Borodino + 200 years

Russian Horse Guards at Borodino by A Averyanov

Is it really 200 years since 7 September 2012 and the Battle of Borodino? It seems like only yesterday!  8O)

OK, perhaps even von Peter himself isn’t quite that ancient. But the 200th anniversary has come and gone with several large games commemorating the event.

Over here in New Zealand a gaggle – could it ever be anything else?! – of wargamers are recreating the battle over this weekend in Christchurch. The word I received was that twenty plus gamers would be wielding more than 1100 cavalry, 140 guns and 5000 infantry using Black Powder. Hopefully there will be pictures somewhere.

Meanwhile over in Australia they are doing something quite similar but aim to be all played in a day. They will be using “5,000 28mm model soldiers over 240 square feet of landscaped terrain!”. See Sparkers Wargaming Blog for details. They’ve tested parts of the battle in earlier posts and you can see more detailed information of the game – including variations to Black Powder that they will be using – in the One Week to Go – BORODINO 200! post. Keep an eye on Sparker’s blog for post game details and hopefully many pictures.

There’s bound to have been plenty more Borodino games that will come to light. I can’t wait to see what the mega gamers will do with Leipzig in 2013.  8O)

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

8 thoughts on “Borodino + 200 years

  1. Thanks for the mention, your Vonship! Yes, we did it. Borodino played at 1:20 Bn level with all Divs and Corps represented played out to a result within a day. Hard work, but we are very satisfied with the result. I will blog it eventually! (And the Prussians Uhlans behaved with great credit!) Hope all went equally well with the Christchurch event…

    • Hello Ralph

      I’m happy to hear that your day went well. Of course I’m hoping that your day as a Frenchman didn’t go too well but I guess you can’t have the goodies without a few baddies!! 8O)

      I look forward to the debrief on your blog once you’ve had a chance to catch your breath, review the day and compose your thoughts.

      I feel a twinge of sympathy for the Prussian uhlans. No doubt under pressure to display their martial prowess but also a little less than 100% keen to advance the career of that petite French emperor.

      von Peter himself, displaying his normal balanced & unbiased views

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