ACW Union Battery … at last

Well the buttons have finally been sewn on. If this does not make sense to you then under no circumstances should you read the last few paragraphs of the Borodino + 200 years: the aftermath post of the 11 September 2012. Frankly, it is just intolerable that such stories should be available on a public forum!!  8O)

Perry Miniatures figures and gun from packs …

  • ACW5 Union artillery firing piece (3″ Parrott Rifle and 3″ Ordnance Rifle barrel) &
  • ACW15 Union Artillery running up piece (3” Parrott and 3” Ordnance barrels)

… armed with the 3″ Ordnance barrels. The thought of the artillerymen firing Parrots was admittedly quite seductive to the humour of von Peter himself but the clean lines of the Ordnance barrel plus the fact that there seemed to be more batteries of them than the Parrots won the selection process.

As yet the battery has yet to repay the effort put into colouring and basing it having been (barely) in action only once. This was in the ACW demo game at the Call to Arms convention where the game had only just begun when the buttonless battery had to be removed from the table of battle when brought under accurate fire from a cursed rebel 24 pounder smoothbore battery. May those over sized rebel guns be found to be of faulty manufacture and premature detonation be their fate!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

10 thoughts on “ACW Union Battery … at last

  1. What’s this ….. Blogging on a work day? So much for the title of your last entry (“back to work”)! If they weren’t such well painted figures I’d have to consider some disciplinary action? I didn’t get to see the battery in (in)action at Call to Arms so it’s good to see them here. Certainly better painted than my ACW stuff.
    Von Peter’s Boss Himself

    • Well von Peter’s Boss himself – with the advantage of hindsight it has become clear that perhaps the ‘Back to Work’ thing was more mind over matter! It’s hard to get good workers now-a-days!! 8O)

      Disciplinary action is indeed justified in this case. Perhaps Napoleonics across the table. Dice at 6 feet?! 8O))

      von Peter himself

  2. Yes, the yellow streaks running down them are hard to spot aren’t they!

    Terry(aka the Rebel Commander!)
    p.s must say sitting painting with Southern country singers playing in the background is most condusive to ones output!

    • “Yellow Streaks”!! At least I think you said “Yellow Streaks”. It can be hard to tell with that damned rebel Southern drawl!! 8O)

      No yellow streaks on those fine former lads from the battery. They died to a man at their guns. No leadership check was required … just a whole bunch of headstones.

      To be fair, we certainly hope for a more effective performance from the battery in the future

      von Peter himself

  3. Well done Pete! They look better with the shiny bits added. I am looking forward to seeing how your Union inf turn out, but I am more looking forward to seeing if they live up to the same fate as the guns in their debut game.

    • Why thank you Craig.

      Ah yes , that ACW infantry. Hmmm. I think the exchange rate between our painting is currently around the one figure from me to one brigade from you! You painting maniac!! 8O)

      Given the well known quality of my generalship that ACW infantry certainly fear for their future. They are positively shouting out at me NOT to be painted!! Ha ha ha.

      von Peter himself

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