The A & E of Civil Wars

With the counting down to Christmas the life of von Peter himself has gotten more hectic and unbelievably his idleness more pronounced. Hard to credit but there you go!

A few weeks ago the thought went bouncing around the skull of von Peter himself that he would pull a wonderful trick on himself. von Peter would announce to the world that he would complete his latest Saxon battalion by Christmas. By this cunning ruse von Peter himself would be forced to get off his idle butt, pull out the stops, complete said long suffering battalion and all would be happy … especially von Peter himself. Of course with only a few days left until Christmas the battalion is no closer to completion so thank all that is/are merciful that von Peter did not blab his self set challenge to the world … or at least the little part of the world that would have been listening!  8O)

However the time has not been totally wasted …

American Civil War Leaders

ACW Federal leader 2

To be honest these have been completed for several months but one has never been flaunted on the web – that would be the image above – and the other only once on a portion of the web no longer accessible – that would be the image below. All the figures are from Perry Miniatures. To be precise the two mounted figures are from the pack ACW3 – Union Generals mounted and the running away and lying down chaps are from the pack ACW23 – Casualties. The lying down chap was painted a bit cheekily – because he isn’t a real zouave figure – with red leggings as the plan is to have this leader stand associated with some zouave units in the fullness of time. Given the current output this ranks as extremely long term planning. von Peter himself is very proud of his planning!!  8O)

As is usual the close up photos have shown the horses to be incompletely created beings. Darn and confound it all. Perhaps they’ll get eyes and darkened nostrils if they perform particularly heroic feats on the tabletop of battle.

ACW Federal leader 1

English Civil War

The reorganising and rebasing of the English Civil War Covenanters continues at a non too stressful rate. Life was not so hectic all those centuries ago so it would be unseemly and out of character to rush things along too precipitously now.

ECW Covenanter CinC

First to be presented – because he is the first in the army – is the Commander of the Covenanters. As all the leader stands will be he has been placed on the same sized Litko stands as the rank and file but with rounded edges … as is only to be expected of the more refined better bred type of gentleman likely to be found in charge of the less well bred masses.

The hand painted standard looks a little rough in close up but von Peter himself can assure the readership that it looks perfectly wonderful on the tabletop when leading the army in battle. One of the goals of the rebasing exercise is to retain the original standards with the army. They have been proudly flown in many battles past and hopefully will be present in many more in the future.

ECW 2nd Covenanter Pike & Shotte

Above can be seen the second Covenanter Pike & Shotte unit to complete the transition to the new fangled basing regime. Many other units are partly there. It is not easily seen but the standard used particularly takes von Peter’s fancy. One of the diagonal crosses is white while the other is yellow. Very pleasing to the eye.

This unit is the second to have flowers added to it’s basing regime. This latest horticultural  innovation was first used on the Covenanter commander above but does not show up that well in the photograph because of where they grew on the base. As if rebasing these Scots has not been enough rework it would seem that a revisitation of many of the Napoleonic units is in order. A few flowers and a selection of some of the latest tufts is just what some of those veterans need to cheer them up.  8O)

A Christmas tale

2012 Christmas tree procurement

Wilding pines have their uses when it’s Christmas time and a Christmas Tree is required. The good Fraulien von Peter herself captured the above image near the end of the annual hunt for the in this case 2012 Christmas Tree. Bits of von Peter himself can be seen manfully slaving away at the base of the falling tree – brown tee shirt and dark blue shorts are the clue. The invaluable aid provided by The son & heir who has climbed the neighbouring tree is also on display. Comments could be made at this juncture regarding faeries up Christmas Trees but von Peter himself would not stoop so low. And while regarding the photograph it strikes von Peter himself that perhaps he has chopped down the wrong tree!  8O)

And just in case anyone is overawed by the size of the Christmas Tree please be assured that the whole tree was not hauled inside and decorated. Just the top of it. And just in case anyone else thinks that our Christmas Tree procurement methods are terribly wasteful please be informed that the remainder will be left to dry out before being chopped up and moved into the woodshed for utilisation during the colder winter months.

Until we meet again … and a Merry Christmas to one and all

von Peter himself

4 thoughts on “The A & E of Civil Wars

  1. If one didn’t read the text, one would think you’ve been busy on the painting front!

    Your family seem to take the Canadian option in selecting Xmas trees; we just buy ours from the pre-school fundraiser up the road!

    Happy Xmas to you and your family, von Peter. Lovely to catch up with you this year and still hope to be in your neck of the woods next year.

    • Hello Mr Rosbif Sir

      Just to clarify matters – I have been busy, just not on the soldier painting front. This just goes to show my bad planning and how my priorities need resetting!! 8O)

      Buying your Christmas tree hardly shows your pioneering spirit in the best light. At least it’s not one of those artificial things. Is it?! 8O) We have a couple of stands of pines plus some big mothers lining the road so wilding pines are always popping up and grow like crazed things. We give away several of them each Christmas to thankful punters to help keep on top of them.

      It would be great to see you next year over here. You can even take home a Christmas tree … or two!!! 8O))

      A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you over in Melbourne.

      von Peter himself

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