Stop Press: What are those Perry brothers up to?


Spotted on the Perry’s website is a new Resins Workbench to go along with the Metals and Plastics workbenches. Its empty for now but its existence is intriguing. von Peter himself has some of the Perry’s Napoleonic Russian wagons and some of those have resin/plastic parts. Perhaps we are to see ‘equipment’ produced as resins.


The image above ‘backed up’ from the Perry’s site shows an picture for each of their workbenches. From the top down they are for the metal, plastic and the new resin workbenches. Make of it what you will. Are we looking at a resin cannon? Resin crew? Resin cannon and crew? The latter makes more sense to von Peter himself. Why else show both the cannon and crew?

Presumably all will be revealed soonish.

Until we meet again …

von Peter himself

2 thoughts on “Stop Press: What are those Perry brothers up to?

  1. That’s eagle-eyed of you von Peter. Logic suggests that it would be equipment or terrain pieces. Given the twins are already heavily into metal and plastic for the figures themselves, I can’t see them tinkering with resin for that side of things.

    • Hi Martin
      Not so much eagle-eyed as tripped over my own feet and fell with my nose pressed up against it!! 8O)

      Well the question is now answered – all new 40mm Napoleonics going forward to be resin. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.

      von Peter himself

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