A brace of new gaming experiences

von Peter himself has had his horizons of the wargaming world expanded yet further by playing  games in two periods that he does not have much personal history in.

Modern Skirmish

The day before von Peter himself and The son & heir travelled up to Auckland to see Cold Play in concert – which by the way was excellent – there was an evening of modern skirmish gaming. This was a first for von Peter himself as the most modern period that von Peter himself played up to that evening was WWII. And the results of the two games played showed that von Peter has much to learn if his modern skirmish gaming is going to take him anywhere other than the morgue!

The terrain fought over was constructed by Craig and was the same as that seen by the Perry twins at the local Call to Arms convention. Sadly – because we don’t want certain terrain constructors getting ahead of themselves! 8O) – when questioned later the twins gave the terrain glowing reviews. Truthfully though the heading photo does not do the layout justice. Don’t forget to <click> on it to see a larger view.

The rules used were the yet to be published Skirmish Sangin – Skirmish Wargames Rules for Modern Afghanistan. And a luscious set of rules they will be once published … but von Peter himself digresses. The Perry twins had apparently been impressed with the rules as well as the terrain and had enquired about a WWII version. No doubt thoughts of 28mm desert WWII gaming were weighing heavy on their minds at the time.

The game was run by author Colin and the enemy were under the fanatically efficient command of co author Craig. The first game was to see von Peter’s brave Brit’s being picked apart by a gifted sniper or advancing with alacrity to the rear due to poor morale. First man down was the British leader von Peter himself <mutter mutter>. Obviously a MAJOR loss to any force. Sadly the sniper never was spotted and there were other Afghan terrorist types running around causing havoc and hurling looted grenades around in a most unsafe way. The end of the game came in a most unsatisfactory manner. The last operational Brit was just about to drop a grenade through the roof hatch/door of a building into the lap of the sneeking Afghan inside to hopefully get one back for the good guys when a burst of gunfire broke his nerve and sent him scurrying away. Damnation!!!

Ok. That was over quickly. Let’s swap sides and play again.

Game two started much more favourably as von Peter himself tasted his first – and only -success of the evening by capturing one of the invading infidel … errr … ummm, British. There then followed some inept and ill judged moves by the Afghan freedom fighters which included running around rooftops, falling wounded through canvass awnings and the total misuse of the sniper. For some reason the sniper held his fire, though perfectly good shots presented themselves, and then tried to ascend through a roof hatch/door that didn’t exist!! Gross negligence all round. To rub salt in the wounds the hosts magnanimously allowed the move to the roof top to go ahead which just made it all the worse as the sniper was promptly spotted and became the target of quite a bit of decadent western military projectiles! We shall speak no more of this.

An enjoyable evenings gaming with only a few figures per side. Even von Peter himself had picked up the basics of the rules by the end. Next for von Peter’s modern skirmish gaming education will be an expansion of forces and/or the addition of vehicles. Jolly good old chap.

In case of interest Colin has a Skirmish Wargaming facebook page which he keeps quite active with various postings on figures and some information on the comings and goings with the rules.

An English Civil War game 

von Peter himself has not been the only one rebasing ECW figures. Raymond has been as well and Craig had gone so far as to have developed some as yet untested in battle figures. But what rules to use? There were several possibilities but no decision on which one to go with. So for our first game we went down the path of least resistance which was Clarence Harrison’s Victory Without Quarter rules. And as a freely downloadable set of rules they were damnably fine value for money.

Craig and Raymond sucked up to the King while Michael and von Peter himself took the path of righteousness and fought for Parliament. Victory Without Quarter is a card based game. In the main units get to act when their card is pulled and leaders get to do leadery type things when their card is revealed.

Musketry seemed to replicate the gradual wearing down of units but melees could go on for quite a number of turns as happened in some of our cavalry melees. We never got to the push of pike as morale failings intervened but a pike based unit did comfortably crunch some dismounted dragoons in melee. Units morale seemed quite volatile. To be honest I’m not sure if this is right for the ECW, or if we could rate units differently – I’m sure we could – or if we played it correctly!  8O)

I think that everyone enjoyed the game and the company was as good as ever. A reread of the rules will no doubt point out where the Royalists took advantage of the incomplete knowledge of the rules! Beneficially there is a rules forum on the League of Augsburg site where the author – Clarence Harrison – is an active participant.

And yet another post goes by with out any Napoleonics. How long can this continue? How sustainable will it be? Stay tuned for answers to these and other questions!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself 

6 thoughts on “A brace of new gaming experiences

    • Thank you John.

      I took several photos of the terrain including pictures of water features etc but sadly they were not up to standard. I’d obviously consumed too much coffee and had the shakes!

      von Peter himself

  1. Tsk, tsk. I come here looking for glorious Napoleonic inspiration and find you gallivanting around with every historical period that favors von Peter with a wink or a smile… scandalous!

    Fantastic looking terrain, although I would never play anything modern by choice since it’s too close to my former day job and a bit too real for me. Whenever the Perry’s get around to releasing their plastic Afrikakorps and 8th Army sets might be the thing that gets me back into WWII (at a proper scale too).

    As for ECW, I dare not speak of it out loud locally since a few tried desperately in vain to get me to start an army, one of which is my friend Eric who has joined me for my little 1813 project. I hope he doesn’t want me to return the favor… Nothing against ECW, other than I’d rather paint something up for the 30YW, and really would wish to remain focused on my current projects. 🙂

    Until next time…

    • Hello Jason

      Overall you are sadly correct in what you say. In more detail …

      You are the second personage to berate me for a lack of Napoleonic postings. And to my shame it’s all true. I, of course, will hide behind my so called friends who will willy-nilly start projects without thinking of the consequences. To be fair to mineself the ECW troops have been in my possession for several decades and are only starting to see the light now … if rather rudely as they get torn off their original basing! I must confess though that given a choice, and with all things being equal, I too would model & game the Thirty Years War in preference to the English Civil War.

      At this stage I have no intention of getting any modern figures. I’m happy to play with other peoples toys for the period. I do have some WWII figures for some low level gaming. They are 20mm though, not that bloated 28mm WWII size! 8O) They were mostly purchased while we were in the UK. It’s best that they stay packed away for now I think.

      I’m looking forward to seeing the fruits of your 1813 project. My Napoleonics are for the same year. A fairly even contest as far as Napoleonic campaigns go. Both sides lost and won what were major battles, but with hindsight Napoleon needed to win early as the longer the year went on the longer the odds shifted against him.

      There are some Napoleonic things happening here. There are newly conscripted troops on their way from a friendly painter chap I know. I am inching forward on another Saxon battalion but need to clear a bit more of the ECW rebasing first. A firing line Landwehr battalion which I think will look wonderful and a Prussian limber set are calling to me after that. And in my undisciplined way I occasionally grab a few Calpe French figures and paint them. I live in hope on the Napoleonic front. What I really need is more discipline to sit and paint rather than frittering away my life in other pastimes!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

    • Why thank you Jason … or should I say Der Feldmarschall.

      I am honoured and humbled … and discretion and subtlety always were wasted in some quarters! 8O)

      I still harbour thoughts of resurrecting an equivalent to my old apple hosted and iWeb built site. Curse them for changing the rules! I’ve got a domain name locked up, and bought a tool to help me build it. I’ve just got to get off my behind and learn how to do it … and then do it.

      von Peter himself

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