Stop Press: Perry mystery solved

Just as soon as the question was raised “What’s with the Resin workbench on the Perrys site” an answer was forthcoming. From the Resins Workbench we now have …

Welcome to the Resin Workbench

 After receiving Norman Swales amazing 40mm guns I decided that we just had to produce them in resin…… and then I thought why not the crew too. So we are. The rest of the 40mm Peninsular War range from now on (not the existing range which will still be metal) will also be in resin. Although the price will have to go up we hope you’ll find it’s worth it for the quality. Although it looks and feels like hard plastic (and many people would say it is), this is actually resin. it’s the perfect medium for this scale of figure.


Mystery solved.

The accompanying pictures here are ‘backed up’ for the Perrys from their Resins Workbench – no charge guys!!  8O)  If you want to see more then there are more to be seen on the workbench.

Craig has a growing collection of the Perry’s 40mm figures. It will be interesting to see what his take will be on the new resin direction.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

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