Westfalia Miniatures

For the greater good a public service announcement

There is a new and rather striking website for lovers of things 28mm and Napoleonic.

Kawe Weissi-Zadeh has launched the website for his Westfalia Miniatures at


Westfalia Miniatures has had limited releases to date but there are more on the way – go visit the site if you want to see what!  You will find there are some quirky and some unusual figures that will add quite a bit of colour and interest to your 28mm Napoleonic armies. Some of the figures will be bought as stand alone figures simply because they will tickle the purchaser’s fancy.

von Peter himself was lucky enough to score a set of the Prussian medics which will slot in very nicely with his Calpe Prussians. These were sculpted by the well regarded Paul Hicks and also proved to be well cast. The upcoming Prussian ambulance and French genies look tempting but sadly von Peter himself has no use for the highlanders though you cannot deny that they make a statement!

Prussian medics from Westfalia Miniatures

Eventually the website will also provide access to some free resources such as the Landwehr flags that Kawe created for his own use. Some of these are a little more ‘speculative’ than others such as the beer stein superimposed on the cross but they are undeniably fun.

Kawe has been busy in that he has also created Twitter and Facebook sites for Westfalia Miniatures for those so disposed. Links are available on the main Westfalia Miniatures website. And to round out the collection of links Kawe has a blog GROSSBEEREN 1813.

von Peter himself wishes Kawe and his Westfalia Miniatures great success for the future. Now the cynical amongst you may allege that von Peter himself is being a bit self serving with such wishes in that he hopes to acquire some interesting and different figures from a thriving Westfalia Miniatures. In answer to such cynics von Peter himself would have to say that in their allegations such cynics are only partially correct!!  8O)

Until we meet again

von Peter himself


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