A blast from the past

Way back on the 5th June 2009 von Peter himself and The son & heir were in the middle of their great overseas adventure. And the particular adventure of that particular day was to visit Foundry Miniatures in Nottingham on the occasion of the release of their Napoleon rules.

Flip the calendar forward to almost the current day and Terry decides to renew his Wargames Illustrated subscription. As part of his renewal he catches up on the last five or so issues that he has missed. And today he scans through issue number 295 over his lunch. And what does he see but the photo and caption as presented up above as part of a Foundry advertisement.

As Terry so delicately put it in his email …

recognise the wee snotling with the Ginger hair then?

Yes, it’s none other than a younger and much shorter version of that man of international mystery, intrigue and not inconsiderable expense – The son & heir. It’s quite astounding to see how much he has changed over the intervening three and a bit years.

As for the experience of that day so long ago. Well the father and the son had a most successful outing. We played a game of Napoleon hosted by the author on the official launch day so that was something a little out of the ordinary. And though the rules have taken a bit of a kicking in various forums we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The chaps at Foundry proved to be great hosts and we got to wander amongst the rows of Foundry products and even made a purchase or two. By the time we made it back to home base in Bristol later that day we were knackered but content. A great day out.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

2 thoughts on “A blast from the past

  1. Ah, fond memories. I remember well von Peter’s European Campaign of 2009. The big question is have either you or Simon yet mastered the painting of piping? 🙂

    • Hello Martin. Yes fond memories indeed.

      Do you remember Simon giving himself 3rd degree burns by plunging his finger TWICE thru Peter F’s hot chocolate sauce? Once because he wanted to taste the sauce or test if it was truly hot as the warning said. The second time when I joked that he could take the heat out of his finger by putting it in the ice cream …so he put his finger in the ice cream via the covering HOT chocolate sauce!!

      Anyway I personally give no credence to the rumour that Peter F. has sculpted his French in greatcoats so as to save Simon from having to paint the piping. None what so ever!!! 8O)

      von Peter himself

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