The son & heir bends his back

Dixie invasion

If all goes according to plan this will be the last post on this here blog for the year 2012. If it all goes astray then welcome to the first post for 2013!  8O)

Several stars have aligned themselves to form the raw material for this post.

The son & heir is chomping his way through the Bernard Cornwell novels that are set in the American Civil War (ACW) and based around the adventures of Nathaniel Starbuck – a northerner who fights for them dirty rebels of the Confederacy. He had also asked Father Christmas – touching aint it – for one them new fangled Perry Miniatures boxes of plastic American Civil War Confederate Infantry 1861-65 along with a box of plastic American Civil War Cavalry. The good Father duly delivered.

And then there was the talk that the institution of the monthly multi player game would be reinstated and that the first game would be of the ACW flavour.

The long suffering Confederate 12pdr Napoleon battery finally gets coloured tubes

The long suffering Confederate 12pdr Napoleon battery finally gets coloured tubes

Put all this together and being young and impressionable The son & heir has leapt back into the ACW with a vengeance …

  1. He has forced his long suffering parents to obtain for him a Confederate flag and even had it installed on one of the walls in the hallowed Bastion – the gaming room of Schloss von Peter. See the heading picture. Some sort of Napoleonic or perhaps Seven Years War standard is required to bring sanity back to The Bastion. Hopefully the folds will drop out or else some variety of corrective action will be required!
  2. He has painted up a standard bearer for his first battalion of damned rebs … errr, Confederate infantry; chipped out one of the figures and replaced it with said standard bearer.
  3. Painted a second battalion of damned rebs – including standard bearer.  8O)
  4. Finally painted the gun barrels of his damned reb battery thereby completing the battery.
  5. Not that you’ll see it in this post but he has also painted the figures for two stands of the three required for his third battalion of damned reb infantry.
The 9th Virginia - now with standard

The 9th Virginia – now with standard

The newly raised 38th Viginia

The newly raised 38th Viginia

Simon's damned rebels as of the end of the year 2012. A third battalion of charging Confederate Infantry is not far off

The son & heir’s damned rebels as of the end of the year 2012. A third battalion of charging Confederate Infantry is not far off. Now about those partially completed Napoleonic units young man … … …

The good news is that having had a few days off work von Peter himself has managed to progress his long suffering Saxon battalion to the point where it is very nearly complete. So here’s hoping for some pictures early in 2013.

Further glad tidings for early 2013 include the anticipated arrival of the fruits Martin Kelly’s Limited Edition Figures project and the chance to order some Calpe Miniatures March Attack French AND French Artillery. Roll on 2013.

Until we meet again … and a Happy New Year …

von Peter himself 

15 thoughts on “The son & heir bends his back

  1. Starbuck; Sharpe in butternut 😉

    His Dirty Rebs look very pleasing to the eye. Well done young man!

    Happy New Year to you and the whole von Peter household.

    • Hello Sir Rosbif

      The post snuck in while it was still 2012 over here. It’s now 2013 and as a Melbournite you wont be far behind. A Happy New Year to you and yours.

      Yes Mr Cornwell can be pretty formulaic but The son & heir is thoroughly enjoying the series so I’m not complaining. OK, maybe complaining a little – he could be reading Sharpe!! 8O)

      Thank you for the kind comment on The son & heirs ACW. He will be a happy reader.

      von Peter himself

  2. Ah the Starbuck series… Brings back fond memories (although I personally think he is too kind in his depiction of Jack even though factious). Shame the series was mothballed in favour of Sharpe!

    It is funny though… it seems the BfK minis made their way to the other side of the globe faster than to Germany! And Peter F. Has released his new French artillery…. Wonder if
    I should order some today before my New Years Resolution kicks in!

    You and your family have a happy and healthy New Year!

    • Hello Burkhard

      A Happy New Year to you and yours.

      A few points of clarification – I am still waiting for Martin’s four figures to arrive. I’m guessing/hoping that they have been dispatched.

      Likewise with the Calpe French artillery and march attack infantry. As far as I’m aware they have not yet been released but are imminent earlyish in the new year. Between you and me (and now the rest of the world!) I’m also hoping for some action on the Saxon front at some stage … and for some gaps in the Prussian range to be filled!! Poor Peter F. is beset on all fronts with his customers desires but is only a very busy one man band.

      von Peter himself

      • Ah well, now I have faith in the Royal and German Mail again! 😉

        Really looking forward to more French from Peter F. and I would not mind more Saxons either. Fortunately the later are not too high on my list of priorities.

        P.S.: Jack in my original post was meant to read (Stonewall) Jackson … bleeping auto-correction on the iPhone!

  3. The limited edition, MK perspired, Calpes have yet to reach the antipodes…. well Queensland at least. Oooer, french Arty, must rush off to find out more ……bye

    Oh yeah, nice work by S & H by the way.

    • Hello Dave

      A Happy New Year to you.

      There’s not much to see anywhere regarding the Calpe March Attack Frenchmen or the French artillery. They are anticipated earlyish in 2013 however. I’ll be getting some as a delayed Christmas present so hopefully I wont have to wait too long.

      Thanks for the words on The son & heirs work. We have an ACW game tomorrow and as I type The son & heir is raising the standards on his third rebel battalion! It’s all very well and good being inspired and all but with him sat at the painting desk I can’t finish the basing on my Saxons. Mein Gott!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

  4. von Peter, Burkhard et al: I’m manfully struggling through a pile of bubble wrap, padded envelopes and packs of figures to get them sent out to you guys. It’s unbelievably time-consuming and I’m glad I don’t do it for a living. Even with just the one limited edition pack, I’ve become a victim of my own success. Each of you will be e-mailed when I have posted your figures.

        • I’m a happy chappy too.

          I ordered three sets! But only two are for me, the other for The son & heir. The original plan was to use one set as the complete set and the other to be sprinkled around the rest of the army. There’s quite a lot of versatility in the figures I think.

          von Peter himself

  5. Great stuff! Those Rebs would look great sitting across the table and even better to shoot at. 🙂 I’ve taken an iron to all my flags, but I fear I might leave it on too long working on the Stars and Bars… 😉

    • I hear what your saying about shooting those darned Reb’s. Sadly the Son & heirs Rebs are well and truly outstripping my brave Union lads. 8O(

      I console myself that my Napoleonics are progressing while his are stagnating!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

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