Bavarian command stand #2 and more from Foundry

von Peter himself has finally finished inducting the Napoleonic Bavarian recruits from the latest intake as provided by Nigel Fun-nell. Typically the last to be mustered into the army were the representatives from the higher levels of command. Ever has it been so! To recap this latest intake consisted of …

            • 1st light battalion
            • Kronprinz Chevauleger
            • two ADCs
            • a command stand.

And now at last they are all mustered in and ready to lay it all on the line at the pleasure of von Peter himself. The Bavarian contingent continues to grow. Excellent.

For those not quite as perceptive as one would have hoped the idea is that the general (the one in cornflower blue wearing his bicorne) is receiving a report from his ADC (the other guy in cornflower blue who is doffing his bicorne in deference to his superior). A standard bearer from the Kronprinz Chevauleger accompanies the general (still the one in cornflower blue wearing his bicorne … please keep up!).

Credits as usual for von Peter’s Bavarians: Men – Nigel Fun-nell. Horses, basing and cunning figure selection – von Peter himself. The Bavarian cavalry standard – GMB Designs. The figures are all sourced from Front Rank. von Peter himself is happy to publicly record his pleasure with the outcome of this command stand. Don’t forget to ‘click’ the pictures for a larger image.

A second email from Foundry

Dear all,

It’s been another busy week here at Foundry, with our great reorganisation process well under way.

One immediate issue we’ve been looking at are our postal prices and we were pleased to find that shipping abroad has dropped phenomenally in the last few years. So much so that as of today we can announce that the basic international postage rate has been dropped to £5.00. UK customers also benefit from this price review with p&p rates halved to £4.00. While this is a good start, we’re going to be putting a lot of effort into making it even cheaper in the future.

We can also announce that we have rereleased the massive Malburian and Franco-Prussian War ranges in their entirety, to sit alongside the complete English Civil War and Thirty Years War ranges. This represents literally thousands of models, with the Franco-Prussian range alone numbering 128 packs! It may take a little time to track down some of the more elusive moulds, but we plan on bringing back our entire back catalogue.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to get in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Littlewood, Whirling Plenipotentiary.

It looks like the improvements continue at Foundry. Perhaps a third email will tell us that VAT will be deducted from orders to foreign places.

Until we meet again

von Peter himself

7 thoughts on “Bavarian command stand #2 and more from Foundry

      • No problem, von Peter- just have the Son and Heir enter and put pressure on him instead!

        But even I, glacial painter extraordinaire, should be able to get two or three figures painted by the deadline.


        • Hi Robert

          I’m not saying ‘no’ to the competition at this stage. I’m just not saying ‘yes’ either. 8O)

          For now I should be painting ACW figures for a convention game in August and I can’t see much past that at the moment.

          von Peter himself

  1. Your Bavarians look splendid! I’d love to do some myself. Front Rank are a little large for me, but certainly better than the “boys” that the Foundry lines have become. I’m hoping that the good news continues flow from WF for us outside the UK. It certainly increases the chances that my 7YW project using those old Copplestone sculpts will actually become a reality someday. 🙂

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