Big Red – the ACW rendition

Apparently the grand plan is that all of The son & heir’s armies are to contain at least one ‘Big Red’ character. The photograph heading this post depicts the ACW version and as can be clearly seen he is a rebel generalissimo. What cannot be so clearly seen is that said gentleman is extremely proud of his luscious facial hair … in all of it’s red golden bushy glory.

His confederate generalissimo who also happens to be a Confederate (ha ha ha) lacks the full man beard. But by way of compensation The son & heir has mutated his moustache into a much grander affair by the simple expedient of a few brush strokes of paint.

This command stand was created to assist with the order of battle for the ACW game at Call to Arms 2012. Sadly von Peter himself – a representative of the good guys/Union for the day – must relate that it started it’s gaming days with a convincing victory. Gawd darn it all! There is a wrong that needs to be righted!!  8O)

The command stand shown in the photograph below was the first created for The son & heir’s Confederate horde – currently consisting of one regiment of infantry, one battery of artillery and the two command stands.

Perhaps there is a blood relationship between von Peter himself and The son & heir after all as both revel in models that may be expected to confound the less than fully educated. In this case it is a Confederate Generalissimo attired in blue – a colour more associated with the Union – rather than the grey of the rebels.

As to why The son & heir should choose to put two drunken rebel infantrymen on the command stand is anyones guess. Who can understand the youth of today?!  8O)

All models are from Perry Miniatures and are painted and based by The son & heir. One day they might even get a decent matt varnish … should von Peter himself ever provide the necessary!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

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