An impending thrill for Melbourne

Melbourne – the place in Australia – has cunningly got itself an exhibition based around that  Corsican French Corsican chap Napoleon. And apparently they’ve made quite a good job of it too.

But showing Melbourne the true upper boundaries in the concept of cunning Fraulien von Peter herself has Cunningly – with a well earned capital ‘C’ – repeatedly asserted that von Peter himself would very much like to see said exhibition. So many times has she asserted this that the rumour has turned into fact and we are now off to see the Napoleon: Revolution to Empire exhibition across the seas in Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne in mid September it is then.

But just to show that Melbourne and Fraulien von Peter herself have not got a monopoly on feral cunning von Peter himself has not yet slip that Eureka Miniatures are also domiciled in Melbourne, Australia. Brew ha ha!!

For more information on Napoleon: Revolution to Empire click here. It really is meant to be quite good!

General Bonaparte at the Bridge of Arcole on 17 November 1796 by Antoine-Jean Gros

Until we meet again

von Peter himself

4 thoughts on “An impending thrill for Melbourne

  1. Welcome to Herr and Fraulein von Peter! How long will you be staying in our fair city? After you’ve seen the Corsican Usurper’s exhibition and emptied your wallet at Eureka, will you have time to do some wargaming tourism, say at our fair club of NWA?

    • Hello Rosbif

      Thank you for your kind offer but we will be visiting your fair city for only a few days and I wont have the time to take up your kind offer.

      It would be great to meet up for a coffee or a beverage a little stronger if you’ve got the time. We will be staying down town, though able to travel on public transport, if that makes any difference. Email me on if you’re interested.

      von Peter himself

  2. Der Feldmarschall is suitably jealous. Have a great time and don’t forget to bring something back for us kids. 🙂

    • Hello Der Feldmarschall Sir

      Can I say how it gladdens poor von Peter’s heart to hear of your jealousy. The resultant inner rosey glow is most comforting. 8O)

      Here’s hoping that your jealousy is justified! And I’ll do my best to remeber to bring something back for the kids. Honest! 8O))

      von Peter himself

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