Borodino + 200 years: the aftermath

Semenovskoye Village from the Borodino Panorama by Franz A. Roubaud.

A follow up post with some of the aftermath – pictures & words – from the Christchurch Borodino game (in no particular order) …

Keep an eye on Sparker’s Wargaming Blog for the after match report on the Australian Borodino game.

And while on things of an 1812 nature heres some more videos but this time from a Russian documentary on 1812von Peter himself thinks!!

Embarrassing confession time – von Peter himself was going to flaunt his new ACW Union battery on these here pages. So he got out his camera, recharged the batteries – grrrr, must buy new batteries that will hold their charge – set a little scene, lighting etc, took some photographs and downloaded them on to the computer. It then became blindingly obvious that some ninny had not sewn the buttons onto the men’s jackets!

In the rush to complete the battery for the game at Call to Arms von Peter himself had inadvertently neglected to paint the buttons. No wonder the battery didn’t last more than ten seconds on the table top. The men would have found it impossible to work their guns with their jackets flying around unrestrained! Oh the shame!  8O)

So a little silver paint is to be deployed, the scene reset, the photos reshot, and hopefully nothing else will be discovered to be astray.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

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