And now it’s back to work … sigh!

The five day Melbourne visitation has come and gone and now Fraulien von Peter herself and von Peter himself must now look forward to a Friday at work. Yes, a one day working week … which threatens to be a day too long!!  8O)

Besides eating too well – and probably definitely too much – and just generally wandering around being pleasantly idle while taking in the sights there were several appointments worthy of mentioning in these pages.

As previously reported the Napoleon: Revolution to Empire exhibition was the reason that Melbourne was chosen for the international excursion. Fraulien von Peter herself and von Peter himself duly turned up at the appointed hour – between 10 & 11 on the Monday morning as specified on the tickets – and were destined to spend well over two hours wandering through the chronologically organised exhibition. That they were both surprised at the length of their stay speaks great volumes of goodness about the exhibition.

But of course all is never perfect. von Peter himself would have preferred MUCH more of a military emphasis. No surprises there. A shared grumble of both Fraulien von Peter herself and von Peter himself was that amount of space devoted to linking Australia to Napoleon via seafaring French explorer types. These brought back seeds and critters that made their home at Malmaison.

Sadly the taking of pictures was prohibited, so no von Peter special pictures can be shown here.

All up a mighty fine exhibition. But the Napoleon show wasn’t the only one in town.

The Ancient Rome show was chanced upon and duly visited and though civilian topics once again dominated there was still a healthy dose of military subjects to be viewed. Many of the exhibits were of a working nature and the viewer was encouraged to use them … with appropriate care. Sadly this viewer trial aspect did not tend to encompass the military equipment. Hurling a pilum or sticking a carcass with a gladius would have been most instructive and most surely was an opportunity lost! An interesting video played and von Peter himself would have been quite content in his 1.25 hour allotted time slot – Fraulien von Peter herself had decided that she could spend her time more profitably by shopping – if his visit had not coincided with that of two bus loads of school children who arrived intent on learning … or at least on having a laugh!

Unlike the Napoleon show still photography – but not that nasty moving video type photography – was a legal activity. Well over 100 photographs* were snapped as a result. The plan is to unveil some in a later post on this here blog.

* Admittedly von Peter himself usually takes at least two photos of each subject in the hope of securing at least one usable version. But “over 100” still implies more than enough for our purposes.

The Wonders of Ancient Mesopotamia exhibition was also available but the option was passed over as it proved too difficult to squeeze into the hectic social schedule.

It wasn’t just things that were seen in Melbourne but also a person of great importance. Monsieur le Rosbif a fellow blogger rushed from – and eventually back to – his place of work like the proverbial man possessed to meet von Peter himself at a place convenient to von Peter himself. A coffee and conversation both most excellent were undertaken in the short period available. The good Monsieur’s version of this momentous event is available for public viewing. So far the meetings of von Peter himself with foreign yet fellow wargaming bloggers have not uncovered a dud. It was great to meet you Monsieur le Rosbif.

A traditional past time for Kiwis (New Zealanders for those not in the know) visiting Melbourne is shopping. And in this area Fraulien von Peter herself must be commended for her sterling efforts to not let the team down! von Peter himself managed to uncover three hobby stores which all had something to offer. In particular a trudge up the stairs at Mind Games revealed a room full of all sorts of wargaming goodies. None of the shops managed to tempt von Peter’s wallet into the open position however, though if Mind Games had had the Renadra Pontoon Bridge in stock things may have been a little different.

To von Peter’s knowledge the jewel of the Melbourne wargaming shopping scene is Eureka Miniatures. The ever helpful Nic Robson had been contacted and offered to open the doors whenever it suited von Peter himself but the train trip to the suburbs never quite eventuated much to the delight of von Peter’s bank manager. Last time von Peter himself visited Eureka Miniatures Nic let him wander through the establishment alone and unprotected with the predictable result that more and more and yet more items got added to the pile of items to be purchased. Absolutely wonderful!

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

2 thoughts on “And now it’s back to work … sigh!

  1. Hi von Peter yourself!

    It was great to meet you and put a face to the name. Sorry it was so brief a meeting.

    I hope to be able to repay the favour and buy you a coffee in Wellington one day soon.

    • Ah, Monsieur le Rosbif

      It was indeed great to meet and put a name to a face. It would have been nice to have have met for longer but at least we did get to meet. Thanks for rushing across town – and back!

      I’ll look forward to a rematch. Whenever you want to buy me a coffee is fine by me. 8O)

      von Peter himself

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