influence of a certain Corsican upstart in this administrative oversight?! Hmmmm. So though the battalion contains the necessary two standard bearers these worthies are yet to be presented with their sacred charges.

But none of this seemed like a good reason not to show off the battalion. von Peter himself will just have to flaunt it again once it receives it’s standards.

I doesn’t take a genius to figure that next up for public display will be the 3/Oufa Infantry Regiment once it has completed its scenic beauification process. And further – it is with considerable relief that von Peter himself can confirm that the standards for this proud unit are available for immediate presentation. That should please the Tzar/Czar no end.

And if all goes well there will perhaps be another Bavarian battalion marching to the front in the not too distant future. Christmas just keeps on giving.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

10 thoughts on “Standards, my kingdom for some standards

  1. Very nice indeed, even minus the standards.

    Did you get to see Brent or Nigel’s wargames rooms? I myself would dearly love to see what such talented painters have in their display cases.

  2. Bah! Damned Russian logistics… can’t expect too much too soon.

    Wonderful unit. Looks like they’re out to properly earn those standards at the expense of some peace loving Frenchies. Looking forward to your other battalions as well. 🙂

    • Hi Jason.

      They’ll get a chance to earn their standards fighting against von Peter himself under the control of The son & heir. It’s just not right is it? Something is definitely wrong! Perhaps they wont earn their standards in this game?! 8O)

      von Peter himself

    • Thank you Baztanz … I think! What’s this talk of “even if they are Russians”? I’ve got some cossacks who want to meet you down a darkened back street!!


      von Peter himself

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